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Drucilla Winters vs Sheila Carter and Dru WINS!! #170



GC Memorial
Neil is in emergency surgery. He has nurses and doctors to his right and left trying to save his life. The doctor on his left cuts open Neil’s body. The incision goes from right below his nipple down to just above his waist line. The surgeon has to locate the bullet. The surgeon uses his surgical tool to move raw and bloody body parts around. They can see Neil’s lungs getting bigger and smaller with each breath he takes off his ventilator. The surgeon continues to move body organs around to try and locate the bullet.
The nurse on Neil’s right is keeping constant vigil on Neil’s vital signs checking them every 30 seconds.
Nurse: Heart rate slowing as well as breathing.
Surgeon: I still can’t find this bullet. I don’t know where it is.
Nurse: But there was no exit wound?
Surgeon: No I did not see one. So it’s still inside him somewhere.
The surgeon begins to get in deeper in Neil’s body and moves closer to his spinal chord to see maybe if the bullet is there.

Episode 170: Drucilla Winters vs Sheila Carter and Dru WINS!!
Written by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington with Wade Meredith
In the ER.
Olivia faints as Leslie drops her bottled water at seeing Dru.
Abby, Lily and Devon all stand in silenced shock.
Dru pushes Leslie out of her way and kneels down next to Olivia. She hold her in her arms.
Dru: It’s me Liv! It’s me… Dru! Wake up!
Lily and Devon look at each other.
Devon: This has to be a joke.
Dru rocks Olivia back and forth in her arms.
Dru: I know you must all be shocked as hell.
Lily: That’s an understatement since I saw with my own two eyes you falling over that cliff at the photo shoot with Phyllis.
Dru: Your eyes didn’t deceive you Lily Bell.
Lily is taken aback as Dru calls her Lily Bell, the name her mother and father called her growing up. Lily covers her mouth in shock as Devon holds her.
Lily: Could it be really you?
Dru: Yes girl, I am your mother. And when I get my hands on Phyllis Newman, I am going to ring her neck for pushing me, no I didn’t fall, that Bitch pushed me over.
Olivia slowly begins to wake up. She is confused looking at her sister Drucilla.
Olivia: Am I dreaming?
Dru: No girl it’s me Drucilla… It’s really me.
Olivia caresses her face and smiles.
Dru: I’m back. I didn’t die being pushed over that cliff. Phyllis pushed me! And I survived. I’m a survivor! I even beat Sheila Cray Cray Carter! 
Dru looks up at her children Devon and Lily
Dru: I fought like hell to get back to my family and it’s a blessing that I am here.
Dru stands Olivia up and then walks over to Lily.
Dru: Your face baby girl, what happened?
Lily: I had to get plastic surgery.
Dru has tears in her eyes and embraces her in a tight bear hug.
Dru: You look absolutely stunning. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be hear for any of that. But mama is here now and I ain’t going nowhere.
As Dru holds Lily, Lily does not hold her back still a little bit dazed from the drama.
Leslie: So we are supposed to believe you are the late Drucilla Winters because you say so?
Dru stops hugging Lily and looks at Leslie.
Dru looks Leslie up and down.
Dru: And who are you? I’ve never seen you around here?
  “An ugly stripper”
Dru frowns and turns around to see who said that.
It’s none other than Sister Patterson. Sister Patterson engulfs Dru in a hug.
Sister Patterson: Welcome back home my child. My third eye tells me you are who you say you are.
Dru shrugs out of the Sister’s hug.
Dru: Hold on now! Who are you?
Sister Patterson: I am an agent of God. I do the Lord’s work.
Dru: Well where were you when I needed help beating Sheila Carter’s ass?
Sister Patterson: Sheila Carter is the devil incarnate. I’ve heard all about her and I wondered why I sensed a dark force around Genoa City.
Dru: Well it was Sheila Crazy Ass Carter.
Sister Patterson: Watch your mouth talking around an angel.
Dru gives her a weird look.
“Clear the way we got another Verdon Lou victim!”
Everyone hears from the ER entrance way.
Dru: Don’t let it be Sheila. Don’t let it be Sheila!... Sharon. Please be Sharon!
Dru stands behind Sister Patterson.
Dru: If its Sheila attack her! Pray it’s Sharon!
Abby, Devon and Lily look at each other.
Abby: Sharon?... Sheila Carter?
Devon: This is getting weird, Sheila Carter and now Sharon Newman?
Olivia: Sheila Carter is alive?
Leslie: Who is Sheila Carter?
They all just look at her.
Then everyone looks in the entrance way anticipating who the next survivor from Verdon Lou is.
Rafe’s Apt
Rafe is finishing up washing his dishes when he hears a knock at the door. He dries his hand and walks over to the door and opens it. He sees Scotty.
Rafe: That was fast?
Scotty: I don’t like to mess around when I want something.
Scotty walks inside Rafe’s apt. and Rafe closes the door behind him.
Rafe: So about this text of yours.
Scotty: I wanna get stretched.
Scotty walks over to Rafe and plants a kiss on him but Rafe pulls back.
Rafe: Sex! That’s all it is with you! Every time I see you we have sex. We don’t go on dates, we don’t hang out, we don’t do any of that. You also lied to me about your real name…. Ted.
Scotty: Don’t be on that Rafe. You make it sound like this is a relationship.
Rafe: Is it not?
Scotty: No…. just sex. Two sexy guys who come together and get off.
