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Episode 218



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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At Donovan's, everyone seems to be clearing out when Aaron comes in. Alison remarks how he's late for his shift, but Aaron wants to know why she let Jade suck her into her scheme. Alison sighs that she did it more for Luke than anyone. Aaron is baffled as to why his brother would want anything to do with someone like Jade. Across town, Luke appeals to Jade and suggests they fake that she has the diamond. Once the Taylors hear of it, no doubt, they'll come sprinting to town, he scoffs. Jade is reluctant, but eventually agrees when Luke proposes that once her family comes to town, she can face them with the truth. Lily intercepts the end of the conversation and forbids any trickery. Instead, she suggests she and Jade handle this head on...together. Jade thanks her aunt for her support, but later, we see Luke picking up a toy diamond from Faith's bedroom and tuck it inside his jeans pocket.

Will takes a walk through Old Town square only to meet up with Carrie and Barbara. Iris soon approaches and thanks Will for his efforts around the house, but tells him that Gwen has forced her to fire him. Before she runs off, she hands Will a piece of paper. Will's left speechless by the paper and Barbara yanks it out of his hands. Barbara rolls her eyes as she hisses that neither Gwen nor Iris have the right to file a restraining order against Will. She assures her son that they will fight this, only for Will to mumble that he has another idea before storming off. At Iris's door, Will stands violently beating until Gwen opens the door. He cries that she can't be thinking of doing this; Iris has set him up. Gwen laughs at the accusation and painfully stabs that even if her mother did set him up, it's his just desserts for doing the same to Iris. Across town, Barbara lets Carrie in on the details behind Will and Gwen's history, vaguely hinting that Carrie need not even interfere in Will's chaotic life.

Ripping out a page from her cookbook, Emma starts whipping up a recipe. Jack comes in that it's a bit too early to be doing Thanksgiving cooking. Emma shrugs that the annual Snyder feast is only a few days away. She asks if Carly will be attending and Jack almost seems bothered by the question. She will be bringing the kids, he says, but Jack won't be here. Emma starts to ask why when Carly comes in. After the two discuss the children, Jack makes a remark about having to prepare an extra place at the table for next year. Emma squeals with delight as Carly arches her eyebrow, contemplating what secret the two are sharing. Finally, Jack informs her that Brad and Katie are having a baby. Carly shivers at the idea of two brainless idiots raising a baby together, and suddenly her memory flashes. Katie eating shellfish and drinking alcohol. Katie's pleading for her to keep her mouth shut. It all makes sense now, Carly coos, unaware she's talking out loud. Jack asks her what she's talking about and Carly devilishly grins, muttering a simple "Oh, nothing" before saying goodbye and walking out.

Across town, Tom opens the door and fumbles for the light switch. He hesitates when he hears soft, slow music coming from upstairs. A row of rose petals lines the stair. Tom chuckles, setting down his briefcase and coat. As he halfway leaps each stair, he struggles to get his tie loose and jumps one foot as he takes off both shoes. When he gets upstairs, he sees the bedroom lit with candles and Margo in sexy black lingerie. After making love, Tom pants how extraordinary that was. He never thought the day would come when they would finally have the house to themselves and be able to make love like that. Having Casey move in with Lyla was the best idea for each side, he comments. He further reveals that Casey has started looking at apartments. Margo grins, gushing how great it is to have Casey out of the house and in bed with the one person who makes her whole. Still, she ponders, it is a bit too quiet. Tom hesitantly chuckles, catching his wife's vague hint. He smiles that as much as he loves her, he thinks they're a bit too old to be having kids. At their age and with their hectic schedules, he reasons, it's out of the question. Biting her lip impatiently, Margo gets up out of bed and soon re-appears in her uniform. She's working the night shift tonight, she reminds him, before grabbing up her keys and heading out the door. Exhausted and baffled by his wife's reaction, Tom slams his head against his pillow and lets out a deep sigh.


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Carly knows! :D Get her, Carly!!!

Looks like there's trouble in paradise for Tom and Margo.

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Carly knows! :D Get her, Carly!!!

Looks like there's trouble in paradise for Tom and Margo.

I think there needs to be another little Hughes. If Reva can have a baby on Guiding Light then go for it Margo.

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