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Avery is Exposed for her Coke Habit and Affair with Cane!! #176



The Jail.jailcell.jpg



Michael and Victor continue to face off.



imagesCAG4IE6P_zpsae3fc188.jpgMichael: Victor honestly there isn’t too much more you can to do me. I’ve lost everything thanks to you.



victor_zps1e4cb609.jpg Victor: As you should have my boy. That is the price you pay when you go against Victor Newman.



 2115504553_be1d2f8beb.jpg  Sister Patterson who is watching the intense conversation feels she needs to chime on behalf of her new ally.



                “Amend Brother Newman. Let him know no one goes up against the almighty. Especially now that Victor and I are allies.”



Michael looks at Sister Patterson and chuckles.



Michael: This is what you are reduced to? An alliance with an insane clown?



Sister Patterson: Devil how dare ya? How in the hell dare ya? You will not speak to an agent of God like that. My powers are real. And I will help Victor Newman. Together we are a force that no other power shall challenge. I would slap the hell outta you if I could reach that face of yours. I know all being an agent of God and you two Michelle Baldwin have secrets. I know what they are.






Michael has a flash back of helping Sheila Carter, finance her hostage operation in Verdon Lou, selling her Newman Enterprises.



Michael: Do you even hear how crazy you sound. An agent of God huh? Didn’t your God tell you how much of a monster Victor Newman really is,… it’s the reason he’s in jail now. What kind of an alliance will this be? And you know nothing about me. Secrets? No thanks.



Sister Patterson: Try me Michelle. Don’t play with the Lord. Victor Newman and I prayed together. Brother Newman has repent for  his sins. He’s asked for my forgiveness and my God told me to forgive him now bother Newman is a new man. No pun intended, and together we are going to serve justice in this city. Starting with what really happened to the great Katherine Chancellor and who was behind it and who knew what and when. My third eye tells me there are a lot of secrets yet to be uncovered about Katherine and Tucker’s death.



Michael: Third eye. The nerve. And it’s Michael not Michelle.



Sister Patterson: No thanks Michelle.



Michael looks back at Victor.



Michael: You really are a broken man. You prayed and made an alliance with a lunatic.



Victor: Mark my words my boy. These bars won’t separate us much longer. I will crush you Michael Baldwin the fool.



Michael: With what assets? You have none.



Victor: Once I am free it will be easy to go to court and get everything out of probate. That’s where everything is since Katherine died. I signed everything over to her when I was sent here and upon her death it went into probate.



Michael: You’re wrong! You didn’t sign anything over to Katherine.



Victor: What are you talking about?



Michael: I defrauded you Victor Newman. I owned Newman Enterprises and guess what? I signed it over to Jack Abbott. Jack Abbott now has control of your empire and all your assets.



Victor: Jack Ass Abbott owns Newman?



Michael: And everything else you own. Your house, your cars, the land, the ranch, the horses and yes the maids too. Everything. And I took it all from you with a stroke of a pen. So in reality Almighty Newman it was me, Michael Baldwin who put an end to the great Victor Newman. You may be getting out of here soon but you have nothing to go home to. You don’t even have a home.



Victor Newman is so shocked he is speechless having been blindsided. He takes in the fact that his long time arch enemy Jack Abbott owns his empire. In a rage Victor throws his cot towards the bars that separate him and Michael.



Michael backs away from Victor’s cell.



Michael: Is some one big mad or little mad?



Victor just gives Michael a very intimidating look.









Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 176: Avery is exposed for her Coke habit and Affair with CANE!



Written by ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson with Alex Washington












Genoa City Athletic Club, SuitesLivingRoomRegencyPark.jpg



imagesCAQP3A0U_zpsa96676db.jpg  Phillip is watching the news on the TV with a blanket wrapped around him. He is shivering. Nina brings him a cup of coffee.



Phillip: I don’t think I should have caffeine. I’m already jumpy.



imagesCAMZJC1S_zps9980e2c8.jpg  Nina: How do you feel?



Phillip: Nervous. Like something is off. I keep thinking about Cane and those kids. Nina we have to do something.



