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Head Banger #171



GC Memorial Hospital

Roxanne looks at her new family, ex stripper and hooker turned disbarred lawyer Leslie and her pimp and Roxanne’s father Spencer, the disgraced Genoa City district attorney standing with her newest arch enemy Hillary. Roxanne brushes the hair from her face and walks over to them. Leslie extends her arms out for a hug. Roxanne gives one to make things look good in front of Hillary.


Roxanne: I saw on the news about Nate what happened Leslie were you there? Hillary: Leslie? You don’t even respect your own mother.


Roxanne turns around and looks at Hillary. She shakes her head


Roxanne: See bitch I wasn’t going to say anything to you. I was talking to Leslie.

Spencer: Girls not here. We don’t need a round two right here in this hospital.

Roxanne: You’re right Spencer. I wouldn’t want to give your precious daughter these hands again.

Hillary: Plleeaasseee…. I was giving it you too.

Leslie: Again?

Hillary: Yes Leslie, your beastly daughter attacked me outside of my dad’s apartment. She’s a beast and a bully.

Leslie: I don’t get why you two don’t like each other.

Roxanne: Because Hillary is a whore.

Spencer: Roxanne watch your mouth. Both of you there is no need for this childish name calling. This is juvenile.


Roxanne puts her hand in Spencer’s face.


Roxanne: That coming from an ex pimp. You pimped my mother you don’t have the right to judge my dislike of your slutty daughter.

Hillary: The truth is Roxi doesn’t like me because Nate loves me. We were in love in college. I’m not a whore, we just picked up where we left off and Roxi is mad because she doesn’t have Devon or Nate pawning over her any more. Who’s the whore?

Leslie: Roxanne it did come out tonight that you and Nate were having something going on while you were with Devon. Roxanne gives Leslie a look.

Roxanne: Now you’re taking her side?

Hillary: It seems everyone is Roxi.


Roxanne turns to Hillary, pulling her hair back into a ponytail from the pony tail holder she had around her wrist.


Roxanne: I told you not to call me that.

Leslie: Roxanne what are you doing?

Roxanne: I hate Hillary! She did this to Nate! If I had been there by his side I would have protected him. Hillary what did you do? Hillary: You weren’t even there to know how any of this went down!

Roxanne: I just know if I was there this would not have happened! Your weak and I do not like you!

Hillary: You’re just jealous Roxi. You are fake, a two timing whore, a bully and a beast. I see why you don’t like me because you don’t even like yourself. Misery loves company. I have Nate and you have no one. Devon left you for Abby. Your cheating ways caught up to you. Roxanne: You don’t know anything tramp. Nate and I never made love.

Hillary: And that is what upsets you the most. That the first day I got back he took me to bed and you waited for months to get what I got. Roxi.

Spencer: Hillary…?


Roxanne charges at Hillary grabbing her hair while dragging and pulling her towards a wall by her hair. Hillary screams out as Spencer and Leslie try to tear the two apart. Once at the wall Roxanne bashes Hillary’s head against it a few times. Hillary stops screaming as she blacks out and her body becomes limp. Roxanne drops her and Leslie snatches Roxanne away from Hillary.


Leslie: What the hell is the matter with you?


Roxanne drops the wad of hair she pulled from Hillary’s scalp. Everyone in the ER looks at the dramatic scene of combat.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 171: Head Banger!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington



Daniel’s House

Daniel and Phyllis are playing UNO at the kitchen table.


Daniel: Draw four ha-ha.

Phyllis: I can’t stand you. What color?

Daniel: Red.


Phyllis lays down a draw two.


Phyllis: TAKE THAT!!!

Daniel: Keep your voice down I just got Lucy to sleep.

Phyllis: Oh I’m sorry ok?

Daniel: Listen mom, I’ve been thinking, you’ve been here quite a while now getting back on your feet after your physical therapy. I think it’s time-

Phyllis: I already know what you are going to say. You want me out of your house.

Daniel: You don’t have to be so brash about it. I just don’t see a need for you to be here. You are cramping my style. I need my own place back. I’m sure you understand. I can’t bring girls home with you here.


Phyllis smiles at her son.


Phyllis: I understand. I’m ready to get back to life. Get Restless Style going again. I miss my life.

Daniel: Now see there you go. This can work out for both of us. Then they get a knock on the door.

Phyllis: It might be the pizza I ordered two hours ago. I wonder what took so long.


Phyllis gets up out of the chair to open the door. She is extremely disappointed when she sees Daisy.




At Rafe’s

Rafe looks at Scotty’s guilty face as he has just accused him of hiding something.


Scotty thinks of his girlfriend Mary and then has a flash back of their escapade that took place in his mother’s bedroom at Mary’s request. He also remembers when he flipped it back on her like this as he takes in his remembrance that happened in episode 143. In Scotty’s mind plays this:


Lauren’s Bedroom

Van looks at Scotty who has football gear in his hands.

Van: You want me to put that on?

Scotty: Yea. I think it’s kinky.

Van: But I have a beautiful body, and I’m a blonde bombshell. You want me to cover all of this up with manly football gear.

Scotty: Yes.

