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Victor Newman and Sister Patterson strike an "Unholy" Alliance?! #175




wall4_zpskcwtjuav.jpgNoah pulls up to the debris that once was Verdon Lou, Sheila’s Cabin. He gets out his black mustang and closes the door. He looks at all the charred debris. He screams out...



Noah2_zpse6a3212c.jpg“MOM!” He says. He walks over to the debris and kicks a little of it around.



“MOM” he hollers out again.



He begins to have tears fall down his face as he thinks of his mother Sharon.



Noah: Mom you can’t be gone. Not like this… Please not like this!



Noah then falls to his knees as his brain truly processes what his eye sight is taking in. His mother was killed in this house fire. Noah thinks of his mother being burned up.



Noah: NO!!!!!......MOM!!!!



Noah picks up some debris and throws it around. He begins to move more of it.



Noah: You’re not dead! They just couldn’t find you. I’ll find you mom!



Noah begins to search through the debris desperately trying to find is mother.









Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 175: Victor Newman and Sister Patterson Strike an “UNHOLY” ALLIANCE??!!



Written by ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson, and Alex Washington






At the Hospital, Avery’s Room.



Nick: So you were at Verdon Lou looking for Cane? Avery that doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you be looking for Cane?



Avery pauses to think as she realizes she just gave too much information away. She has a flash back of her chemical dependency romance with Cane. She also remembers the one time she saw him he showed up at her doorstep demanding money for his coke habit.



imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpgAvery: I uh, Cane has been acting weird. I was kind of helping him with his twins.



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpgNick: Well now those twins are missing.



Avery: I don’t understand.



Nick: Apparently Cane sold the twins for drugs.



Avery: Oh my god no. Cane how could you?



Nick: Did you know anything about Cane’s coke habit?












At the City jail.



Rafe with an Officer behind him walks over to Phyllis’ jail cell.



imagesCA3VQ7ZQ_zpsaf9c3406.jpgPhyllis: Rafe are you my attorney? Did Michael call you?



thumbnailCAO2YMGR.jpgRafe: He did. I have good news. You’re out of here. I got the assault charges dropped and Paul can’t hold you on anything else.



Phyllis: Well of course not. I didn’t try and kill Dru. The sloppy bitch fell over. And now she wants to blame me. Well ‘m not having that!



The Officer unlocks Phyllis cell.



Phyllis steps out and gives Rafe a hug.



Phyllis: Thank you. Now I can go see my blinded sister.



Victor chimes in after hearing about Avery.



imagesCAV0MAIS_zps72c2acae.jpgVictor: Avery is blind? Is she ok, what in the hell happened?



Phyllis: That is what I am going to find out Victor. It was good seeing you again.



Rafe: Don’t go too far Phyllis. Drucilla is in talking with Paul now.  I am sure he is going to want to question you.



Phyllis: I doubt it. Dru is a dramatic lunatic.



Phyllis leaves.



Rafe then looks at Sister Patterson sitting in her cell.



She looks at Rafe.



2115504553_be1d2f8beb.jpgSister Patterson: I don’t want you helping me. You are a sinner. God will bail me out.



Rafe: A sinner? Excuse me?



Sister Patterson: My third eye done told me about you laying in the bed with men at night. How dare ya!? How dare you disrespect my God like that?



Rafe: I do think we need to get you that mental evaluation.



Sister Patterson: My God won’t let you do it you fruit roll up.



Rafe shakes his head and walks away.



Sister Patterson and Victor look at each other.



Victor: It’s just you and I again?



Sister Victor: Amend Brother Newman. Let’s us get to know one another and pray.












In Paul’s Office.



images3_zpse74a4883.jpgPaul is looking at Dru waiting for an answer to his question where has she been all these years.



imagesCAK1DUP6_zpsb13ce351.jpgDru: A great question. You see Paul I had to do the Tina Turner on them.



Paul frowns: What?



Dru: The Tina Turner!... I had to do the Tina Turner once I fell off that cliff and into the river below. I was rolling, rolling... rolling on the river.



Dru says making swim motions with her arms.



Then the door burst open and it’s Devon and Lily.



Paul: Devon you just can’t barge in here like this!



Lily is hysterical and crying.



Dru: Baby girl what is the matter? Is it Neil? Oh God no tell me Neil is not dead!!



imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: No mom. Neil is ok. He pulled through surgery. Paul it’s why we are here. We believe Cane sold his twins for drugs. Phillip Chancellor informed me of this.