Nina: Phillip you are not well. Cane shot you and then injected cocaine into you. I think it’s a withdrawal you are going through.



Then a knock is heard at the door.



Nina: Maybe it’s Chance.



She walks over to the door and is unpleased to see Karynn with Esther. Karynn is smoking the last of her cigarette and blows the smoke directly into Nina’s face.



Nina: How rude!



Nina says coughing.



Nina: The last time you were around an open flame you burned down the Chancellor Estate. Where are the smoke detectors? There is a public ban on smoking in Wisconsin.



 imagesCAYORKVJ_zps9d688a0e.jpg  Karynn walks past Nina unphased.



Karynn: No wonder your husband left you to be with a man. You talk to damn much. I’m going to call you Naggy Nina. That’s how I’ll remember you. Esther find me a drink or a beer darling and an ash try.



Nina: How dare you barge in here like this and insult my family?



Karynn: Come on Nina. I’ve read up on the Chancellor family. I know about Phillip here, who looks a mess by the way, left you and your son to be with men. I’m just saying clearly I can see why. You are one of those broads who nags.



Phillip stands up and walks over to them.



Phillip: Hey lay off lady! You don’t know anything about me or my family and you have some nerve bringing up something so personal.



Karynn: If it’s personal why did I read about it on the “inner” net?



Nina: It’s internet. Why are you here Karynn?



Esther hands Karynn little bottles of wine that were in the fridge.



Karynn: Thank you Essie. I’m going to need all of these. Nina here is still in denial.



Nina: I am going to call security.



Phillip: Wait... Karynn just tell us why you are here?



  imagesCAH50UME_zps90ba1d54.jpg Esther: We came to check on you Phillip. Katherine would have wanted that.



Karynn: We came to make sure Phillip was ok after his experience with Cocaine from that Aussie boy Cane.  And by the looks of it, you need help. You look a mess.



Phillip: And your here to what,… help?



Karynn: No not really. I’m here for the free wine and I heard you had this big penthouse suite being a Chancellor and all. I also needed a drink, did I mention that already? I also wanted to find out why Essie and I had to share a one bedroom suite. That couch is getting old. Isn’t that right Essie?



Nina: You have some nerve!



Karynn: Well Essie has developed lower back issues from the couch. For heaven’s sake she was the maid for how many years and this family could not give her a better room. I am Katherine’s sister. I deserve better!



She says drinking the bottles of wine one right after the other. She takes a seat on the couch and lights up another cigarette.









The hospital, Avery’s Room.  imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg



Nick, Phyllis, Ronan and Daniel all look at Avery in shock after learning there was cocaine found in her system.



imagesCAJYHLAL_zps6f3181ca.jpg  Phyllis: Avery Cocaine?



th%2014_zpslqfcxjpj.jpeg  Daniel: I caught Avery in the act, she claimed she was making cupcakes and the white stuff on her nose was flour. She said she dozed off for a nap and forgot to clean her face.



Phyllis: Avery…Cocaine? How long has this been going on?



Avery begins to choke back tears.



Jeff-BransonSoapOprahronan.jpg   Ronan: Yes Avery how long as this been going on and who is your supplier? Were you getting high with Cane?



imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpg   Avery: Yes… We got high together.



Ronan: You do know because of this coke habit Cane sold his twins for drugs and we have no idea where they are and we won’t be getting any answers from Cane.



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpg   Nick: Why is that Ronan?



Ronan: Cane is dead. He died in the cabin fire.



Avery: Oh my god no. CANE!



Nick and Phyllis look at Avery and then at each other. Still having a hard time processing Avery’s coke habit.












Back at the GCAC.



Karynn sits on couch a little tipsy from the bottles of wine. She smokes her cigarette.



Nina stomps over to her and snatches the cigarette from her mouth and ashes it out on the floor by stepping on it.



Nina: That’s it Karynn. I’m fine, Phillip is fine so just leave. We don’t want you here!



Karynn: I have a right to be here! We are family. I am a Chancellor. I also don’t appreciate as being a Chancellor,.. why Essie and I have to share a shabby room and it’s a non-smoking room at that.



