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Dru Returns to Genoa City and Takes REVENGE! #172



GC Memorial Hospital.imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Everyone looks at Mary to some and Vandalynn to others. Mary looks at the room of people. During her scan she spots Scotty. She then spots Daniel and then also Noah.

Mary faints at seeing all three men she slept with in one room.thumbnailCAPU2IIJ.jpg

imagesCAQCG4VW_zps1f3bf012.jpgDaniel looks at Mary with intense interest.

He then has a flash back of sex with a blonde bombshell in the alley.

She grabs his privacy again and massages it to arouse him.

Daniel: I mean really, right here.

Van: Why not? Let’s have fun…. Adventure… I’ve always wanted to have sex outside. You can fulfill my fantasy, tonight.


She plants a seductive kiss on his lips.

She looks around and sees the alley behind her.


Van: Right here.


She pulls him into the alley way. Van then leans against the wall of a building and pulls him into a kiss again. As they kiss she takes his hand and places it on her butt and then grabs his hand forcing him to grab her butt. She moans.


Van: Grab it. I like that.

Dan: You like a lot of things.


He grabs a handful of her rump. Then he smacks it.affairs4.jpg


Van: YES. Oh yes. I want you to spank me, choke me and pull my hair

Daniel: Damn, you’re a wild cat.


Then she takes her panties off. She  takes them and slides them across Daniels’ nose. She then throws them down. She unzips his pants and pulls out his rod. She strokes it. She smiles at him and he smiles at her. Daniel is extremely turned on by the scenario


Daniel: No it can’t be.


Lily looks at him with interest.


th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpgLily: Daniel what’s the matter, do you know her?



Also taking extreme interest in Mary aka Vandalynn is Noah.Noah_zps73cfbcec.png

Noah then too has a flash back of his encounter with the bomb blonde bomb shell in her car.thCAVCMY3I.jpg



Van: What’s the matter?

Noah: I want you so bad right now? I never felt this way before. I just have to have you.”


He leans in and kisses her.


Van: Noah wait no!”


He covers her mouth with his lips by kissing her.  He then whispers in her ear,


             “I want you so bad. I need you. Give it to me.”


Van likes Noah aggressive state and stops any hesitation she had before. The plan was to get Noah to her hotel room but she will settle for hot car sex. Noah rips open her blouse and grabs her breast.


Noah: So beautiful.”


car-1.jpgHe kisses them as she leans her seat back so they can have more room. He gets on top of her on her side of the car and then puts her right leg over his shoulder. He leans down and kisses her and the windows begin to steam up.  They make love on the spot both enjoying each other. Van takes out her cell phone and text Sheila. “Home run.” Van then takes pictures of Noah who doesn’t realize what she is doing since he is so out of it and the only thing on his mind is wet satisfaction.



Nick looks at his son and sees the disdain on his face.

0soapoprahjpgnick-1.jpgNick: Noah what’s the matter? You look like you know her.

Noah: Dad, I think that’s the chic I had sex with.




scottythree.jpgScotty is very surprised at seeing Mary. Scotty and Lauren look at each other.


Dru: That’s Mary Carter! She is the daughter of Sheila Carter! …Well… at least I think it’s her… She looks like her.

Lauren: Dru what do you mean? Either she is or she isn’t.


Daisy walks over towards Mary.

Lauren spots her and walks over to her.


Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren: Tell us, is this your sister?


Daisy looks at Lauren.

Dru interrupts before Daisy can answer.


Dru: Wait… now maybe it’s not. Mary had blonde hair. This chic is a brunette.

Scotty: The paramedics said she was a Verdon Lou survivor. What would Vandalynn be doing there?



Daisy gives Scotty a weird look at hearing him call her sister by her fake alias Vandalynn.

A nurse rushes over to Mary and takes her into a room to be checked over.

Lauren pulls Scotty aside.


Lauren: Do you think this is true? Are you dating Sheila Carter’s daughter?


Scotty then has his own flash back of having sex with Mary or Vandalynn in his mother’s bedroom with her wearing football gear.thCARZE2M7.jpg


Scotty: I like that. I like that a lot.

Van: I really don’t. I feel fat. This helmet stinks and I’m sweating already. It’s hard to move in all this musty crap. I don’t understand any of this.

Scotty: You talk so much. Let me enjoy I mean let us- can’t we just enjoy this moment. Is that too much to ask for?… Come here sexy.”


Scotty flinches his half erected penis at her, as if it was waving at her.


Van: I could never say no to that.”


She climbs on top of him and they grind against each other.


Van: I don’t like this helmet. Smells like sweat and I can’t even kiss you baby.


Scotty can only imagine Rafe in the costume.