Dru: Wait a damn minute! Cane was at the cabin with Sheila and me.



Devon looks at Dru.



Dru: Cane was at the cabin with you and Sharon?



Dru: Yea. He was fixing a gas leak for Sheila.



Paul: Are you saying Cane and Sheila were working together?



th%209_zpsxhbohkij.jpgLily: It just keeps getting worse.












Back in the holding cells.jail.jpg



Victor: I’ve never prayed before.



Sister Patterson: It’s ok Mr. Newman. It is never too late to pray. Now bow ya head while I say this almighty prayer for us.



Victor frowns but does lowers his head as Sister Patterson does too.



Sister Patterson: Yes lord. It’s me. The almighty and all seeing Sister Patterson. You got me in here Lord. Me and Mr. Newman here. We come to you lord, to beg you for forgiveness and a new beginning. Let us be your vassal to do your work. I am solider of the Lord and I must get back on these streets and fight these evil battles. Lord you see them just like my third eye does. Rafe is a homosexual and we got to pray that gay away. I am not having that. In Jesus name, Amend.”






Victor looks at up at Sister Patterson and says “Amen” in a very soft tone.



Victor: I’ve never heard prayer like that.



Sister Patterson: Never question the power of my prayers Mr. Newman.



Victor: Who are you and where did you come from?



Sister Patterson: God sent me here my child. I’m on a mission to heal and please. My husband is the pastor of the Come all Ye Faithful church on Main Street down town.  I’m also the late great Katherine Chancellor’s neighbor. I helped out when the fire broke out at her mansion. May she rest in peace.



Victor: Katherine Chancellor. My dear sweet Kay.



Sister Patterson: I must warn you Brother Newman. Some people in Genoa City are hiding some facts about Katherine’s death. There are secrets out there my third eye tells me.



Victor: I suspect the same thing Sister. And when I get out of here,trust me I am going to make those responsible for Kays death pay.



Sister Patterson: That’s right brother Newman. Fight the evil and I will use my powers to assist you on who took part in Katherine’s death.



Victor: When I get out of here people are going to pay.



                “Highly unlikely since you have no assets. You have nothing. You are a broke man Victor Newman.” Victor hears down the hall. He looks at who it is and he sees Michael Baldwin approaching him.yr_bold_baldwin_michael_9.jpg



Victor: The pip squeak.



Michael: The retired and broke German.



Victor mean mugs Michael.












Back in Paul’s Office. Dru is comforting Lily by holding her and trying to quiet her down.



Lily: Paul do something. Where are my children!!??



Paul: Lily I am so sorry.



He looks down at his desk and looks at the pictures of his own kids, Heather and Ricky who went missing during Sharon’s coming home from jail party that was bombed.



He looks back up at Lily.



Paul: Lily I assure you we will find those kids. I will search every home in Genoa City if I have too.



Then Ronan walks in and hands Paul a report.



Paul: What’s this?



EhMmsZm85aHm2IuCG8NA1Q33654soapoprah.jpgRonan: Final report on Verdon Lou. Listen I have a situation at the hospital. I have to take care of. I’ll fill you in.



Dru: Is it Neil?



Ronan: No Dru.



Ronan leaves as Paul begins to read the report.



Paul: Well we won’t be getting any answers from Cane.



Devon: Why do you say that Paul?



Paul: According to forensics, Cane is dead.



Lily collapses. Dru and Devon look at each other in shock.



Devon: Charlie and Maddie are missing and their father is dead.



Dru: This is so terrible.



She says as she holds Lily up.












At the hospital.imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg



Daniel and Lucy meets with Phyllis before walking into Avery’s room.



imagesCAQCG4VW_zps1f3bf012.jpgDaniel: I’m glad you made it out of jail.



Phyllis: Dru’s crazy charges won’t stick. I didn’t try to kill her.



Daniel: Mom I know. I’m just glad you’re alright. That was one serious battle between you and Dru.



Phyllis: I’m not afraid of that demented lunatic. Enough about that dumb rag doll. Have you been in to see your aunt?



Daniel: No I was waiting on you. I don’t know how to act or what to say now that she is blind. I just want to know what was she doing out at Verdon Lou.



Phyllis: Well I am going to find out.