Nina: Just thank God you have shelter. It’s much better than where you came from from what I hear.



Karynn: You’re right. Speaking of being poor, is there any word on Katherine’s will being read or the estate being rebuilt?



Phillip: Is that all you care about is money?



Karynn: My smokes and drink too. I am broke damn it! They took Karl’s money away from me and now I really have to scramble to find more smokes and beer.



Nina: What do you mean you lost Karl’s money?



Karynn: Adult Protective Services took custody of my brother Karl and the state is now payee of his social security money. It’s not me anymore. So I need to know where my income is coming from. My own social security doesn’t cover what I need to do from a month to month basis. And with Obama care, let’s just leave it at that.



Nina: So you are only worried about your brother’s money? Not his well-being? Poor Karl. Where is he?



Karynn: He was taken to a long term care facility right after the Estate fire. And they want me to stay away from him. My own brother. The sickly man I took care of for the last ten years. Now they have this restraining order against me thanks to Adult Protective Services.



Karynn pulls out another cigarette and lights it up.



Karynn: I was doing my family duty and checking up on a fellow Chancellor in Phillip. I heard about his ordeal and I had to come see him.



Phillip: Thank you Karynn.



Karynn: You’re so kind Phillip. You know gay men are usually nice but I don’t think Nina here would know about any of that from you Phillip.



Nina: That’s it I’m calling security.



Karynn: Rubbish. It’s time for us to leave any way. Essie and I have plans.



Nina: Esther don’t do it.



Esther: I need something to do… I’m lost without Mrs. C and Karynn is the next thing to Katherine and I want to be close to her. It makes me feel good.



Karynn smiles at Esther.



Karynn: Tootles. Phillip if you need any one else to talk to besides this dreadful Nina here, you call me.



Karynn blows smoke in Nina’s face and then walks out the room followed by Esther.



Nina coughs.



Nina: The nerve of that woman.



Phillip: I’m glad she came by.



Nina: Excuse me what?



Phillip: I need to do something. I need to be productive and I’m not doing that by sitting her in self-pity. I am going to see Paul to get some answers on Cane.



Phillips leaves in a hurry before Nina has a chance to say anything.












Back at the Hospital.



Ronan: Avery do you know why Cane would have gone to Verdon Lou?



Avery: I assume it was for Cocaine. When I went over to his apartment to check on him after not hearing from him in days in which he was acting strange and aggressive prior to this, I saw Phillip tied up to a chair, blacked out and I saw the blood running from his hand. There was a lap top left and it was open on the GC Help List. There was an ad for handy man to fix ruptured gas pipes. I got the address and went out there to Verdon Lou. I never went inside though. The house looked so creepy and it appeared it was three termite bites away from collapsing.



Ronan: You were afraid of going inside?



Avery: I didn’t have too much time to think about it because soon enough I was held  at gun point being hi jacked for my car.



Ronan: Hi jacked at gun point? By who?



Avery: Malcolm. He had Moses with him.



Phyllis: Dru claims she was there too at Verdon Lou along with Sharon and Sheila Carter.



Nick: Did you see Sharon Avery?



Avery: No I’m sorry Nick I never made it inside. I was hit by debris and then blacked out when the cabin exploded. When I woke up everything was so dark and slowly I realized I couldn’t see. I am blind.



Phyllis: I am having a hard time with all of this. I can’t believe you were snorting coke with Cane.



Ronan: Was that the only thing you two did Avery? I’m really trying to put together a time line here, so much has went down.



Avery has tears rolling down her face.



Nick sits down next to her on the bed and holds her hand.



Nick: It’s me Nick, Avery I am right here.



Avery smiles half-heartedly.



Avery: I remember your touch and the scent of your cologne every time you are close.



Phyllis rolls her eyes in agitation from their one time love affair.



Phyllis: Oh gag me!  Just out with it Avery. What else were you and Cane doing?



Avery: We were having sex! We were having an affair.



Nick, Phyllis, Ronan and Daniel are all stunned from Avery’s latest bombshell.












At the Jail.



Victor: You stole my company and all my assets Baldwin?