Van: I just didn’t know you were into this kind of thing.” She grabs the helmet and puts it on.

Scotty: I like that. Here go ahead put the rest on.”

He says looking at his masterpiece. Van slowly and with the least bit of confidence puts on the rest of the football gear. Scotty smiles and then imagines’ it’s Rafe in the football gear it which is easy to do since Van looks like she is a beefy kind of guy with the pads now on her. Scotty takes his pants off and hops on his mother’s bed. Scotty has a smile on his face.


He begins to get hard thinking of that sexual time with Vandalynn. He wonders again where she is.




Scotty break out of his self-indulgent moment of sexualness.


Rafe: Where were you? Thinking of what you’re hiding from me? It must be good the way it has you smiling. Tell me what it is.

Scotty: Rafe your lame! I didn’t come here for this. I wanted some of your power stroke. If you’re not trying to give it to me there are other things I could be doing with other people.

Rafe: Then leave! And don’t text me or come over here again! I don’t do casual sex! It’s bad enough we did it unprotected in the first place, thinking this was going somewhere. A big mistake on my part seeing how you are turning out.

Scotty: What is that supposed to mean?

Rafe: I didn’t mince words, you understand English don’t you?

Scotty: Fukk off Rafe!


Scotty storms out Rafe’s apt.

Rafe sits on his couch frustrated. He decides to go to the hospital to support Leslie in her hour of need to keep his mind off Scotty.


Scotty is driving in his car looking at his inbox to see if he has any text from Vandalynn,.. none. He texts her.

“WHERE R U??!!”

He hits send. He then dials her number but it goes straight to voicemail.


Scotty: Damn it girl where are you? I need to get off.


He then gets a text from his mother Lauren.




Scotty decides he will head there to support his mom since he has nothing else to do and maybe it will also take his mind off sex. He texts her back to inform her he will meet her there.




Back at Daniel’s

Phyllis: What a disappointment. I thought you were the pizza guy.

Daisy: Nice to you see you too. Where is my daughter? Phyllis: She’s sleep now go away we don’t want you here.


Daniel gets up to see who his mother is talking too. He sees Daisy.

Daniel: Mom I got this.

Phyllis: Whatever.


Phyllis sits on the couch and turns on the TV.


Daniel: Daisy what are you doing here?

Daisy: Please let me see our daughter Daniel. She needs her mother. I haven’t seen her in days.

Daniel: She is sleep Daisy. I just put her down.

Daisy: I promise I won’t wake her.

Daniel: Well I don’t know...

Daisy: Please Daniel! I’m trying. I’m really trying to turn my life around. You saw I got the job at House of Kem. I don’t think you did though. I got it despite you trying to stop Keemo from hiring me. I am determined to put my life back together Daniel. One way or another. You, me and Lucy.

Daniel: That will never happen! You are the daughter of Sheila Carter no woman with Cater blood will raise any child I fathered.

Daisy: I am not going to stand idly by Daniel and let you keep my daughter from me. I’m telling you let’s do this the easy way. I’m trying to do this the easy way. This could get really ugly.

Daniel: Is that a threat Daisy?

Daisy: You did say I have Carter blood.


Phyllis then screams out.


Daniel: Mom what the hell!


Baby Lucy begins to cry.


Daniel: Mom you woke her up!

Daisy: I can help. She just needs her momma.

Phyllis: Daniel we have to go! I know why my pizza is late.

Daniel: Mom really?

Phyllis: Malcolm, Neil, Moses, AVERY! My sister has been hurt!

Daniel: Mom what are you talking about?


Daniel walks over and looks at the breaking news about the Winter’s family. They show Lily.


Daniel: Oh my god! That’s Lily! She’s here! Mom Lily is here in GC!

Phyllis: We have to go!

Daniel: I’ll grab Lucy.

Phyllis: Ok I’ll meet you there I’m going to get some things from Restless Style so I can cover this story. This will be my big debut back.


Phyllis looks at Daisy.

Phyllis: What are you going to do with this thing right here?

Daisy: I’m going too. Where ever my daughter goes I’m going too.

Daniel: Fine but you’re not riding with me.

Daisy: One day Daniel these table will turn on you.

Daniel: Yea whatever just get out of my way.


He says brushing past her with their daughter. Daisy has a tear in her eye and gets in her car and follows Daniel to the hospital. “Cold hearted Bastard” She calls Daniel as she drives.




Lauren and Scotty meet up outside the ER.


Lauren: Find your girlfriend yet?

Scotty: No and I don’t understand what is going on.


They walk into the ER and see chaos. Hillary and Roxanne’s after math of the battle they just had with nurses surrounding Hillary. She spots Dru and can’t believe her eyes.


Scotty: Is that Dru?

Lauren: It looks like her. Let’s go over and see what is going on.


Lauren and Scotty walk up to Dru, and Olivia.


Lauren: Drucilla is that you?


Dru turns around from Liv and looks at Lauren and smiles. She hugs her.


Dru: It’s me girl and I’m so glad you are here. I was just asking my sister here where Neil was.


A serious look comes over Lauren’s face and she makes eye contact with Olivia who is shaking her head back and forth to signal not to tell Dru what has happened to Neil.


