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Lily learns Cane sold their TWINS for Cocaine! #173



Gina’s Italian BistroGinas_zps86933394.jpg



Victoria walks in and is greeted by Gina herself.





imagesCA0PEV6X_zpsf25c1d78.jpgGina: Welcome Victoria, it’s lovely to see you.



victoria_zps81cb0093.pngVictoria: You too Gina.



Gina: How is your mother holding up? I was very worried about her the last time you were here with her.



Victoria: I’m going to see her in the morning. She says she’s fine but I’m keeping an eye on her.



Gina: Good. I know she is taking Katherine’s death pretty hard.



Victoria: She is.



Gina: Well right this way, Chance told me he was expecting you.





Victoria follows Gina over to Chance’s table.



Chance gets up and pulls out Victoria’s chair. She takes a seat.





Victoria: Thank you.



imagesCAOQR7ZL_zpsd2881e6d.jpgChance: Thank you for meeting me.



Victoria: No problem. Your text that you sent me, seemed pretty urgent.



Chance: Well, I just need to get some stuff of my chest before I go crazy. I feel like I am going to explode.



Victoria: About Phillip?



Chance: (Sighs) Yeah.



Victoria: What’s going on Chance?



Chance: I just feel so damn guilty and angry. I couldn’t protect my father from that bastard  Cane. (Sighs) I’ve spent my whole life protecting people. But, I let Cane get the upper hand. I let him do those horrific things to my dad.



Victoria: Chance, listen, what Cane did whatever he did, wasn’t your fault.



Chance: Cane shot my dad and then got him high with cocaine.



Victoria: What? Oh my… Cane?



Chance: Yes Cane.



Victoria: And he shot Phillip? This is so unlike Cane.



Chance: That’s what a drug habit will do to you. I feel like it was my fault. I’ve been self-wallowing in my self-pity for my failure for not saving Eden from that terrorist while we were deployed. I couldn’t see any of this happening with Cane. What kind of protector have I become? I served in the military but I’m a failure Victoria. That’s how I feel, a failure. What kind of man am I?





Chance has a flashback of the incident in Kabul with Eden



Kabul Afghanistan, Chance is patrolling his camp as the sun beats down on him with his full military uniform on weighing no less then 9 pounds. He stops and talks to a woman who’s face is blurred in the dream that approached him. He embraces her with a hug and kiss.



Chance: Ready for today’s training?



Eden: Ready to give it all I got.



Chance: Today I am going to verse you on what a patrol is. Now A few things before we start. Only step behind me where I step. I step on a path already carved out by our foot traffic. This way-



Eden: We don’t step on any IED’s I did my home work.



Chance: I’m impressed. That’ what I love about you solider. Alright you ready?



thumbnailCACTBLV6.jpgEden: Yes.



Chance begins his patrol of  his assigned area and Eden follows behind. With his gun in hand and his senses focused on the foot path and possible enemy attacks from the Taliban he assumes Eden  is still right behind him until he hears a scream from behind . He turns around and sees a masked person, or a jihadi fighter holding the woman at gun point from behind.



Chance: You don’t want to do this.



               talibani_zps3a05b856.jpg “American  Infidel Devil Go Home!” The jihadi fighter stumbles out with his thick Pashtu accent. “امریکی کافر شیطان کے گھر” He says again only this time in his mother tongue of Urdu.



                “This is for ALLAH! Jihad to the infidels. ALLAH ALLAH!”



Then a second person sneaks up behind Chance and restrains him so he can’t respond as the first jihadi fighter takes Eden away. The woman screams Chance’s name as she is taken away. Chance tries to break free of the seconds man hold but is unsuccessful. The second man pistol whips Chance as he hears Chance’s comrades coming to his aid after hearing the screams of Eden.



Victoria: Stop beating yourself up. Stop it! I won’t stand for you beating yourself up. You are a great person. Your kind, compassionate and upstanding. The thing with Eden is those terrorist are bad people. What more could you have done without our jeopardizing her life or your own.