Scotty: Damn you always talk too much. Shut the “eff” up.” The suddenly Scotty rolls Van over and turns her on her stomach so she is face down. He then mashes her helmet into the pillow so he can’t hear her talking. He then thinks of doing it to Rafe and increase and intensifies his sexual stroke.

Van (muffled): Scotty slow down. You’re hurting me.

Scotty: Take this Van…. Take me all the way in… You know you like it… Miss kinky girl. Thas my kinky girl.” Van’s resistance excites Scotty even more and he releases himself deep inside of her.  He lays on top on her trying to catch his breath. He smiles

Scotty: Damn that was good. So wet. I couldn’t last too long.”


Van pushes Scotty off of her. She is breathing heavilySex.jpg


Van: Finally I can breathe. What were you trying to do to me? You were treating me like the 50 yard line.

Scotty: What didn’t you like it?

Van: I loved it. Let’s do it again.” She leans in and kisses him. This time she lays him on his back so she can straddle over him. They make love once more.


As Van takes slow and deep strokes Scotty’s eye are rolling back in his head from the extra dose of pleasure, he is able to notice that Vandalynn has caught her reflection in a mirror. Van looks in the mirror, smiles and then winks at herself as her mission has been more than accomplished. Seducing Scotty. Twice.


Scotty: Mom I have no idea.


Rafe continues to spy on Scotty and his reaction at seeing Mary.


thumbnailCA8MGVE2.jpgRafe: Gotcha Scotty. I know you are keeping something from me and I’m about to find out.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 172: Dru Returns To Genoa City and takes REVENGE!!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington


Paul and Ronan arrive at the hospital and sees everyone and the chaos.


Ronan: A mad house.

Paul: I’ll say. It’s time to restore order. I’ve gotten so many calls tonight I don’t know where to begin.


Paul then spots Drucilla Winters.


Paul: I’m going to start there. You begin at the other end of the room.

Ronan: Gotcha.


Paul walks over to Dru.


Paul: Dru is that really you?


Dru smiles and hugs Paul.


Dru: Paul it is great to see you.

Paul: I don’t understand.

Dru: Paul I’m so glad you are here so I can finally tell you that I did not fall off that cliff at that photo shoot, Phyllis Newmans pushed me!


Then Nick and Noah walk over to Dru.


Nick: Sorry Paul but Dru may have a lead on Sharon.

Paul: Dru is this true?

Dru: Yes Paul. Sheila held me and Sharon hostage for months.

Noah: Oh my god dad! Shelia has mom!

Nick: Dru where is Sharon now?

Dru: I don’t know Nick. I’m so sorry. The cabin exploded. I didn’t see any survivors. In fact Paul you should also know that James Warrick was there along with Cane.



Lily walks over to Dru upon hearing her husband’s name.


Lily: Wait what? Cane was at the cabin where you were being held?

Dru: That’s right. Sheila called him up to fix the gas leak in the basement.  James was there with a vest full of bombs. He thought he was a terrorist.

Paul: Dru this all sounds so crazy.

Dru: Well when you dealing with crazy ass Sheila Carter, you better expect crazy.




Ronan walks over to the Walsh family as Hillary is lifted unto a hospital bed after being knocked out by her half-sister Roxanne.


Ronan: I got some call on this situation right here.

Spencer: Nothing here officer.


Hillary slowly wakes up. She spots Ronan.

Hillary points at Roxanne.


Hillary: She assaulted me officer.


Ronan pulls out a pair of hand cuffs and slaps them on Roxanne.


Leslie: Please don’t do this Ronan. It was just a family dispute.

Hillary: No officer. Roxanne is a bully with anger issues. I’m afraid for my safety.

Roxanne: You Bitch! This is what you’re going to do to me because you got your ass whooped? I promise you Hillary I am going to destroy you!

Spencer: Stop talking Roxanne you are making things worse!


Roxanne looks at Spencer with tears forming in her eyes.


Roxanne: You’re going to let her do this to me?

Spencer: Roxanne I’m sorry there is nothing I can do at this point.

Roxanne: Tell Hillary not to do this! Please! I don’t want to go to jail.

Ronan: You should have thought of that before you assaulted this young lady. Assault is serious. Now let’s go.


Ronan instructs. Roxanne throws a fit and screams out and tries to kick out of Ronan’s hold on her arms.


Roxanne: Let me go! I’m going to get you Hillary. You are going to pay for this!!


Roxanne hollers at Hillary as she is being carted off and outside of the ER.

Hillary is taken to a room and Spencer follows.




Leslie walks over to Olivia and pulls her aside from Dru.

Les: Liv my daughter just got arrested. I need to go be with her. Will you call me if you hear anything on Neil please?

Olivia: I sure will.