Dru: Hey Scotty my my you’ve got so grown boy. So handsome.


Dru hugs Scotty.


Scotty: Feels like I just hugged a ghost.

Dru: It’s me. Drucilla Winters in the flesh.  Now before I tell you what I have to tell you Lauren I need to know where in the hell is my husband no one has answered me.


Scotty looks around the ER to see if he can spot any cute men that may want to sleep with him. He sees Noah Newman along with his dad Nick walking into the ER. Scotty licks his lips and watches Noah. Nick and Noah spots Abby and rush over to her. Nick hugs his little sister.


Nick: What is going on Abby?

Abby: It’s Sharon. Dru is alive. And I think Sharon was held hostage along with Dru all this time.

Nick: What? This is crazy!

Noah: Where is my mom now?



Daniel arrives at the hospital with Lucy as Daisy is following behind. He sees Lily and can’t believe his eyes. He rushes over to her.


Daniel: Lily is that really you?

Lily: Oh Daniel I’m so glad you are here!


Lily gives him a hug as Lucy is in her stroller. Daisy watches on and grinds her teeth.


Daisy: We are not going to start this up. Daniel and Lily. No way. Not with my daughter. I’ll kill Lily.



Rafe walks up next to Daisy.

Rafe: Spying?

Daisy: So what if I am?

Rafe: Can I join the club?

Daisy: As long you don’t interfere with what I’m doing.

Rafe: I assume you are watching Daniel over there hugging Lily. I worked with Avery on your case.

Daisy: Well thank you. I’m just trying to get my daughter back. What are you spying on?


Rafe looks at Scotty looking at Noah.


Rafe: Men.

Daisy: As long as it’s not my man, we’ll be ok.

Rafe: Deal.



“Clear the way, another Verdon Lou Survivor has arrived!"


Olivia, Dru, Lauren, Scotty, Nick, Noah, Abby, Daniel and Lily all look in the direction of the entrance way.


Dru: Lord have Mercy let it be Sharon. If it’s Sheila someone better get her! I’m tired of dealing with that crazy ass Bitch!


Daisy frowns up and looks over in Dru’s direction upon hearing her mother’s name.


The paramedics bring in Mary Carter to some and Vandalynn to others.


Scotty, Daniel and Noah all look at her with extra interest.


Dru: That is Sheila Carter’s daughter right there! Mary Carter!


Lauren looks at Mary and then at Scotty and then at Mary again.


Mary/Vandalynn is red faced seeing everyone looking at her. She faints.thumbnailCAPU2IIJ.jpg


Be sure to check out why Daniel Jonas is an As s Hole! Click the link:


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Helluva hectic family scene to start the show! I dont know why but I love Rox kicking Hillarys ass. Granted, Im sure she went too far but I liked it. I wonder how Spencer and Leslie will deal with what just happened between them. And what an awesome video opening to go with it.. :P


It was nice to see Daniel and Phyllis and Daisy. I found Phyllis her obnoxious self with both her reaction to Daisy and to finding out the news about Avery. 


Damn Scotty is just horny AF right now. Nice use of flashback. That was a good scene back then to really describe how Scotty was feeling. He is such an interesting character. I like these struggles he is going through and look forward to seeing where they lead. Checking out Noah too, yikes.


Poor Dru will someone tell her that Neil just flatlined FFS!


At least Nick and Noah finally found out about Sharon. I liked Daisys reaction to Lily showing shades of her mommy Sheila.


Im glad Mary is still alive! I really dig that Ho.


Great stuff and some great dialogue as always!


and thank you very much for the shout out!

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Another pretty solid and overall great episode!


Rox/Spence/Les/Hillary: How you showcase the blacks is like no other. This sister story continues to be my favorite one. You keep revealing layer after layer and nice job putting the reminder that Spence was Les' pimp.


Scotty/Lauren: Nice job having them getting a chance to showcase there love for the city they live in. They rushed to the hospital. I think Scotty's secret is going to come out soon!!!


Daisy/Rafe: I wonder if these two will start a little friendship????


Daniel/Phyllis: I love how you stay true to the way that Phyllis acts. You write her very well. I see she wants to protect Daniel, but he really is not going to listen to it. Interesting.


Dru: The rollar costar ride continues for Dru. And Mary bein the next Verdon Lou survivor just fuels the fire LOL


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MOVING STORIES HERE...and renewing rivalries

Hilary and Rox going at it again.  You don't waste any time or mince any words...You jumped right in, BUT it was fueled by the rehashing of their history.  I'm glad Spencer was there to kind of calm his fiery daughters down.  Now I see why you kept him.  He was the much needed voice of reason.  Hilary and Roxanne are like two female cats fighting for domination of a territory.  You've established a solid sibling rivalry here.

Nice to see a different side of Scott here being concerned about Van/Mary.  She is the next Verdon Lou victim, and I'm sure EVERYONE wants to talk to her because she's Sheila Carter's daughter.

The little exchange between Rafe and Daisy was nice, short and snarky.

I see you setting up Phyllis's battle with Daisy to keep Lucy away from her.  Waiting to see what else you are going to do with this...


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