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Episode 251



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Brad and Katie head to their office, where the hostilities continue---silently. Brad dumps Katie's scripts in the middle of her desk, she retaliates by throwing his secret stash of junk food in trashcan and stomping on it. Finally, Brad suggests a truce, and dividing the office into his and her zones until they can move into separate ones. Katie agrees, as long as Brad gets his "girlfriend" Carly to quit. There's no way she can work with both Brad and Carly at the station. Brad tells her she's being ridiculous. There's no way he can ask Carly to quit her job, she's got kids to support. Katie snarks that it's an excuse--Jack has always supported his kids. Brad calls her a vindictive little bitch who loves spreading misery.

Luke stealthfully glides through the woods, intent on retrieving the bloody knife and tossing it elsewhere. When a canine spots him, the officer shines his flashlight right on Luke just as he's picking up the murder weapon. Startled, Luke starts to run, but another deputy tackles him and places him in handcuffs. All the while, Luke maintains that he had nothing to do with the murder. While talking with Holden about letting Jade live with them for a little while as she recuperates, Lily gets a call from Margo that Luke has been arrested. The two speed over to the station and probe Luke as to why he would do this. When Holden leaves the room, Luke whispers to Lily that he's just looking out for Jade. Puzzled, Lily contacts Tom about posting bail. Lucinda comes in, determined to pay whatever amount she needs to in order to bail Luke out of a situation that, she claims, Jade caused. Still upset with her mother, Lily sends her off. Later, Lily asks Kevin what Luke meant when he said that he was protecting Jade.

When Carly's meeting finally ends, she finds out her car's been vandalized in the WOAK parking lot...both headlights have been smashed in.While she waits for the OPD and tow truck to show up, Mac spots her as he's driving home. He insists on waiting with her, and they chat about the boys. He mentions taking the team to a minor league game in Chicago, and Carly ends up volunteering to help him chaperone the trip. After the police report is filed and the car towed to the garage, Mac drives her home, where Brad is waiting with the kids. While Carly explains why Mac is bringing her home, Brad glares at him, and quickly declines for Mac when the boys invite him to watch a hockey game on tv. When Mac leaves, Carly hauls Brad into the kitchen and chews him out for being rude to her guest. Brad asserts that he's just watching out for them---being family and all. And he thinks there's something fishy about Mac being so friendly so quick. Carly scoffs that his latent Snyder genes have rendered him an idiot. Mac is just new in town and hasn't had time to make many friends yet. Brad rolls his eyes at her, telling her she doesn't have a clue when it comes to men and what they want.

Carrie walks into the office, mumbling under her breath. She isn't even back at the office a full day yet and Barbara already has her doing three things at once. Paul comes in, trading barbs with Carrie. He thought she had left, he wonders aloud. Carrie smirks that he can't get rid of her that easily. Barbara comes in and Paul informs her of Craig offering to pay off Fairwinds in exchange for Cabot. Then, he exclaims, she had the nerve to consider it, knowing full and well that Craig has no intentions of holding up his end of the bargain. Carrie interrupts, reminding Barbara of a meeting tomorrow to discuss options for the ad campaign. As soon as Paul leaves, Will comes in and invites Carrie to Al's. She gladly accepts when she notices Barbara getting agitated. Later, Barbara meets with Noah and reminds him that Will is steadily gaining progress with Carrie. If Noah wants to keep her, he's going to need to make his move very soon. Handing him a key, Barbara reminds him that Carrie is to never know that she bought the house. Once she moves in, Noah gushes, the last thing that will cross her mind is Barbara or Will. That's exactly the point, Barbara adds before walking away. At Al's, Will confides in Carrie that he's going to need a miracle to gain custody of Hallie when their case goes to trial soon. Remembering the stories that Will has told her of Iris's shenanigans in the past, she offers up an idea.

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Brad scores points from me for calling Katie a bitch. :lol:

I knew Luke would end up in trouble protecting Jade.

I like Mac so far, so I'm hoping that Brad's wrong and he turns out to be a nice guy and not some creep, trying to move in on Carly. Although, if he turned out to be a conman, it would be right down Carly's alley because isn't that how she arrived in Oakdale? If that's the case, then they're destined to be together. Either way, I just want Grant Show and Maura West together. :)

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