Dru: I heard Neil’s name. What about Neil? Where is my husband? Something is wrong isn’t it?


Olivia looks at Dru with tears running down her face. Lily walks over and stands by her mother’s side. Dru looks at Lily.


Dru: Ok tell me what is going on? What happened to Neil?


Devon walks over to Dru.


Dru: Son please tell me.


Devon: Mom, Neil was shot tonight.


He says bravely, though voice cracking.






Leslie slowly walks away from Dru’s scene only to bump into Sister Patterson.CA06D0OACA5867X9CAUPN3H2CAO27DVSCA9.jpg

Leslie: I don’t have time for your antics.

Sister Paterson: That’s because you’re an ugly sinning stripper and a whore! No wonder your daughter got arrested just now, you didn’t provide her with no home training. And another thing you better always have time for the Lord you rotten sinner! Shame on you! The father of your child is an ex pimp. May God have mercy on your soul.

Leslie: May god have mercy on that wig. Why do you insist on coming for me? What have I done to you?

Sister Patterson: I just don’t like you, you’re nasty, a whore, a tramp, an ex-stripper, and you had a child out of wedlock. You are a disgrace. An abomination. You are the anti-Christ.

Leslie: This has gone on long enough.


Leslie walks over to Paul.

Leslie: I want to press charges on that crazy Sister Patterson. She assaulted me by slapping me and everyone in this room is witness to that.

Sister Patterson: This is no work of the Lord! How dare ya! You better not put any damned cuffs on me! I am an agent of God and Leslie had to know she will not win against me or the Lord. I only do his work and my God told me to heal that ugly and nasty stripper. She needs to repent!

Paul: You know Sister I’ve been watching you for a while. I think it’s time a judge had a chat with you for this outrageous behavior. If I get my way maybe even a mental evaluation.



Paul pulls out a pair of handcuffs and walks toward Sister Patterson.


Sister Patterson: My God won’t let you do this to me, you will not lock up an agent of God! What will my church think? You can’t do this to me! This is no work of the Lord!!


Paul turns Sister Patterson around and slaps the cuffs on her.


Sister Patterson: NO!! Help me! Sister Lauren! Some body stop these demonic acts against Christianity! This is a sin! Leslie I will send you to hell you slutty whore! God and I will strike you down!


Ronan carts Sister Patterson away.



Dru’s tears are interrupted by the scene displayed by Sister Patterson

Dru: Damn who is that? She do seem a bit off.



Then Phyllis along with a camera crew barges into GC Memorial’s ER ready to report on tonight’s events.

Phyllis stops dead in her tracks when she sees Drucilla and then screams out. Everyone looks at her.

Phyllis: Dru? What is going on here?

Dru: Yea it’s me bitch!


Dru says pushing  people out of her way as she walks towards her.


Phyllis: I don’t understand any of this.

Dru: Yea bitch I’m back! And I’m here for revenge! You are the one who pushed me over the cliff! You are the reason I lost all these years with my family! And I’m going to make you pay BITCH!!!


Dru charges at Phyllis grabbing her neck and then slamming her against a wall. Phyillis’ camera crew films the action.

Dru tightens her grip around Phyllis’ neck.



Dru: I’m going to kill you bitch! You did this to me!


Phyllis chokes and gasps as her face turns red.

Daniel and Paul rush over and try to pull Dru off of Phyllis.

Dru screams and begins to bash Phyllis’s head into the wall.

Phyllis takes her free hands and with her nails and buries them in Dru’s face.

Dru screams out again from the stinging pain from Phyllis clawing her face and is enough for Dru to release Phyllis’s neck. Phyllis takes deep breathes and regains her composure.

Dru wipes blood from her hand as she wipes her face.


Dru: All hell naw Bitch!


Phyllis goes at Dru as she breaks out of Daniels hold. Phyllis grabs Dru’s hair from behind and yanks on it so that Dru’s body is leaned back. Phyllis begins to smack Dru’s face using her free hand.


Phyllis: This won’t be easy! Huh? You like that huh? You want some more Bitch!


Phyllis says to Dru while smacking her face.


Phyllis: I’m not afraid of you Dru!

Dru: Bitch if I can beat Sheila Carter I can beat you too!


Paul hangs up the phone from calling  back up and breaks up the duo from fighting.

Both ladies breathe heavily.


Paul: Alright both you are under arrest!


Dru kicks Paul in his man hood and then turns around and punches Phyllis in the jaw.


Dru: Damn all that Paul! I’ve waited too long and fought to hard not to give Phyllis these hands.


Daniel tries to grab Phyllis as Olivia tries to grab Dru. Dru pushes Olivia off of her, so hard Olivia loses her balance and falls to the floor.

Phyllis shrugs out of Daniels hold.