Phyllis gives Lucy a kiss and then opens the door to find Nick sitting on the bed with Avery.



Phyllis’  demeanor changes.



Phyllis: Oh wow. Nick you are already here.



Nick: Phyllis, you’re ok. Wow that was a battle with you and Dru.



Phyllis: Oh please I am so tired of hearing about it.



Avery: I wish I could have seen that.



Everyone looks at Avery.



Avery: I just meant I wish I could see.



Phyllis sits on the bed with Avery and holds her.



Phyllis speaking louder than usual.



Phyllis: It’s me Avery! Your sister Phyllis! I’m right here! I’m right in front of you! It’s ok! You are safe!



Avery: Oh Phyllis just stop! I’m  not blind or retarded,… I can hear!



Phyllis: I just want to make sure you know who is here. And Daniel he is here with Lucy.



Daniel: It’s good to see you Aunt Avery.



Avery: I wish I could say the same.



Phyllis: Don’t worry Avery. Olivia helped me with my eye sight when I lost it and I am sure she will help you too.



Phyllis looks up at Nick. She gets up and walks over to him and hugs him.



Phyllis: I’m so sorry for your loss Nick.



Avery: Loss? What happened?



Nick: Sharon apparently was one of Sheila’s hostages along with Dru. Sharon didn’t make it out the explosion. She’s dead.



Avery: Oh my Nick I am so sorry.



Nick: I am too. I should have done more.



Phyllis: Avery what were you doing out at Verdon Lou?



Nick: I’ve been wondering the same thing.



“You can now add the police to the list.” They all hear and turn around and everyone except Avery sees Ronan.



Ronan: It’s Ronan, Avery.



Nick: What are you doing here Ronan?



Ronan: I’m here to question Avery.



Nick: This is a family moment. Can’t you see that? This is not a good time.



Ronan: Nick sit down. This is going to happen now! Avery, the doctor called us.



Avery: Why would the doctor call you about me?



Ronan: We have this thing where anytime someone is brought in with drugs in their system, we question them.



Nick: Wait… what? Drugs?



Avery: Ronan…please….



Phyllis: Are you on some sort of drugs Avery?



Ronan: Cocaine to be exact.



Nick and Phyllis are floored.



Phyllis: Avery no! Cocaine??



Daniel: It’s true.  I caught her in the act.



Everyone is stunned.




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Very sad and emotional opening with Noah. I enjoyed it and I enjoy him a lot these days.


Vic and Sister P. What a combo! lmao. That was quite the prayer she got off and Vic seemed to be amused by her to say the least. Interesting alliance over Kay. Idk where this will go at all.


Dru had the best lines again! Her contract of having the best lines must be iron clad. I LOL's at her rollin on the river line. The news for the Winters clan keeps getting worse as Lily finds out about Canes death. They have a dark cloud over them.


Phyllis was being her usual annoying self gettin extra loud for Avery and she is already loud as hell. Avery was finally busted for her cocaine use. Ah how the mighty fall.


Good episode. I really enjoyed the flow and the revelations for these characters keep on coming,

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Good episode. Fantastic opener and even better ending.


Noah: I love how you played the correct emotions, at the right times. You stuck some looking around movements in there. Good job on that. I hope Noah can find out what happened to Sharon.


Victor/Sister P.: That was awesome that Sister P called Rafe a fruit roll up. You had me laughing sooo damn hard. I do however, feel that this whole Sister P and Victor thing is going to go waaaay beyond the whole prayer. I like that Michael reminded us in a way that Victor is a powerful man. Without money, he can still have a hold on people. 


Dru/Lily/Devon/Paul: I LOVED THE TINA TURNER THING LOL!!!! I was knocking my socks off with laughter. I feel sooo bad for Lily. She is being put through the ringer with this whole Cane thing. I hope Paul can get to the bottom with this.


Ronan/Phyllis/Avery/Daniel/Nick: I wondered when someone would blow Avery's cover. It just had to be Daniel and Ronan LOL. I wonder what Phyllis' next reaction is going to be like. Will Nick comfort her??? Interesting.


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The after effects of Verdon Lou continue to resonate.

You have moved story while keeping with your style...that's always good.

Sister Patterson and Victor...i wonder where that alliance is going...

Avery's coke habit has been revealed.  Is Cane really dead?  I wouldn't mind if he was...lol

And Michael has Victor's money...the plot thickens...


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