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Episode 148



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Parents always worry in Springfield....

Cross Creek:

Bill is playing with Baby HB.
Michelle walk in, "Hey!"
Bill smiles, "Hi. I thought you'd be at work."
Michelle shakes her head, "No. I took some time off of work. I haven't been there in a while. My Dad took over my stuff. I thought I needed some time to focus on the kids. I got to drive Robbie to school and walk Hope to school. So it was a good morning."
Bill nods, "That's nice. Emma likes riding the bus from here."
Michelle is confused, "You had Emma today?"
He nods, "Yeah. Olivia has a lot going on I guess. She asked me to keep Emma today."
She nods, "I hope everything is okay."
Bill sighs, "I hope so too. But getting more time with my daughter is always a great thing."
Michelle picks up Baby HB, "Oh look at this little guy. You get more handsome every time I see you."
Bill grins, "Hey I'm here too!"
She kisses him, "I know you're here too. But I just can't stop smiling at this little guy. Oh I love you sweetheart. I don't think I could love you anymore than if you were my own."


Edmund and Olivia are on there way to Ava's room.
Edmund is frustrated, "So you haven't told Bill yet?"
Olivia shakes her head, "No. I don't know what to do right now. Ava was devastated when we told her that she has been in a coma for 8 months. I didn't think we need to bring him in right now."
Edmund scoffs, "Nice to spare his feelings."
She shakes her head, "It's not that. Ava still has a lot of anger towards Bill and I for what we did. It may have been almost a year for us but for her it was like yesterday."
Edmund and Olivia walk into Ava's room.
Her bed is empty.
Olivia turns to a nurse, "Where is my daughter?"
The nurse looks in, "I don't know. I'll find out."
She rushes off.
Olivia is furious, "They don't know? What kind of hospital is being run here?"
Edmund is angry, "If anything happens to Ava I will make sure that every doctor in this hospital pays. Especially those good for nothing Bauer Doctors here."
Downstairs Dr. Ed Bauer finds Ava.
She is standing in front of the window of the nursery.
Ed walks over, "Ava why did you leave your room? Why are you down here?"
Ava stares, "I came to find my son. He's in here somewhere. I would like to take him home now."
Ava keeps looking at the babies wondering which one is hers.


Cops are walking all around the house.
Reva sits with Jonathan and Aubrey, "Can I get you two anything?"
Aubrey shakes her head, "No thanks. I'm fine."
Jonathan looks at the ground.
Reva rubs his back, "Everything will be okay."
He is angry, "No! Don't say that! Everything is not okay! My daughter is gone! I have no idea where she is! I swore to Tammy I would protect Sarah and I already screwed that up! She's just a little girl."
Jonathan breaks down.
Reva hugs her son.
Aubrey sighs, "Jonathan don't talk like that. It's not your fault or mine."
Aubrey leers across the room at Liz who's with her parents.
Liz turns to her parents, "Oh God! It's all my fault! I let this happen."
Beth shakes her head, "Lizzie don't talk like that. It's not your fault. Sarah was kidnapped."
Liz cries, "It is my fault. I have to admit that. I left her alone. I am the worst mother in the world."
Phillip hugs her, "No. You are an amazing mother. I know how much you love Sarah. You would never have turned your back if you knew this could happen. They will find her and everything will work out. Okay?"
David walks by.
Beth looks at him, "What's going on right now?"
David sighs, "Right now we are having a few people questioned."
Phillip nods, "Like?"
David sighs, "Your father."
The 3 of them all look at each other.

Alan and Natalia's House:

Remy is with Alan and Natalia.
Remy looks at him, "So you are sure you were with Natalia and Baby Alan.?"
Alan nods, "Yes Detective Boudreau. I was here with my family. I love my Great Granddaughter Sarah. But I haven't been allowed any contact with her. As you can imagine."
Remy stands up, "You are one lucky bastard. I gotta go."
Remy walks to the door.
Natalia walks with him, "I'm sorry Remy. I hope you can tell Lizzie that her Grandfather and I are very sorry."
Remy sighs, "I still can't believe you are with this guy Natalia. You deserve better."
Natalia shakes her head, "No! You are in our house. You will not talk about your husband like that!"
He sighs, "Your husband is a sick twisted murderer. Sure he's been acting all good this past year. I'd like to think you changed him. But people like Alan are always evil. It's only a matter of time before he breaks your heart. I'm sorry."
Natalia is angry, "Go!"
Remy leaves.
Natalia walks over, "I'm sorry about that."
Alan sighs, "Don't be. Natalia I did some horrible things in my life. I will never be accepted in this town. They'll always remember me for my past sins."
Natalia nods, "Well he who is without sin cast the first stone. God loves all of us. We need to forgive each other."
Alan smiles, "The world would be a better place if we had more people like you."
The two hug.