Chance: I just feel…



Victoria: Defeated?… I have felt that feeling before. I know how it feels. But, you have to get back up, and fight. Don’t let anything get you down. You rise up and you kick some ass. Be the Chance we all know and love. Will you kick some ass for Genoa City, again?



Chance: (Laughs) You are right. I have to kick some ass.



Victoria: (Laughs) Yes you do!





Victoria holds her hand out. Chance takes it.



Chance looks into her eyes. He smiles. She smiles back.





Chance: Thank you for listening to me and letting me vent. You have me feeling better.



Victoria: You’re a great person. It wasn’t anything I did. I just reminded you of who you are.



The camera zooms in on their hands.









Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 173: Lily learns Cane sold their twins for Cocaine!!



Written by ML Cooks with Casey H.



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington












GC Memorial HospitalimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg



Nina walks into Phillips room.



She sees him sitting up staring at the wall and twitching every so often.



He seems to be off some place as he didn’t hear her walk in. She taps on his shoulders and he jumps up.



imagesCAK33PZT_zps8c9d440d.jpgPhillip: Woah Nina… You startled me!



Nina_zpsc0200579.pngNina: I’m sorry. I thought you heard me walk in.



Phillip: No I’m sorry.



Nina: Are you feeling ok?



Phillip: Yes why do you ask that?



Nina: You just seem off.



Phillip: Well I feel nervous and I feel like something is off or I’m missing something.



Nina: It could be the after effects of the cocaine Cane forced in you.



Phillip: You could be right. When am I getting out of this place Nina? I have to find Cane and those twins.



Nina: One thing at a time Phillip. I don’t want you to overdo it. You’ve been through a lot. Being shot in the hand and then a dose of cocaine.



Phillip: Nina, Cane’s twins are in serious trouble! Cane is not himself! He’s a monster! He’s lost control! Look at what he did to me!



Nina: I know. I will help you. Let’s get you out of here first.



Phillip: I get to go home?



Nina: Yes, that’s why I’m here.



Phillip gets up and begins to change into clothes, looking forward to getting out of the hospital.












In The ER.



Lily and Devon hold each one of Olivia’s hand as they await to hear news about Nate.



th%201_zpsj6pklgh9.jpegOlivia: Dr., please tell me, did my son make it?



Dr.: I’m sorry Ms. Barber. Nate is in very serious condition.




Olivia has tears come to her eyes.




Dr.: But there are some things you should know.



Olivia: Just please tell me about my son so I can see him.



Dr: Nate has two broken arms, both legs are broken, he has minor brain swelling, and a crushed rib cage. We have him in a body cast. Nate is also in a medically induced coma for the brain swelling.




Olivia gasp and gets weak in the knees. Devon and Lily hold Olivia up.



They then walk her over to a chair so she can have a seat.




Olivia: My poor baby! Oh Lily I don’t think I can bear to see Nate in that cast.
Lily holds her aunt.



imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: I’m going to go see about Dru. Stay here Lily in case we get news about dad.



Devon gets up and looks at Abby.



She hugs him.



thCAVF6RVJ.jpgAbby: How are you holding up?



Devon: It’s been one hell of a night. What about you?



Abby: I could say the same.



Devon: Look I’m going to see about Dru. Do you think you can keep an eye on Lily for me?



Abby: Yea I will. I’ll text you if anything comes out on your dad.



Devon: Thank you.




He kisses her on the cheek and then leaves.















Spencer walks into Hillary’s room.



thCANS4T73.jpgSpencer: How are you feeling?



imagesCA8SBOUY_zps54cf761b.jpgHilary: My head hurts.



Spencer: I’m sorry this happened.



Hillary: Dad Roxanne has a serious problem. This is the second time she’s attacked me.



Spencer: But she didn’t have to go to jail. We could have work this out.



