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Episode 149



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Dreams and Nightmares come true in Springfield....


Olivia and Edmund are talking with Ed in his office.
Ed sighs, "Now she was lying in bed and cooperating so we let her stay resting straps. But if she continues this behavior we will have to take precausions to keep her and everyone else in this hospital safe."
Olivia worries, "What does that mean?"
Ed sighs, "Ms. Spencer your daughter may need some psychological treatment. As many coma patients do."
Edmund scoffs, "Nice. The Bauer's practically run this place. No wonder things turn to crap here."
Ed sighs, "Mr. Winslow. I assure you that your daughters needs are going to be met. We want to take very good care of her. Michelle has been keeping a good eye on Ava."
Edmund shakes his head, "Of course. She's probably keeping her in that coma. That way she can continue to have Ava's life."
Ed gets angry, "You will not talk about a doctor in this hospital like that. Let alone my daughter."
Edmund laughs, "Are we expected to believe that it's just a coincidence that once Michelle takes some time away from work Ava wakes up. Please. This is all just you Bauers trying to play God! But things are about to change around here. Big time."
A nurse runs in, "Dr. Bauer. It's the patient."
Olivia turns, "What's wrong with Ava.'
The nurse sighs, "She's gone!'
The 3 of them jump up.

Cross Creek:

Bill and Michelle are sitting on the couch with little HB.
Bill smiles, "This is great. Sitting in the family home with my son and with you. What more could a guy want?"
Michelle grins, "Oh just holding him makes things feel a lot better. I mean I really couldn't love him anymore if he were my own."
Behind them is the big window.
Ava approaches the window.
She is still in her hospital gown.
She stares in shock.
Bill is on the couch with some woman holding a baby boy.
Her baby boy.
Ava runs in, "Get the hell away from my son!!!!!"
Bill and Michelle stare in shock.
Bill jumps up, "Ava?"
Michelle gaps, "Oh my God Ava!"
Ava stares, "You... Michelle Bauer. You... what are you doing? Why are you holding my son?!!?"
Michelle shakes her head, "Ava when did you wake up?"
Ava lunges for her, "Let go of him! Let go of my baby!"
Bill holds her back, "Ava calm down. My God when did this happen?"
Ava fights him, "No give me my Son! Why is she holding my Son? Bill I don't understand! Please give me my baby!"
Bill tries to calm Ava down.
Michelle holds Baby HB close.

Bauer Home:

Roxie was watching TV with Rick and fell asleep on the couch.
Rick went to go make a phone call.
Roxie begins to toss and turn in her sleep.
She is dreaming.
In her dream she is strapped down to a bed.
A nurse walks in, "Nice to see you're up Ms. Shayne. We are going to take very good care of you."
Roxie looks around, "Where am I? What have you done to me? Why am I strapped down?"
The nurse shushes her, "Now let's calm down. We are going to give you your meds so don't try and fight us again."
Roxie cries, "Oh God where is he? What have you done with him? What's happening? Why are you doing this to me!!!"
A male nurse runs in and holds her down.
Roxie fights, "No!!! Stop!!! Help! You can't do this to me! It's not right! Help me! Please!"
The nurse injects her with a needle.

Roxie wakes up from her nightmare, "NO!!"
Rick runs over, "Hey. What's wrong? Are you okay?"
Roxie sits up, "Oh God I was having a nightmare."
Rick sits with her, "What happened?"
She shakes her head, "You know what I can't even remember it now."
Rick hugs her.
Roxie keeps having the flashbacks from the dream.


Liz is sitting in the kitchen.
Her parents have left.
Remy sits with her, "I know you are going through a lot right now. But we are doing everything we can to find Sarah."
Liz sighs, "I know. Thank you Remy. I just feel like the worst Mom."
Remy shakes his head, "What Jonathan said wasn't true. He was wrong."
She looks at him, "This is weird."
He is confused, "What is?"
She sighs, "You being nice to me. You've always hated me."
Remy nods, "I do. And I'm not being nice. I'm being honest. You may be a Spaulding but your not the worst mother. You're not responsible for this."
Liz smiles, "Thanks Remy."
The two stare at each other.
Outside Jonathan is with Reva.
Reva hugs him, "You know that Lizzie is a good mother right?"
Jonathan sighs, "Reva she-"
Reva stops him, "I know! But you have to accept the fact that Mom's make mistakes. Remember. You forgave me. I gave you to Alfred and Marissa because I thought I was doing the right thing. I had no idea they would abuse you. And Liz turned her back for one minute, she didn't know Sarah was going to go missing."
Jonathan has tears in his eyes, "I want to believe that Liz has changed. But I just keep thinking about Tammy. I promised I wouldn't let Sarah end up like her."
Reva nods, "I know. And we won't let that happen. We'll find Sarah. You'll find your little girl."
Jonathan leans on his mother.

