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Episode 137



The Masquerade Ball continues in Springfield...

The whole room is staring at Annie Dutton.
Reva walks towards her and Josh, "What the hell are you doing here? I told you to get the hell out of here!"
Annie sighs, "Reva I'm not trying to cause trouble."
Reva shakes her head, "That's all you know how to do."
Josh helps Annie up, "Reva just give her a chance."
Reva stares at him, "Are you serious? Are you really doing this? Do you remember who this is Joshua?"
He nods, "Reva..."
Reva walks away, "I have to go!"
Annie walks into the middle of the room.
Dinah approaches her, "Annie? Is that really you?"
Annie hugs her, "Dinah! I haven't seen you in so long! How are you?"
Dinah backs up, "When did you get back?"
Annie turns and sees Harley and Blake.
She walks over to them, "Hello Ladies."
Harley scoffs, "What is this Annie?"
Blake shakes her head, "What do you want?"
Annie sighs, "I am trying to come back and make things right. You all have to understand. Phillip? Do you believe me?"
Phillip sighs, "Annie...."
Alan stares, "Annie?"
Annie walks towards him, "Hello Alan."
Natalia steps between them, "I'm Natalia. Natalia Rivera Spaulding."
Alan nods, "This is my wife Natalia."
Annie looks at them, "Congratulations. I didn't mean to disturb the wedding. I just..."
Josh takes her, "We should go."
Josh walks Annie away.
The room is still in shock.

Down in the basement Rocky and Kevin are together.
They are half undressed.
Rocky is kissing Kevin.
Kevin smiles, "Rocky. I am falling for you. I really am."
Rocky nods, "I know. So am I. Kevin, I didn't see this coming. But it's something that we can't control."
Kevin grins, "I've always dreamed one day you would be here with me in my arms. But I was afraid that it would never happen."
Rocky grins, "When I'm with you... it's magic."
Kevin smiles, "I could spend the rest of my life with you Rocky."
Rocky suddenly pauses and pulls away, "Oh God! Oh no Shayne!"
Kevin stares, "Rocky..."
Rocky starts to get dressed, "He's probably worried sick."
Kevin shakes his head, "Stop putting Shayne's needs before your own! Stop trying to please everyone. You owe it to Shayne to be honest."
Rocky sighs, "Shayne and I are already planning our future. It's not fair to him."
Kevin shakes his head, "No! You don't love him anymore. You feel sorry. You feel like you owe him for being your first love."
Rocky sighs, "Shayne loves me. He would never hurt me. How could I hurt him?"

Outside Shayne is with Marina.
The two are making out.
Marina smiles, "I knew it! I knew you really wanted me. All along. I knew in my heart you would come back to me."
Shayne doesn't look at her, "Yeah yeah."
She kisses him, "Oh Shayne. I told myself if I stopped chasing you then you would come to me. I knew it."
Shayne has her up against the window of the car.
He steps back, "Let's get inside."
Marina nods, "We can't wait?"
He shakes his head, "No. We need to be together right now."
Marina opens the door.
The two get in the backseat.
They start tearing off their clothes.
Marina grins, "Oh Shayne just tell me you love me."
Shayne sighs, "Just stop talking. Just enjoy the moment."
The windows steam up.
Shayne has sex with Marina.

In the ballroom Blake walks over to Ed.
Ed sighs, "I can't believe Annie Dutton is back."
Blake shakes her head, "I didn't forget our conversation Ed. You knew Ross was a live all along."
Ed turns to her, "When did you find out?"
Blake backs up, "Oh Ed."
He sighs, "I was trying to help him. He was in politics. He tried to be a honest man and they didn't like that. People would have killed him or you if he hadn't done this."
Blake nods, "That's what he told me. I found out two years ago. When Dinah was shot. Ross came back to check."
Ed sits next to her, "You know he visited you while you were in a coma."
She nods, "I know. He told me that. But Ed... I really thought he was going to come back with me."
Ed sighs, "What happened? Why did Ross want to see you?"
Blake cries, "Ross called me. He said he needed me. I thought we were going to get back together and come home. But he wasn't doing that he... He was ready to tell me goodbye."
Ed nods, "He's ready for you to move on?"
Blake sighs, "He said I should have moved on a long time ago. But I just can't let go of him."
Ed turns to her, "Blake. Did you tell Ross about your relationship with Remy Boudreau?"
Blake stares at Ed.

Down by the staircase Liz is with Remy.
Liz stares at him, "I didn't think you were coming back to town."
Remy nods, "I went on some police stuff. Nothing you'd understand."
Liz nods, "Well did you have fun?"
He sighs, "I learned a lot about myself. I guess you could say it's an experience I will never forget."
She looks at him, "Well thank you for saving me."
Remy shakes his head, "There just stairs Liz. The worst you would have done is twist your ankle."
Liz scoffs, "I was just trying to thank you."
He shakes his head, "Well don't okay. Because if I had known it was a Spaulding, I would have let you fall."
She scoffs, "Oh great. Here goes another 'We hate the Spauldings' speech. It must be nice having a whole family you can blame things on."
Remy nods, "You know everyone says your a changed woman. Liz the mother. But I still see Lizzie Spaulding. The spoiled Spaulding brat."
Liz smiles, "You know considering what your sister is doing I'm surprised you have so much hate towards me."
He is confused, "What are you talking about?"
She smiles, "You didn't know? Alan Michael is going after CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. And Mel is helping him every step of the way. They may be moving into the Spaulding Mansion."
This news angers Remy.