Hillary: Really? That beast attacked me twice and you don’t want me to press charges?



Spencer: She is your half-sister.



Hillary: Then she shouldn’t have attacked me. Is that what sisters do?... I can’t believe you are standing here trying to defend her to me.



Spencer: You are both my daughters! I’m trying to do what I think is right. I’m new to all this parenting stuff. I didn’t raise you, your mother did and I only found out months ago that Roxanne was my daughter. Now I got both of you going at it basically over Nate… A man!…. It’s stupid!



Hillary: I didn’t ask for any of this.  Roxanne is a whore two timing Devon for Nate.



Spencer: What about you Hillary? You are the one that told Malcolm about what Nate did.



Hillary: Wow really?



The room is quiet until the doctor walks in.



Dr: I could cut the tension with a knife, is everything ok in here?



Hillary: Just peachy. Can I go home? I feel fine.



Dr.: Yes I’ll let you go but I must warn you Hillary, you might want to be more careful going forward with these altercations. You would be putting your new baby at risk.



Hillary: My what?



Dr: Congratulations Hillary. You’re pregnant.



Spencer and Hillary look at each other both surprised at the news.












Nick walks over to Lauren as Noah walks over to Mary’s room to get a look at her through the window in her door.



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpgNick: This is all so crazy.



Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren: Oh I know tell me about it. Malcolm, Neil, now Sheila Carter and then Dru. It’s been one hell of a night.



Nick: Do you believe that Sheila is alive and held Dru and Sharon hostage?



Laruen: Well I’ve never known Dru to lie and I do know Sheila to be crazy.



Nick: Malcolm and I had a discussion once about Dru possibly being alive awhile back.



Lauren: Turns out she is.



Nick: Wow after all this time. I just hope Sharon is ok.



Lauren: For your children’s sake I do too Nick. It was great talking to you but I’m going to see if I can find out any more information. I also want to see if my son is dating the devil’s spawn.



Nick: Well I hope for your kids’ sake it’s not Sheila’s daughter.



They smile at each other at the little joke and Lauren walks towards Mary’s room












In Mary’s Room.



Scotty walks in and takes a seat next to her.



Rafe is still watching Scotty as he peeps in the window of the door. He sees Scotty holding Mary’s hand.



Rafe then gets a text. It’s from Leslie asking him to meet her at the police station. He replies “ok” and gets one last look at Scotty holding Mary’s hand. Rafe shakes his head and leaves the hospital.



Inside the room.



Mary slowly wakes up. She sees Scotty and smiles.



thumbnailCAPU2IIJ.jpgMary: Hey you. What happened?



Scotty: I was hoping you could tell me. I haven’t seen you in days and here you show up and they say you are a Verdon Lou survivor and now your hair is brown. Which I like by the way.



Mary: My hair?



Scotty: Yea didn’t you dye it?



Mary sits up and opens her mirror up from the bedside stand. She looks at it and is stunned to see that her hair is now brown. She’s a brunette. Mary wonders if the explosion somehow flashed dyed her hair from blonde to brunette. Mary then thinks this could work to her advantage as Scotty and Noah will have a harder time identifying her.



Mary: I guess it is brown.



Scotty: You didn’t know?



Mary: I do now. I’ve missed you.



Scotty: I’ve missed you, where have you been these last few days? I’ve been texting and calling.



Mary: I uh, just been busy trying to find a job.



Scotty: A job. Van this doesn’t make sense. Dru is claiming that you are the daughter of Sheila Carter, Mary Carter. Is this true?



                “Yes the million dollar question. Are you the devil’s spawn?”



Scotty and Mary hear and they turn and see Lauren walking into the room.



Scotty: Mom what are you doing here?



Lauren: We need to know son, if this is Sheila Carter’s daughter.



The Dr. then walks in.



Daisy is now watching the scene outside of the door looking in the window.