Rafe: No Scotty I want more than that! I don’t have sex just to “get off”. Or do you prefer Ted?
He says using air quotations.
Scotty: I never gave you any indication that this was more then sex. We met on an online hook up site.
The key word hook up.
Rafe: My profile said I’m looking for a relationship. I’m ready to settle down. I want love, maybe even a husband. You said your name was Ted when we first met only to find out that was a lie.
Scotty: I’m not ready for all of that. That’s way too much. And I told you why I lied about my name. I don’t want my mother to know I sleep with men.  I don’t know how she would take it. I just don’t want to go through that.
Rafe: I hardly know anything about you.
Scotty: Rafe, this is just sex. There is no need to know much about me.
Rafe: So I’m only good enough for sex with you?
Scotty: Well it is good.
Rafe shakes his head and turns away from Scotty.
Rafe: You are hiding something Scotty. That’s why we can’t be more serious. You’re hiding something. At the Glo Worm reopening ball you told me your real name then your little brother took a picture of us kissing. There has to be more than that. You only talk to me a few times a week. It’s more than not wanting to let your mother know.  I’m a lawyer you can’t get over on me. So tell me the truth Scotty.
Scotty is caught off guard as he thinks about his girlfriend Vandalynn aka Mary Carter.
Back at the Hospital
As the Paramedics give way to the nurses the identity of the next survivor is revealed to be Avery.
Avery: I can’t see! Everything is dark! Help ME!!
Medic to the Nurse: Caught outside of the explosion. Apparent blindness.
The nurse rush Avery into ER no.3
Dru walks over to the medic.
Dru: Excuse me sir. Did you say that woman who was just brought in a Verdon Lou Survivor?
Medic: Yes we found her unconscious outside.
Dru looks over in the direction of Avery’s room.
Dru: What was Phyllis’s sister doing outside of Sheila’s cabin?
Abby looks at Devon.
Abby: This is getting weirder by the moment. First Dru and Avery was at this Verdon Lou place and seems to be blind? I’m going to call my brother Nick and tell him what is going on. Dru mentioned Sharon too and she’s been missing for months.
Devon: Good idea. Nick should be here.
Abby: Will you be ok for a little bit?
Devon: Yes thank you.
They hug and then Abby walks away to call Nick.
In Surgery
The surgeon finally finds the bullet, though, lodged in Neil’s spinal column.
Surgeon: All hands on deck. I located the bullet in the spinal column. Need to be ever so delicate as to not make this man paralyzed.
Nurse: Blood pressure still dropping. Need to expedite this and close the patient back up.
Surgeon: I will do everything I can.
The surgeon uses his surgical tool to ever so delicately remove the bullet from Neil’s spinal cord.
Surgeon: The bullet did massive damage to some of his other organs. Starting with the lungs.
Nurse: Well the oxygen levels continue to decrease. Doctor we are losing him.
Spencer along with Hillary arrive in the ER. They walk over to Leslie.
Spencer hugs Leslie.
Leslie: So nice to see a familiar face.
Spencer: I saw on TV what happened. Is there any news on Neil or Nate?
Leslie: No not yet. Neil is in surgery and I am not too sure about Nate.
Leslie looks over Spencer’s shoulder to see who the woman is standing behind Spencer. Spencer notices this and stands out the way of Leslie’s line of vision to reveal Hillary.
Spencer: Les, this is my daughter, Hillary.
Leslie is stunned but extends her hand out to shake, Hillary half heartily smiles and extends her hand.
Spencer: Hillary, this is Roxanne’s mother Leslie.
Hillary quickly snatches her hand away from Leslie.
Leslie frowns.
Leslie: Is something the matter?
Hillary: It’s your daughter.
Spencer: Les, Hillary and Roxanne don’t get along.
Then Roxanne walks into the ER. She spots Spencer and Hillary talking with Leslie and walks over to them.
Olivia walks over to Dru and looks at her. Olivia has tears in her eyes.
Olivia: Is it really you?
Dru also begins to have tears in her eyes.
Dru: Yes it’s really me. I’m here Liv. I’m Dru. And it was hell getting back here.
Olivia: You mentioned Sheila Carter. I thought she was dead.
Dru: Hell naw girl. Crazy Bitch was alive all this time and held me and Sharon captive and a few other people.
Olivia: Other people? This is outrageous.
Dru: No, Sheila Carter was outrageous. I hope that Bitch died in the explosion. She shot me in the back Olivia. In the back! A punk move.
A nurse walks over to Dru.
Nurse: We should get you checked out Mrs. Winters.
Dru smiles and then looks at Olivia.
Dru: Did you hear that? She called me Mrs. Winters. Where is my husband anyway?
Nurse: Ma’am we should really get you checked out.
Dru: No No I’m not trying to hear all of that. I’m claustrophobic these days being tied up in a room for so damn long.  And I can’t leave my family. I’ve waited years for this.
Olivia: Dru let them check you out. You said you were shot and you’re not looking healthy at all.
Dru: Just tell me where is Neil?
In surgery, Neil’s blood pressure and oxygen levels in his blood stream drop drastically.
Nurse: Doctor we are losing him!
Surgeon: No damn it! I almost got the bullet out. Yes there we go… GOT IT!
As the surgeon pulls the bullet from Neil’s spinal column, Neil’s heart stops, he flat lines…