Rick and Roxie are out on a date.
Rick pulls out her chair, "You look beautiful tonight."
Roxie grins, "You are always such a gentleman."
He smiles, "Well I'm a lucky guy."
She grins, "It's great to see you so happy. You were really upset those past few weeks."
Rick sits, "I think I've moped enough. Yes it's been a difficult year. Beth broke my heart, Mindy broke my heart. But at this point I think I can handle life."
She nods, "Well you never have to worry about that again. Because I would never do anything to hurt you Rick."
Rick smiles, "Well I've been told that a lot in the past."
She shakes her head, "No. That was different. I mean Beth was meant to be with Phillip. Mindy was meant to be with Rusty. And I honestly believe that you and I are meant for each other Rick."
Rick sighs, "I remember at one point you thought you belonged with my cousin Johnny Bauer."
Roxie looks down, "I was wrong. Just like you thought you belonged with that Mel."
Rick nods, "I broke her heart. Now maybe that was my karma I went through after that."
Roxie sighs, "I don't believe in karma. I think you need to take life in your own hands."
The two are about to kiss.
Ashlee walks over, "Dr. Bauer!"
Roxie isn't happy to see her.

Old Museum Apartment:

Coop is moving his stuff into the apartment.
Stephanie walks over, "Wow you don't have as much stuff as I first thought you would."
Coop laughs, "Well I'm not very high maintenance. I always loved traveling and I wanted a life that I could always pick up and go.
She smiles, "Go where?"
He grins, "Oh anywhere. France, London, Switzerland. I spent years after school just traveling."
She nods, "Wow. That's so cool. I always wanted too but I don't know I liked stay here. Close to home."
Coop nods, "Oh yeah. I always ended up coming back to Springfield. There's just something about this town that always drags people back. I mean my mother is buried here. A lot of memories."
Stephanie sighs, "I can't imagine losing a parent so young."
Coop nods, "Yeah. It certainly changes your life a lot. But in a way she's always with me."
Stephanie smiles, "That's nice. What was your mother's name?"
Coop grins, "Jenna. Jenna Bradshaw."
Stephanie grins, "That's beautiful. I always liked that name."
Coop smiles, "That's nice."
She picks up, "Well let's make Jenna proud and unpack your stuff."
The two walk into the other room.


Alan and Natalia's House:
Alan sits with Natalia.
She sighs, "I really thought when we got married people would see how much we love each other and how happy we are together. And stop looking at our past mistakes."
Alan sighs, "Natalia you know it's not you. Everyone loves you. They all want to burn me alive."
She nods, "And it's wrong and unfair."
He sighs, "Maybe so. But if this is my punishment then I got off easy."
She shakes her head, "I don't think so. People don't get to decide your fate like that. That is between you and God. If you want to pay for what you did then that's up to you."
Alan shakes his head, "Are you suggesting I go to prison?"
She shakes her head, "No. Baby Alan and I need you here. Abandoning your family isn't the answer. There has to be another way to do good by the town and your family."
Alan nods, "I used to think I knew the way but it never worked out for me in the past."
Natalia looks at him, "What is it? I mean now that we are together things might be different."
Alan sighs, "Becoming CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."
Natalia stares at her husband.

Ashlee pulls up a chair next to Rick and Roxie.
She smiles, "What are the odds we would all be here?"
Roxie responds sarcastically, "It's incredible."
Ashlee grins, "I just wanted to talk to you about uh that surgery you want me to observe tomorrow. I am a little nervous about it. I'm like afraid I'll sneeze and you'll cut a vein!"
Rick shakes his head, "Don't worry. Ashlee people do this all the time. I'll be in the zone. You don't have to worry about me. You just make sure you pay close attention."
Ashlee nods, "Thanks Rick you always make me feel better about these things!"
Roxie looks at her, "Now Ashlee if you don't mind."
Ashlee realizes, "Oh! I'm sorry. You two get back to your meal. I'll get going. Thanks again Rick. Nice seeing you Ms. Shayne."
Ashlee leaves.
Rick turns to Roxie, "I'm sorry."
Roxie rubs her forehead, "Is it just me or is her voice really loud and annoying."
Rick sighs, "She's a nice girl."
Roxie nods, "I know that you like the kid Rick. But that was so rude. We are having a date. That girl always manages to annoy me."
Rick takes Roxie's hand, "I'm sorry. I want to continue enjoying our date."
Roxie smiles, "I'd like that."
The two kiss.