Phyllis: Go watch over Lucy before Daisy takes her!


She then looks at Dru.


Phyllis: You want a piece of me bitch? Well I’m right here. Bring it on!

Dru: I don't do white meat honey.


Dru takes her shoe off and throws it in Phyllis’ direction.


Phyllis: That’s all you got?


Dru charges at Phyllis and Phyllis does the same. They crash into each other trying to grab each others hair but the force of them crashing is so strong they bounce onto the floor. Dru crawls on top of Phyllis and begins to windmill her in the face. Phyllis tries to eject Dru from off her.


Phyllis: Help ME!!


Ronan then rushes in and pulls Dru off of Phyllis.

Dru begins to slap and punch Ronan.


Dru: Let me go! I’m going to kill Phyllis Newmans!

Ronan: You’re not doing anything but going to jail.


Ronan carries Dru out of the ER and into a squad car.


Dru: This ain’t over Phyllis Bitch!


The cameras are still rolling and Phyllis is very embarrassed.



A doctor walks over to Olivia who is now standing.

Doctor: I have news on your son Ms. Barber.


Olivia with tears of fear in her eye looks at the doctor as Lily and Devon surround her for comfort.

Olivia: Did Nate make it?




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WOW WHAT AN EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Van: LOL Now we go over the countless times she has had sex LOL. I wonder what is going to happen now that Van has survived. There is still a whole other layer of story telling to get through. I am interested to see if all the boys who have had sex with her will connect in some way.


Paul/Ronan: They had a lot of work to do. I think it was up to 3 arrest. LOL. Everyone gets a jail cell!


Dru/Phyllis: FINALLY SOMETHING WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a show down for the soap opera history books. I liked the you let us know that this is just the start of it. We still have a lot more to get through. I wonder what Drucilla and Phyllis will get themselves into next LOL.


Nate: I'm worried for his fate. WHAT WILL IT BE????


I thought there was one thing that this episode was missing. And that was history. Phyllis defeated Sheila, as well. AND, Scotty dated Sheila. That is how she came back one time. Scotty didn't know what she looked like, so Sheila tricked him, so she could have a free ride back into town.


ANYWAYS, still a very good episode.


KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Man LOVE the opening with Mary/Van and the memories of her sexcapades! That was so well done and I loved them all making that connection. Amazing job with that, really.


The police were busier than the doctors in this hospital! Rox gets arrested first. And still threatening Hillary. 


I really liked the interaction with Paul and Dru. Felt real and genuine.


And then more confrontations. The action never stops in GC!


Im kinda glad Leslie got one over on Sister Patterson and she was one of the arrests! LOL. "May god have mercy on that wig!" LMAO quote of the week.


And then I was not expecting this cat fight with Phyllis and Dru. Hell that wasnt even a cat fight that was a knock down drag out fight. UFC eat your heart out. A nice culmination of  a build for those two. 


I am glad Dru learned about Neil for a moment and looks like we may learn the fate of Nate but man I'm more so interested in the fate of Neil. I really gotta know this. He flatlined two episodes ago!


Even after all of the climaxes in V Lou and Malcolms shooting this may be the most intense episode yet! Loved it. Especially the way you crafted the opening.

Edited by Days22
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This is one crazy episode. So much fallout from all the past month's events!


Good use of flashbacks with Mary and her men. Haha. I'm hoping this all leads to some great fallout there. Mary has been very good at doing her mother's dirty work, so I really do hope there's some fallout from that.


Leslie really needed to put Sister Patterson in her place. That was some foolishness. She needs to do something other than harrass Leslie, so I'm glad that happened. Haha.


Dru and her family reunion were wonderful. Every beat felt real and well-written. I love that Dru and Phyllis finally had their showdown, but  hope it isn't their last. One of my favourite Y&R rivalries.


GREAT cliffhanger too. Did Nate pull through? Gonna be an exciting episode next time around. Fantastic work, beginning to end!

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Episode had a the past and the present in it.

Good job of catching us up with Mary's sexcapades with the three men.  This seems to be a turning point in this story and looking forward to seeing how everything else unfolds...especially if she turns up pregnant.

The fighting between Roxanne and Hilary and Drucilla and Phyllis revealed all the hatred between them.  We all know why Dru and Phyllis hate each other, and this fight seemed to signify what's to come between them.  As for Roxanne and Hilary, this is new to YR (no established history) and I want to see how you are going to establish the new history between these sisters.  Hilary seems to be more of a methodical schemer, and Roxanne is just a brazen bully.  LOL Interesting dynamic between those two.

  You've featured Sister Patterson a lot and I am still wondering what story she's a part of.

A soapy "DAYS/AWish" cliffhanger at the end, and nothing wrong with it.  After all it is a soap opera lol.  

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