Daniel walks over to her.



Daniel: Up to no good?



Daisy: You better do what your mother says and watch our daughter before I take her.



Daniel look in the window to see Mary.



Daniel: They say that’s Mary Carter. Is that your sister? Is that why you are spying on her?



Daisy looks at Daniel looking at Mary. He has a weird look on his face as he thinks about the sex he had with the blonde bombshell.



Daisy: Do you know her?



Daniel: She looks like the woman, ...I don't know she does look familiar.



Daisy: You had sex with Mary Carter!?



Back inside the room.



Dr: Ms. Deitweiler, is it ok for these people to be in here as we discuss your medical condition.



Van: Condition?



Dr: Yes. As I was checking your breathing and heart rate I noticed two heart beats.



Lauren: Oh god NO!



Scotty: Go on doctor, what are you saying?



Van: It’s ok DR. go on.



Dr: Then you must not have known.



Van: Known what?



Dr: You’re four weeks pregnant.



Scotty: WHAT!?



Van: I can’t believe this.



Lauren: A mother’s worst night mare! My son is having a baby with the devil’s daughter. This has to be a dream.






Noah is outside of Mary’s window. He can see her. He gazes at her. He remembers making love to a blonde bomb shell in her car. Mary kind of looks like her but her hair is brown.



Noah: Could I have slept with Sheila Carter’s daughter?



He wonders to himself.









Lily, and Abby are sitting with Olivia.



Olivia: I’m going to see my son.



Lily: Do you need me to come with you?



Olivia: No that’s ok. I want to be alone with my son. Besides you need to wait here to hear about Neil.



Abby: I’ll wait here with her.



Olivia half heartily smiles and walks away and over to Nate’s room.






Abby: Well Lily it’s good to have you back. But I am so sorry you had to come back to all of this.



Lily: My dad being shot by Malcolm. And then OH MY GOSH ABBY. MOSES! WHERE IS MOSES!



Abby: I have not seen him since Malcolm took him after shooting Neil. We all been caught up with Neil and Nate.



Then a doctor walks over to Lily.



Dr: Your Neil’s daughter I presume?



Lily and Abby both stand, Lily grabs Abby’s hand and braces for the worst.



Lily: I am. Is my dad ok?



The Dr. takes a deep breathe.



Dr: Your dad nearly died. We brought him from the brink of death. He’s made it through surgery. His stats are returning back to somewhat normal. The bullet was lodged into his spinal column.



Lily: So what does that mean for my dad? Will he be able to walk?



Dr: Honestly at this juncture I am not sure. I have him on a mild sedative for now to ease the pain. His body has been through a lot and the best thing for him at this time and going immediately forward is rest. But I’ll say this now, it’s a strong chance he may not be able to walk again. The bullet did very serious damage to his spinal cord.



Lily: When can I see my dad?



Dr: In the morning. You need your rest and Neil needs his.



Lily: Thank you doctor.



Abby hugs Lily.



Lily: Thank you God for saving my dad.



Abby: Yes it’s great. I think the doctor is right we need to recharge.



Lily: Abby I must find Cane and our children. Mom said Cane was at the Verdon Lou Place.



Abby: Ok let’s go get changed and then I’ll go with you to the police station.



As Lily and Abby begin to walk out they run into Nina and Phillip.



Phillip: Lily, wait up.



Lily turns around and is confused as to why Phillip would be stopping her.



Nina: Phillip don’t… This may not be the right time.



Lily: Right time for what, what are you talking about?



Phillip: It’s Cane.



Lily: What about Cane? Do you know where my children are?



Phillip: What I do know is that Cane is on cocaine and I’m so sorry to have to tell you this Lily but I think Cane sold your kids for drugs.



Lily: W-..w..huh?



Phillip: Cane insinuated that he sold the twins for drugs.



Lily faints and Abby catches her.









Police Chief Paul Williams hangs up the phone as Nick and Noah walk over to him.