Old Museum Apartment:
Coop is setting his laptop up.
Stephanie brings in a box, "Oh my goodness! Another box of books. I think you brought more of those then anything else."
He nods, "I guess I've always loved reading."
She smiles, "I love reading too. But goodness. It's like a little library in here."
Coop looks around, "Yeah. You know that I wanted to be a writer for the longest time."
Stephanie nods, "Yeah I remember that. Whatever happened to all those dreams of becoming a published author?"
Coop sighs, "I don't know. I realized that I could still write without being published. And I really wanted to go back into teaching. Maybe meet a few future authors."
She grins, "That is one of the sweetest things I think that I have ever heard in my life."
Coop laughs, "Is this where you make fun of me?"
She shakes her head, "No! Not at all. I think it's so amazing that you have such a passion for writing and teaching. I think it's actually kind of a sexy thing."
He smiles, "Well why don't you and this sexy writing teacher go out to get something to eat?"
She smiles, "I think that's be great."
The two get up and leave.

Remy walks in.
They all walk over to him.
Jonathan looks at Remy, "So what did you get from Alan? Did you find out anything?"
Remy shakes his head, "He has an alibi."
Jonathan scoffs, "What?"
Remy sighs, "He was with his wife and kid."
Jonathan shakes his head, "Oh yeah his wife and baby are good sources of information."
Remy sighs, "I don't trust Alan. But Natalia wouldn't lie."
Liz turns, "Maybe it really wasn't Granddad."
Jonathan sighs, "Liz oh my God! Are you serious? It's Alan. Alan has always wanted to take Sarah from us. He waits until we let our guard down and then he has her grabbed!"
Phillip sighs, "Jonathan you don't know that. I understand why you wouldn't trust Alan. I don't trust him either. But there I think we should go over all possibilities."
Jonathan is angry, "You guys are such Spauldings. This is just like what happened with Tammy. Everyone knows it was Alan but his family protects him. That's just great!"
Liz cries, "Would you stop! We aren't trying to cover up anything."
Jonathan shakes his head, "I never should have come back to Springfield."
Jonathan leaves.
Reva and Aubrey go after him.
Liz begins sobbing.

Cross Creek:
Bill and Michelle put Baby HB down for a nap.
Michelle smiles, "I always thought that babies looked like angels when they slept."
Bill smiles, "That's beautiful."
She turns to him, "I don't know I've always had a soft spot in my heart for all children. Just something so magical about a baby and new life. Like a clean slate."
Bill puts his arms around her, "I think a lot of us can use a clean slate sometimes you know. I sure did."
She sighs, "I know I did. This child has been like a breathe of fresh air in our lives. I think things would have been really difficult if we didn't have him in our lives."
He nods, "Our families needed it."
She smiles, "Our families needed each other."
He grins, "Now the past is finally in the past and everyone can just move past it. Move forward."
She smiles, "I love you Bill."
Bill smiles, "I love you too Michelle."
The two kiss.

Olivia and Edmund walk over to see Ava standing by the window of the nursery with the newborns.
Ava falls into Dr. Bauer.
Ed helps her, "Ava your legs are still very weak. You need to go back into your bed and rest."
Ava keeps staring, "Which one is he? I want to see him I want to hold him. Where is he?"
Ed takes her hand, "Ava please come back to your room."
Ava shouts, "No! No! Give me my child! This is kidnapping! Help! Please help me! They have my baby! They have my baby! Please help me! Please! I need my Son!"
Edmund runs over, "Ava please calm down!"
Ava cries, "How could you let them do this? They took my baby! Where is my baby?"
Edmund sighs, "I never meant any of this."
Olivia runs over, "Ava please just relax."
Ava shouts, "No leave me alone! You leave me alone. I need my baby. Give me my child please!"
Ed takes her hand, "Please Ava come back with me to your room. You need your rest. Please come with me."
Ava lunges at him and strangles him, "No! I want my child! Give me my baby! Give me my son!"
The nurses run over to pull Ava off of him.
Edmund and Olivia watch in horror.
Ava is screaming, "I want my Baby!!!"

Ava leaves Cedars!
Stephanie and Coop go out to eat
Liz and Remy have a talk
Reva comforts Jonathan
Roxie has a terrible nightmare from her past
Alan and Natalia make a huge decision


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