Natalia is sitting with Alan.
She smiles, "I know this is a lot. But it's still our wedding night. Let's celebrate with our friends and family."
Alan turns to her, "I know. I'm sorry. It's just... Annie Dutton was a huge part of my past. I thought I was never going to see her again. Now she just jumps right back into Springfield. Back into my life."
Natalia sighs, "From the looks of it she is back in Josh's life."
Alan nods, "I can't believe he was defending her after everything she has done to him."
Natalia sighs, "Alan, let's not do this. We are husband and wife. Our dream has come true."
Alan smiles, "Your right. I finally married the love of my life. And no one can take that away from me. Not even Annie Dutton."
Natalia takes his hand.
The two get up and head over to the ballroom.

Marah walks inside.
She went with Jeffrey but then came back.
She has missed everything that happened.
Marah checks her coat.
Josh approaches her, "Marah sweetheart. We need to talk Darlin."
Marah stares, "Is everything okay Daddy?"
Annie walks over, "Oh Marah Baby."
Marah stares in shock.


Down in the basement Rocky is walking up the steps.
Kevin stops him, "Rocky! Listen to me. You wouldn't have been here with me unless that's what you truly wanted."
Rocky sighs, "I know! Okay? Don't you think I know that I am crazy about you? That I can't stop thinking about you. Th the only time I feel complete is when I'm in your arms?"
Kevin sighs, "Then why? Why do you deny us the happiness that we both want with each other?"
Rocky looks at him, "Listen. I am trying to be a good person. Shayne was there for me when I needed him. I can't hurt him. I already made a plan with him. We are going to be joined in a few weeks. Then in a few months Marina will give birth and we will adopt her baby. I need to consider the feelings of Shayne and the baby."
Kevin shakes his head, "What about you? What about us?"
Rocky sighs, "No one would ever accept me being with you. Not after what you did."
Kevin scoffs, "What the hell? If we don't care then why stop because of others."
Rocky sighs, "It was a lot for people to accept me being with Shayne. This would be too much."
Kevin grabs his arm, "Rocky please..."
Rocky pulls away, "I have to find Shayne. I'm just glad we stopped before this went to far."
Rocky leaves to find Shayne.

Shayne and Marina get dressed in the car.
Shayne is turned away from her.
Marina sighs, "Shayne... Shayne why won't you look at me?"
Shayne doesn't say anything.
Marina scoots closer, "Shayne. You are scaring me. The whole time you wouldn't even look at me and now you aren't even talking to me."
Shayne sighs, "Marina I'm sorry I..."
She realizes where this is going, "No. No you didn't. No, no, no."
He sighs, "This was a mistake."
She cries, "No! No shut up! You wouldn't do that to me!"
He looks down, "I just got mad and..."
She starts hitting him, "Oh my God! You sick son of a bitch! You used me to get back at Rocky!!!"
He tries to console her, "Marina please. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."
She shoves him, "Don't you touch me! You stay away from me!"
Marina goes running out of the car.

Remy and Liz are by the stair.
Remy sighs, "Of course the Spauldings are trying to corrupt my sister."
Liz laughs, "Wow I guess we Spauldings can do anything right? No one is holding a gun to her head Remy."
Remy turns to her, "I will not let you people hurt her. I knew if she got with Alan Michael that she was in danger."
She sighs, "Don't worry. Mel is a tough woman."
He shakes his head, "I'm not going to let her end up like Tammy. I remember what you people are capable of. Even if other people deny it. Including Jonathan."
Liz sighs, "Well you really have been gone haven't you? Jonathan and I aren't together. No you see we want to be but his wife Aubrey is pregnant and using it to keep him with her and away from me."
Remy laughs, "Are you serious?"
Liz nods, "Yep. I guess Tammy is getting her revenge."
He shakes his head, "Tammy wasn't about revenge. This is karma. Karma's a bitch."
She smirks, "Well so am I."
He looks at her, "Don't I know it."
Liz looks at her watch, "I should go congratulate my Granddad and Natalia. They are married now."
Remy sighs, "Natalia's a good person. Alan is going to hurt her. I warned her about him."
Liz sighs, "Well not matter how much people start out disliking each other they later find out that all along that person was the one true love of their life."
Remy scoffs, "Not for everyone."
He walks away.
Liz sighs, "Tell me about it."