Nick: Paul is there any news on Sharon?



Paul: Nick in fact I got a call from the fire chief of Verdon Lou.



Noah: Is my mom ok?



Paul: They found two more bodies, more like skeletons, appear to be of a male frame as they were large.



Nick: Ok what about Sharon?



Paul: I’m sorry Nick, there are no more survivors from the cabin. If Sharon was there as Dru says she was then she must have burnt up into ashes. There is no sign of Sheila Carter or Sharon Newman.



Nick punches Paul in the face and Noah breaks down and cries falling to his knees.



Noah: Not mom… NO!!!













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  • Members

If MAB had written Cane and Philip like this the story would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining. 



"My son is having a baby with the devil's daughter" - good line. 


On Doctor Who a character (Leela) once changed eye color because of an explosion. Maybe Sheila's offspring are part-Sevateem. 

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  • Members

Wait...what? Nick punched Paul in the face? lmao. He better be arrested idc how much he's grieving! Freakin nick newman


Really loved that Chance flashback. I got some goosebumps from it. I like that you dive into this war story.


Phillip and Nina working together to find the children. This is good.


So both Hillary and Mary are preggo. And anyone can be the father of Marys baby. Awesome. Love that twist.


Neil lives!!!! Phew thank god. 


Sucks is Sharon is really dead, but Adam was not found either so hmmmmm





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  • Members

LMAO WTF Nick punching Paul in the face. HAHAHA. OMG. That's a reaction and a half!


Great episode all around again. Lily finding out about Cane selling their kids. WOW. There's gonna be some major fallout here. I can't imagine Sharon's actually dead. Great scenes with everyone sort of...getting their bearings after the crazy night they'd had.


Scotty, Daniel and Lauren trying to figure out who Vandalynn is. The flash-dying of her hair from the explosion is an interesting twist too. This girl is the master of disguise. I can't wait to see that all play out. Excellent stuff.


Mary's baby WTD thing will be excellent, especially since basically half the men in Genoa City could be the daddy. Love it. That story has potential to have legs for YEARS.


All around fabulous work again, ML. You're doing a fantastic job.

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  • Members

Wow! What a great show! It was very soap opera. I was waiting for that from you. You also have a lot of story to build on for years to come.


2 Mommy's: We have to mothers coming into the Genoa City fold. We've got one who knows the daddy and a paternity story line. This is going to be some damn good drama. I commend you for keeping up with your stories in terms of having high drama. 


Mary Carter?: I LOVED the scenes with Lauren barging in. How you wrote Lauren was kind of like old Lauren. I LOVED OLD LAUREN! The Lauren that got business done and kicked ass! Good job!


Sharon Dead?: I loved your delivery on this. Nick punching Paul in the face was off guard, but it was a damn good reaction. I also enjoyed Noah's reaction. A lot for him to deal with. Good way to keep him in the show.


Sadness For Mommy's: I fell soooooo bad for Lily. I cannot imagine getting that news, when you have just returned home not that long ago. I also feel bad for Olivia. These poor ladies. But, they are survivors and strong, keep that up.


ML you are shining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very good episode...Had some "heart to hearts" and story movement.

Victoria and Chance's relationship grew.  Liked their interaction

Roxanne had that slap coming for a long time.  Leslie checked her for her mouth, thankfully.  

And the new generation of Young and The Restless is beginning.  Hilary and Mary are both pregnant.  Congratulations to the two women!  LOL

Scotty continues his relationship with Mary, and now she's pregnant.  I wonder what ramifications this will have on him later.  I wonder if he's going to text Kirkland with the news LOL ;)

And I wonder if Sharon is really dead.  I think Sheila still has her.

Paul delivers news that Sharon is dead and Nick punches him?  That was weird.  But I feel sorry for Noah, as not only he may be a father,  but his mother is presumed dead also.  Lots to process for that young man.  

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