Alan & Natalia's House:

Natalia sits with Alan, "So are you saying you should try and run for CEO of Spaulding again?"
Alan sighs, "I don't know. Sometimes I think it would be a huge mistake. But the more I think about it the more I wonder if things would be different because I'm different."
Natalia sighs, "Okay. Let's look at the positives and negatives. We'll weigh our options."
He nods, "Well negatives. The company has always brought on stress. It would take time away from you and Baby Al. Alexandra, Phillip, Alan Michael, and Elizabeth are already running."
Natalia nods, "Okay. Now what are the positives."
He sighs, "It would be great to be back in the chair again. I'd have all my power back. I'd save my family from Annie Dutton. I would save my family from themselves."
She turns to him, "The big question is whether or not it will be different this time. Will be one step forward or two steps back. And how will this effect us."
Alan turns to her, "There is one thing I have now and I know now that I didn't have before."
Natalia looks at him, "What is that?"
Alan smiles, "You. Natalia if I have you by my side I know that I can get through anything. Will you stand by me if I run for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises?"
Natalia stares at her husband.

Pizza Shop:

Coop and Stephanie are sharing pizza.
She laughs, "I had no idea how funny you Coopers were. I mean you are an interesting bunch."
He nods, "Yep. My family is the best. But we are nothing like the Grants. Your father runs Cedars. Your brother is a detective."
She nods, "Well your family has like 3 detectives! And a great teacher. And Lucy who was smart enough to have a relationship with my brother David. They are very happy together."
He smiles, "I forgot about that. My sister is dating your brother. She seems really happy with him."
Stephanie grins, "Does that make this weird. Since our siblings are dating and now we..."
Coop smiles, "We what?"
She looks down, "Oh I don't know. I was being stupid. Ignore me now. I'm just being dumb."
He grins, "Well would you consider this a date?"
She looks at him, "I don't know. I thought it was two roommates hanging out but is it a date?"
He smiles, "I don't know it might be. But we certainly have a lot of thing to go through."
She nods, "Maybe it's not the best idea."
Coop smiles, "But it's not the worst idea."
The two look into each other's eyes.


Cross Creek:
Bill is holding onto Ava who is fighting him.
Michelle stands up with Baby HB, "Ava please..."
Ava screams, "Give me my Baby! Give him to me! He's my Son!"
Bill holds Ava, "Ava you need to calm down. You need to settle down. Now does the hospital know you're awake?"
Ava looks at Michelle, "Give me my little boy."
Michelle shakes her head, "Not until you relax Ava. Now do you know what happened to you?"
Ava screams, "Stop! Stop asking me questions! I know what happened! Just give me my baby!"
She bites Bill's hand.
Ava runs after Michelle.
Michelle tries to get away.
Ava jumps on her.
Michelle shields Baby HB from Ava.
Olivia, Ed, and Edmund run in to see Bill trying to pull Ava off of Michelle.
Baby HB cries.

Coop and Stephanie are walking home.
Coop looks around, "It's such a beautiful day."
She nods, "I know. I'm glad we walked."
Coop sighs, "Now we get to go home. Home. Because we are roommates."
She looks at him, "Yep. Roommates. Just like Sam and Remy are my roommates. You know things almost didn't work out with this because Sam and Remy both had feelings for me. I tried dating Remy and had flirting with Sam. But at the end of the day I just knew that it wasn't going anywhere with either of them. And I wasn't going to jeopardise our living arrangement for a little relationship with either of them."
Coop sighs, "So what you are saying is that since we are roommates you won't consider dating me."
She turns to him, "I didn't say that. I said that I wasn't going to date a roommate if it wasn't going anywhere. I didn't feel that strong of a connection with Sam. And I felt Remy still had feelings for Blake. But I feel a connection with you. And I really do think that you are over your relationship with Ashlee."
Coop smiles, "So what are you saying?"
Stephanie takes his hand, "Let's go home Coop."
The two walk back to the museum apartment.

