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Sharon Newman is DEAD! #174



The City Jail, Interrogation room.jailcell.jpg



Les and Roxanne face each other sitting at a table.



imagesCA7K9T0D_zps3987aa39.jpgRoxanne: I can’t believe Spencer would let me go to jail like this.



imagesCA0HGTST_zps6ecc9170.jpgLeslie: Rox, you did assault Hillary, your half-sister I might add.



Rox: I didn’t ask for the whore to be any kin to me. I don’t like her, she is all kinds of wrong for Nate.



Leslie: But that doesn’t give you a right to put your hands on her. That’s not the way the law works.



Rox: The law worked for you when you were being Spencer’s hoe.



Leslie: Girl that mouth of yours is too much. I am here trying to help you. That’s all I’ve tried to do since we found out you were my daughter. But all you want to do is hurt by using words. It’s getting real old. Yes I was a stripper, and yes I used sex to make money. I’m not ashamed of it I own it.



Roxanne: You should be ashamed because it lead to you losing it all. You were disbarred from practicing law. So your story about tricking to pay for college won’t work no more. You’re unemployed at the moment. You might have to turn tricks again.



Leslie smacks Roxanne in her mouth as Rafe walks in. Roxanne is absolutely stunned her mother hit her.



Roxanne: Bitch you hit me!



Leslie smacks her across the mouth again.



Leslie: I am your mother,  girl! It’s time you show me that respect. I’ve had it with your mouth! You are out of control and no child of mine is going to talk to me like this.



Roxanne is stunned that Leslie just checked her.



Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 174: Sharon Newman is DEAD!!



Written by ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington












In the waiting area of the hospital.



Noah is on his knees sobbing after hearing the news about his mother Sharon not making it out from Verdon Lou. Nick kneels down next to him and holds him as he too sobs. Paul rubs his jaw after Nick punched him



DougDavidson-PaulWilliams-1.jpgPaul: Newman I’m going to let that one go. But you pull a stunt like that again, you’ll be sharing a jail cell with your father. Now I am sorry for your loss but that is no way to treat an officer of the law!



Paul walks off as he realizes Nick is not paying any attention to him.






Noah2_zpse6a3212c.jpgNoah: Dad not mom. We gotta go to this Verdon Lou place and look for her! She has to be alive!



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpgNick: I know son. This is happening all so fast. We need answers. Dru said Sheila is behind all of this.



Noah: We got to find mom!



Nick: One thing at a time son. I think we should talk to Dru.



Noah: Damn you dad! You never want to look for mom. She’s been missing for how many months and what have you done to find her?



Noah stands up and brushes his dad off of him.



He walks off.



Nick: Noah where are you going?



Noah: To be the man of this family since you have failed.



Nick: Noah WAIT!



Noah is too angry to listen to Nick.



Nick looks over to his right and sees Avery. He wonders if she can give him any answers since she was brought in from Verdon Lou.












The City Jail.



Phyllis is pacing her cell.



Victor Newman is in a cell across from her watches her.



thumbnailCA0Y2I1R.jpgVictor: What’s the matter with you? Why are you here?



Phyllis looks at Victor.



imagesCAJYHLAL_zps6f3181ca.jpgPhyllis: Victor, I didn’t even see you there.



Victor: Why are you here?



                “Because of me Bitch!”



They both hear and look to see who is coming down the hall. It is Dru being escorted though still in cuffs to her cell next to Phyllis.



Victor: Drucilla. Is that you?



imagesCAK1DUP6_zpsb13ce351.jpgDru: Yea it’s me. I’m alive. See everyone thinks I lost my balance and fell off a cliff. I’m a diva and diva’s don’t lost they balance. Phyllis Newmans Bitch, pushed me and now I am back to make her pay for stealing years of my life away from me.



Victor: I can’t believe it’s really you.



Dru: It’s me Vic. I can’t believe you are in jail. What has happened for the great Victor Newman to be in jail?



Victor chuckles.