Blake is sitting with Ed.
She looks at him, "Of course I didn't tell Ross about Remy. How do you tell that to the love of your life?"
Ed sighs, "Ross would want to know."
Blake nods, "Of course he'd want to know. But no one in Springfield understood me and Remy. How can I expect him who hasn't seen Remy in years, that I was in a relationship with him. Remy who is barely older than my kids."
Ed sighs, "Blake, you and Remy were very close for a long time. He made you very happy."
Blake sighs, "It doesn't matter. Remy and I are over now."
Ross looks at her, "Are you so sure about that?"
Blake nods, "I would love to have Remy back in my life but after all the waiting I made him do.... it's to late. He would never take me back now. Besides I need to focus on Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa. Especially Kevin. There is something going on with him I can't figure out."
Ed hugs her, "Blake I'm going to be here for you."
Blake smiles, "I know Ed. Thank you."

By the doorway Marah is staring at Josh and Annie.
Annie smiles, "Oh Marah I missed you."
Marah is in shock, "Why are you here?"
Annie sighs, "I'm here to try and make things right."
Marah backs up, "Go. Get away from me."
Josh sighs, "Marah I know this is difficult."
Marah turns to him, "Wait. How long did you know she was in town?"
Josh looks at her, "Darlin' I'm just trying to help us all heal. Annie was a huge part of our lives at one point."
Marah nods, "Until she hurt everyone."
Josh nods, "And we need closure."
Marah looks at Annie, "You tried to kill my mother. You ruined our lives. Everyone in Springfield hates you. Your not welcome here."
Annie sighs, "I love you Marah. I know that's hard for you to understand. But in my heart, you and Shayne are still my children."
Marah shakes her head, "I loved you. But that was when I was a kid. We can't go back."
Annie sighs, "It took me years. Years to finally get to a point where I could come back. I know this is a lot to ask of you. But I want to atleast have a chance to talk."
Marah walks away without saying a word.

In the middle of the room.
Natalia is standing with Alan.
Alan smiles, "I just want to say thank you to all of you for being here today. I know most of you are here for the ball and don't even care. But still I want to thank you. This was an amazing day. The happiest day. You were all witness to the romantic wedding to a true love story."
Natalia laughs, "Okay. Well thank you all. This was just everything I hoped it would be and more. I am glad that I got to share this day with you. I finally married the man of my dreams."
Alan jokes, "Now we have to go home and celebrate our honeymoon."
The party laughs and cheers.
Natalia nods, "Oh I have to throw the bouquet. Ladies get ready."
All of the single women are below.
Natalia swings back and throws it.
The bouquet goes falling into the middle.
It's not clear who has it.
Suddenly the women depart.
The bouquet is in the hands of two women.
Beth and Mel.
There is a small struggle until it rips in half.
Beth walks over to Phillip.
Alan Michael walks over to Mel.
The two couples stare each other down.

The Spauldings come home
Olivia finds a new partner
Mallet promises Dinah
Harley makes a shocking decision
Annie Dutton has another trick up her sleeve!
Marina goes off on Shayne
News is out on Cassie


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It has always cracked me up how Reva can make mistakes, but no one else can. I mean, I understand that she would be wary of Annie, but GOOD LORD it isn't like Reva is perfect!

What the hell is going on with Shayne and Rocky?! I mean, man, Shayne has some major control issues! If he can't control Rocky he's going to 'do' Marina? What the hell?! He seems to be turning out like his mother! (Don't get me wrong, I love Reva). Hell, at this point I think Rocky should be with Kevin....

Speaking of Marler, how messed up is it that Ross called Blake to meet him to tell her goodbye?! I think you should bring back Ross and let him have it! I still want Blake and Ross together, but only after HE knows what it is like to want something (Blake) and not get it!

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Oh yes! Reva will soon learn that Annie isn't going anywhere.

Shayne has been acting more like his father. He always had to control the women he loved and it pushed them away.

Now Shayne is doing that to his guy Rocky. Rocky and Kevin have something very strong but so do Rocky and Shayne. In the end it's about who Rocky loves more. We will find out that answer very soon.

When Ross returns he'll have to answer to a lot. Just look at now, Blake has fallen in love with Remy, Dinah has had two children and is married, Kevin is in the closet just waiting to come out. There is a lot waiting for him.

Also don't be surprised if we see more of the Marlers this year!!! ;)

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Oh yes! Reva will soon learn that Annie isn't going anywhere.

"Shayne has been acting more like his father. He always had to control the women he loved and it pushed them away.

Now Shayne is doing that to his guy Rocky. Rocky and Kevin have something very strong but so do Rocky and Shayne. In the end it's about who Rocky loves more. We will find out that answer very soon."

I hope that Rocky chooses what is best for him and not anyone else.

"When Ross returns he'll have to answer to a lot. Just look at now, Blake has fallen in love with Remy, Dinah has had two children and is married, Kevin is in the closet just waiting to come out. There is a lot waiting for him."

Oh how delicious! Ross (by writing on the show) has a nasty habit of wanting things a particular way. I can't wait to see how his children react to him being alive. Hell, I can't wait for the reaction when he finds out about Blake and Remy. Some how I don't think he would give up so easily on her!

Also don't be surprised if we see more of the Marlers this year!!! ;)


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I'm glad you are excited. I'm trying to bring back the Marlers as one of the core families. Right now it's mostly the Bauers, Coopers, Spauldings, and Lewises. The Marlers should be more big by the end of year.

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