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Episode 217



Kevin approaches Luke and reveals what he heard Colin saying to the Taylors about a diamond. Once they question Jade about it, they realize she has no clue. Suddenly, Luke remembers something and tracks down Lily, who's in Old Town shopping with the girls. A cold shiver runs down her spine when she realizes that the diamond in question is the very same diamond that she, Rose, and Simon fought over all those years ago. When Luke returns to tell Jade, she's stunned and realizes that the Taylors only want the diamond, not her. Just then, Aaron appears and angrily berates Jade for getting Alison to do her dirty work for her. Luke takes all the blame, forcing Aaron to keep his cool. Frustrated, he dares Jade to come near him or Alison again before stomping away.

As he eats his lunch at Al's, Dusty comes face to face with a less than happy Emily. She wants answers, she demands, and she's not leaving until he gives them to her. They're engaged, she reminds him, so there's no reason to be keeping secrets. Dusty fumes that Emily needs to keep her nose out of his business. Emily hisses that she is his business, she's his future wife. After licking her wounds, Emily attempts to get answers from Clark over at Java, but he seems confused by the name Lucinda Walsh. He's never heard of her before, he concludes. Emily isn't done yet, though, and returns to her office at the paper. She picks up her cell phone and calls a long-time source, demanding they dig up every piece of dirt that can be found on Lucinda.

Carly ruffles through an old drawer, looking for some old sketches she had tucked away. She pauses for a moment when she catches a glimmer in the corner of the drawer. Pulling out her old compass, she reflects back on the first time she and Jack had the "true north" discussion. Jack knocks at the door, interrupting her nostalgic trance and he reminds her that she promised she'd pick up the kids from Emma's; he has some important errands to run. Arriving at the farm, Carly disrupts Emma's infamous chuckle as Brad proposes they name the baby Emma if it's a girl. Carly asks what they're talking about, but Sage's jubilant shriek at seeing her mother startles her. Carly giggles and rounds up the kids before heading out. Later, Brad mentions Carly coming by the farm and Katie nervously asks Brad if he told Carly about the pregnancy. Brad says no, but seems curious as to why his wife is so fidgety. Sensing her tension, Brad pulls out the ring he bought her while she was away. While he gushes at how it's a symbol of his love, devotion, and trust, Katie forces a hesitant smile.

Rosanna waits on pins and needles as her P.I. friend Neil ties up some loose ends on the phone. It appears that Kathy has agreed to come to Oakdale, but only under the terms that only Neil speak with her. Paul grumbles for him to speak with this Kathy woman, snatching the phone away and angrily yelling into the other end. Startled, Kathy hangs up. Rosanna is livid that Paul could have jeopardized her one shot at finding information about Cabot. Paul apologizes, but a teary eyed Rosanna hisses that she wants Paul to stay away from her; she can do this on her own. She doesn't need his help anymore. Angry, he ventures to B.R.O. hoping work will get his mind off another failed attempt to persuade Rosanna to let him help and eventually heal the wound he inflicted upon her all those months ago. He should have never believed Meg over her, he says. Once he arrives, he tries to get work done, but he ends up trashing his office out of pure anger. Barbara comes in and sees what he's done and reprimands her son.

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I FLOVE Katie sweating. I FLOVE thinking about it, I FLOVE reading about it...I FLOVE thinking about reading about it. LOL....

Awww...little Babs comforts her little tantrum-throwing son. Well, tough beans, Paul...you believed that lying skank. Go Ro!

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