Victor: It’s a long story my dear. But not to worry I’ll be leaving here very soon and when I do, the people who put me here will pay dearly. Here’s one of them now, a pip squeak called Michael Baldwin.



Dru and Phyllis look at Michael walking down the hall.



yr_bold_baldwin_michael_9.jpgMichael: Can it Victor.



Victor: When I get out of here Michael Baldwin I am going to crush you like a bug!!



Michael than gazes at Dru.



Michael: It’s really you. I saw you on the news when you and Phyllis were fighting. I didn’t believe it until now.



Dru: Yea and I whooped her ass.



Phyllis: Shut up Bitch! It was a tie at best.



Dru: It’s me Michael. Your friend over there did this to me. And I am going to make her pay.



Then Paul walks over to them.



Phyllis: Paul that back from the dead bitch assaulted me first I was merely defending myself!



Dru: Don’t even try it Phyllis Newmans. You pushed me off that cliff at the photo shoot. She tried to kill me Paul!



Paul: Alright enough! Dru we are going to talk first.



Paul unlocks Dru’s cell and escorts her to his office.



Phyllis: Don’t listen to her Paul. I didn’t try to kill Dru!



Michael looks at Phyllis.



Phyllis: Michael you have to help me. I did not try and kill Dru.



Victor: He can’t help you. He’s not practicing law any more are you Michael my boy?



Michael: No thanks to you. I’ve lost everything thanks to you. My career, my wife and family.



Victor: You deserve it for helping put me behind bars. And I got news for you Michael Baldwin. I’m not done with you yet.



Phyllis: Enough about that. Michael you have to get me out of here! My sister needs me. Avery has been blinded.



Michael: Ok let me see what I can do. I’m not sure what I can do I’m not practicing law any more.



Victor: With good reason.



Michael walks off pulling out his phone making calls on Phyllis’ behalf.












Roxanne’s Interrogation Room



thumbnailCA8MGVE2.jpg: Is everything ok in here?



Leslie: It is Rafe. Thank you for coming down here. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m going to be leaving. My daughter doesn’t appreciate me trying to help her. Her words are too much and she needs help. Good luck with her.



Roxanne: Are you really leaving me?



Leslie: I am Roxanne. You got a lot of issues to work on. I’m not going to keep being a punching bag for you. I’m not perfect and neither are you. I’m trying to do the best that I can but you refuse to let me do that. I’m done trying. I’m not about to baby you anymore.



Leslie grabs her purse and leaves.



Rafe: Wow.



Roxanne: Save your judgements, I can’t believe Leslie just embarrassed me like that. Slapping me, then airing our dirty laundry.



Rafe: I’ve gotten close to Leslie. She is a good person.



Roxanne: I am not trying to hear you cheer lead for my mother. Just tell me some good news. Can I leave this place or what? I can’t spend a night here in jail.



Rafe: I was able to get the charges dropped.



Roxanne: Really?



Rafe: Yes but there is one stipulation.



Roxanne: I’m afraid to ask.



Rafe: The judge wants you to complete some anger management courses.



Roxanne laughs.



Roxanne: Never!












The Hospital.



Nick walks into Avery’s room.



imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpgAvery: I can hear you.



She says sitting up.



Nick: It’s me Avery, Nick.



Avery: Nicholas. It’s good to s-….I guess I am glad you are here. As you can see I can’t see as I am blinded.



Nick: I’m very sorry to hear.



He sits on the bed and engulfs her in a hug.



Nick: Avery how did any of this happen?



Avery: I was looking for Cane.



Nick: Cane? Why would you be looking for Cane?



Avery has a flash back of hitting lines of Coke with Cane and then having sex with him.



Nick: Avery answer me. I don’t understand why you would be looking for Cane at Verdon Lou.












Back at the City Jail. Dru sits down in a seat in Paul’s office. Paul sits in his chair and looks at Dru.