Bauer Home:
Rick gives Roxie some water.
He rubs her back, "Are you feeling better?"
She drinks her water, "Yes thank you. I was just having a silly nightmare. Nothing big."
He sighs, "It sounded big. Will you let me know if it happens again."
She looks at him, "Thank you Rick. But it is nothing to worry about. I'm fine really."
He sighs, "Okay. I got to go call Jude and Leah. I'll be right back okay?"
Rick kisses her head and then leaves the room.
Roxie makes a phone call.
She tries to be quiet, "Hey it's me. I was wondering if you had gotten some information and names...... Well get on it. I've waited long enough to find these people the one's who hurt me. I want all of them to burn for what they did. No one screws with me and gets away with it. The next time I hear from you I want information."
She hangs up.
Rick walks in, "Were you talking to someone?"
She smiles, "Oh I was just making a phone call."
He nods, "Who was it?"
She sighs, "Oh just taking care of some stuff. Tying up some loose ends from my past."

Alan & Natalia's:
Natalia looks at Alan, "That is a lot to think about. I mean going after the company would be a lot to handle."
Alan nods, "Just tell me how you feel. I need to know where you stand on all of this."
She turns to him, "Really?"
He nods, "Of course. If you are going to stand by me or not is a big deal in all of this."
She sighs, "Alan what if I'm not willing to do that?"
Alan nods, "Then I will never mention it again. I will put the company stuff completely in my past."
She nods, "And what if I agree to support you and help you with your running for CEO?"
He stands up, "Then I would be thrilled. I would know that with you by my side, magic happens."
Natalia smiles, "How can I say no to that."
Alan is surprised, "Do you mean that?"
Natalia nods, "I will support you in this Alan. I love you."
Alan hugs her, "Oh I love so much! I can't believe it. I am running for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises!"
The two kiss.

Reva sits with Jonathan.
Reva sighs, "I know this is a hard time for you. But you are a father now and you have to be strong."
He nods, "I know but without Sarah I'm nothing. I have no reason to be alive other than her."
Reva shakes her head, "Well I know that this is very stressful. But remember that Aubrey is carrying your child too. She is getting closer to her due date. And she is your wife. You need to make sure you don't forget about her. Remember that."
Jonathan wipes tears, "I know. I'm not going to neglect Aubrey and the baby. I won't."
Aubrey is listening from the other side of the house.
She is smiling.
Inside Liz is with Remy.
Remy looks at the clock, "I need to go and check some things out. I'll call you later."
Liz stands up, "Thank you Remy. I appreciate all that you have done for my little girl."
Remy nods, "We'll find her Liz."
Liz sighs, "I know she is not to far away. I can feel it. I just want to know that she's okay. I need to know that's she's alive."

Old Cabin:

A masked man walks into the cabin.
He peaks into the little room.
Little Sarah is crying for her Daddy.
The man whispers, "Sorry little Sarah. This is for your own good."
The kidnapper stares at the crying and scared little girl.

Cross Creek:
Ed pulls Ava back.
Bill and Michelle take the baby to the other side of the room.
Ed holds Ava, "We need to get out of here Ava. You need to relax and come with me now."
Ava kicks and screams, "No! No! Dr. Bauer you and your daughter are plotting and planning. You are trying to take my son from me and I'm not going to let that happen! Give me my baby!"
Edmund and Olivia are standing in the middle.
Edmund turns to Bill and Michelle, "Do you see what you have done to her? Do you even care?"
Bill shouts, "Get the hell out of here Edmund! Olivia get them out of here right now. The baby is upset!"
Olivia is flustered, "I... I don't...."
A cops walks in.
Ava freaks out, "What's going on?"
Ed sighs, "Ava you need to get out now. We are trying to help you but you are becoming dangerous."
Ava fights, "No! No get away from me! Stay away from me! You stay away from me!"
The cop struggles but gets Ava out of the cabin.
Ava shouts, "No! Give me my baby! He's my baby! No! Please!"
Olivia and Edmund follow.
Bill is still in shock.
Michelle is crying and holding the baby.
No one can believe what is happening.

Edmund will do whatever it takes to protect Ava
Michelle makes a hard decision
Aubrey taunts Liz
The kidnapper is revealed!!!
Dinah and Annie gang up on Cyrus
Vi's feelings for Coop grow


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