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The chaos continues in GC!


I loved Drus reunion with her sister and her daughter. Leslie finding it sketchy and then of course Sister Patterson making her presence known. Her and Dru could probably be good friends rofl. 


"Watch your mouth talking around an angel"

"If its Sheila attack her!"

lmao good lines


I like Rafe wanting more out of Scotty and Scotty still thinking about Mary who very well could be dead and lead him to the path of the D.


Leslie has now met Hilary. And Rox has arrived. That could be firedworks in the next episode.


Avery coming in blind but where are the other victims?! :O


And Neil flatlining at the end right as Dru asking about him :(

He best not die because I will picket outside of CBS and send various e mails to Steve Kent of sony!!! lolol


A lot of aftermath still to come. The build is great and still edge of our seat stuff. This has been a brilliant build, climax and now aftermath!

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Now that an ENDING.


I bet you Neil comes out of this, but it'll be hard for him when he comes out. Will be able to walk? Hopefully.


Dru is BACK! I love love love how you're having these family moments around all these chaotic scenes, and I REALLY love that you're dragging out the suspense of who survived the blast. VERY well-written, and incredibly good pacing. You're awesome at this. Your stories are moving and this has been an excellent read that TV Y&R hasn't given me in a LONG time.


Love Scotty and Rafe and their tension. Scotty isn't ready for anything but sex, and he needs to take that journey to accept himself. I know you'll be able to write that whole process well. One of my favourite scenes of this episode.


ALL of it moved and it was excellent. GREAT work, ML!

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ML, this is the writing I've been waiting for from you!

This episode was a Y&R episode. Good job!

Drucila: Dru is back in full form! I loved the scenes she shared with everyone. The emotions were well played and well thought out. Great job!

Rafe/Scotty: I am glad you added more layers to the story line. This story isn't bland or to over the top it is just right. I loved that they got their emotions out. Rafe let Scotty know what he has been feeling. That was very well written. I think Scotty has this whole like wall up thing going on. Hopefully those walls will come down.

Avery: I like where you are taking her character. I wonder what is going to happen.

Leslie/Spencer/Hillary/Rox: GOD I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!! Anything with these characters have been my favorite. You really know how to let them shine.

Neil: Finally the man that has it all going on in the story department. I am worried. I agree with Al. I don't think you will kill him off, but their might be some complications.

ML, you are going to rock this, if you keep this format up!


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This episode felt like it was moving and I had to keep up.  Good action pacing here.


Drucilla is back and I liked how you did this episode.  It seems very appropriate for this point of Dru’s return.  Everyone is shocked and surprised.  This clearly isn’t the time for questions as to where she’s been.  This pacing is very good. 

Sister Patterson provides the humor and it gives the episode balance because this is fast mover, and once again she shames Leslie.

Leslie is clearly jealous because she senses the connection between Neil and the woman he ever really loved through his family. 

Rafe and Scotty’s scene was very well written.  It pit two types against each other.  Scotty wants sex and Rafe wants a relationship.  It was very well done there and I am looking forward to seeing what is next for both of them.

The description of Neil in surgery was excellent.  I see that you have been using narrative description more and more and it helps to move your action along.  In this instance, it put me in the O.R.  Just like if I was watching it on TV.  Neil in surgery.  AND then he flatlined at the end, just as Drucilla asks where Neil is.  Just perfect.  I really enjoyed the pace of this episode as well as the characters. 

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