Paul: Dru, I am still having a hard time with all of this. Sheila, Sharon…



Dru: Paul I am just thankful to be alive and to be able to tell my story. I am so tired of fighting. My body is sore. It’s takes a lot to beat down Sheila Carter and Phyllis Newmans in the same damn night.



Paul: I bet. So where do you want to begin Drucilla?



Dru: In a nice bubble bath with a glass of wine, music and snacks.



Paul: All sounds good but I mean literally. You make a lot of charges against a lot of people.



Dru: Well then hell Paul, you tell me where do you want to start?



Paul: I want to know where Dru has been all this time.



Dru: That’s a good question. Where have I been all this time?




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GREAT episode. Lots quieter than the previous few but just as powerful.


II loved the jail scene, and it's great that Victor is just goading people. So true of him. I love that you've made Victor take a fall. It's a much stronger story choice than usual. So tired of Vic getting away with EVERYTHING. But he took folks down with him, and I love how that's playing out too.


Leslie and Roxanne was FIRE. The intensity between those two was excellent. I was so engaged in them, and I loved that Leslie is standing up to and not letting her get away with calling her out endlessly for her past. Leslie getting a spine. It's great to see. Their dynamic is excellent.


Paul and Dru....I can't wait for Dru to tell all. I wonder if Paul will buy it.


Nick and Noah dealing with Sharon's death. I guess that will play out for awhile. I wonder if Noah will be able to bounce back from this, especially with the impending turmoil over Mary's baby. OOOO this will be good.


I especially like that your episodes are getting shorter and tighter. It lets you be more focused, and the stories will be tighter for it. You've done GREAT this time and left us begging for more, and that's the way to do it, I think. Really impressed with this one! AWESOME work!

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The literal hits just keep on coming! Leslie smackin up Rox. I knw she is her daughter but I wouldnt mind Rox retaliating with some hits of her own. 


The one thing I didnt like was Nicks punch lolol. Nick had quite the strong reaction to the bad news I get. But Paul did not have a strong enough reaction to the punch itself. But I guess he was just being nice with the bad news. I get it. I'm so glad Noah called Nick out tho! Noah is becoming a fave.


Nice jail scenes. Victor as Victor as ever. nd Drucilla still cracks me up. She gets the best lines! I'm looking forward to Vics plans for Michael.


Cool of Rafe to get Roxannes charges dropped. Of course she wont take anger management courses lolol. Which I like. Sometimes i feel like I like your characters to be unhealthy with their issues but it makes them so entertaining dammit! lol


I wonder what Dru will go and explain to Paul. Nice set up.


I liked the change of pace here. Its been a very intense show for awhile now so I feel like this is the deep breath afterwards. I'm very interested in seeing where you take this show from here.

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This was another good episode! It was very soapy. You slowed down. You examined stories and characters. It was good to see that from you. It shows us that you have plenty of range left to give us after 173 episodes.


Interrogation Room: I loved how you built the Rox and Les conversation before Rafe entered the room. It was very smart dialogue, and showed us who these two characters have become. I like how you showcased their history that you've built. Good job!


Hospital Waiting Room: I soooo feel bad for Noah. I can't imagine ever losing your mom at that young of a age. I am glad that Noah has strapped on some big boy pants and has started a search for his mother. But, I hope Nick helps him. We'll see what happens.


Hospital Room: I feel so bad for Avery. This blindness is going to be a new step for her. It is going to be good to see what you have in store for her. I wonder how she is going to reveal everything to Nick, if anything. This is totally keeping me on the edge of my seat!!!


Prison: I LOVED THESE CONVOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was probably the best part of the episode. You had classic Victor, part of the original Michael emerge. You have a story coming up with Phyllis and Dru that might be your biggest one yet. SOOOOO many questions about this story. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHERE IT GOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Interrogation #2: Wonder where this is going. Drucilla has a ton of explaining to do as this interrogation with Paul moves forward into the next episode. I wonder how it will be written!



Good for you, for know how to hook us all in these lavish stories.


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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