Michael: I sure did and you were none the wiser. You trusted me so I was able to do this. I drew up paper work and you signed everything over to me.



Sister Patterson: Low down dirty shame.



Victor: How in the hell does Jack ass Abbott own all of my assets?



Michael has a flash back of meeting with Sheila Carter who blackmailed him into drawing up two sets of ownership documents. The real ones and the fakes. Sheila was handed the real ownership documents and Michael gave the fake ones to Jack Abbott per Sheila’s instructions.



Michael: It was quite simple. After I lost everything, I decided to play my trump card by signing everything over to your arch rival Jack Abbott.



Victor turns away from Michael. He simply cannot believe what he is hearing.



Sister Patterson: Don’t worry Brother Newman. We will fight this evil and make everything right. We just need to get out from these devilish holding cells.



Then foot steps are heard coming down the corridor.



Michael, Sister Patterson and Victor see Police Chief Paul Williams walking up with acting DA John Silva.



  DougDavidson-PaulWilliams-1.jpg  Paul: Michael what are you doing here?



Michael: I thought I come over to harass Victor a bit, make sure the cold blood in his veins is still running.



 JohnSilva_zpsc0fc78cd.jpg  John: I’d be careful if I were you Michael.



Michael: Victor is behind bars. There is nothing he can do.



Paul pulls out a key and inserts it in Victor’s cell.



John: Victor Newman is a free man.



Paul opens the cell and Victor steps out. He gets in Michael’s face and stares him down.



Victor: What were you saying pip squeak?



Michael begins to sweat and get nervous.



Sister Patterson: Go ahead Brother Newman, show the pip squeak what you are made off. Let him know Victor Newman is a free man!



















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  • Members

You come back just the way we all remember LOL!


The Jail: Oh Michael has truly dug his life deeper into this black hole. I am enjoying this alliance that you are creating between Sister Patterson and Victor. I wonder how Victor plans to get Newman Enterprises back from Jack.


The Hospital: You have made Avery such a compelling character, which is something the televised version was never able to do. I am highly interested in this story now that key players know what Avery has been up to.


GCAC: Karynn is the best I love her!!! Her and Essie are awesome!!! Cannot wait to see if Nina is going to lose it around her!


This was a damn good return. Keep up the good work!!!

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  • Members

Yessss you're back! 

So, Avery spills the beans about everything. I don't think nick will be so tender after this. And I'm SURE Phyllis will have yet another rude opinion about Avery and Cane. Haha. It was a great scene. That fallout is still happening from Verdon Lou and that's great to see. 


Karynn checking in on Phillip was a hoot. Loving how you can definitely see the sisterly similarities between her and Kay. I wonder what Phillip's next step will be. 

Victor's out of jail. Yikes. I'm curious to know who will get his assets if Sheila is dead. This is gonna get messy real fast. Good stuff there. The second fake documents are a good twist there, as well.

Great stuff, ML! Brilliant start to the year! 



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  • Members

What an episode!!  Story moved and you stuck to your style of writing...I enjoyed it a lot.

My girl Karynn is BACK..and it's GREAT to see her ingratiate herself with her family, because those relationships (good or  bad) will help her in the future.  

Avery sung like a canary and told everything.  I wonder what this will mean for her.

The twist of SHEILA being the owner of Newman instead of Jack was great!!  Part of Sheila's master plan. Another layer uncovered.

AND Michael and Victor's scenes were great, and Victor is FREE!!  UH OH Michael!!  He's about to be crushed.  

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  • Members

Im glad Avery is finally exposed and every bit of the exposing is coming out. Shocks all around for everyone there.


lmao at the Karynn and Nina interactions. Karynn had some fantastic lines! You are always right on with the one liners. 


Its so wonderful to Victor Newmans world crashing down. Something you never see on ol cbs. And Michelle Baldwin of all people rofl. Sister Patterson was all over him. Im glad Jack at least pseudo owns everything of Vics. Im sure that will crash down for Jack soon tho. Oh no here comes John Silva looking like an old bloated washed up porn star to get Victor out of jail! Welp goodbye Michael Baldwin. Nice knowin you.

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