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Episode 189




After a long night at the police station answering questions, Noah and Carrie return to Carrie's section of Barbara's penthouse. There, Carrie finally reveals to Noah that she is the daughter of Darryl Crawford and hence, Jennifer's half-sister. Noah urges her to tell Barbara, but Carrie refuses and starts to tear up. Unable to find any other way to console her, Noah gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. Carrie inwardly recalls making a deal with James, but he never had the chance to fulfill his end of the bargain. She pushes Noah away and after he leaves, she cries herself to sleep. Dreaming, she hears a baby crying but can't find where it is. She wakes up in a hot sweat and again bursts into tears before finally falling back to sleep.

Margo reaches out her hand to console Barbara over losing James, but she snatches her hand away and huffs that she's glad that bastard is dead. "Maybe this time he'll actually stay dead," Paul adds. Rosanna takes her leave from the interrogation room and outside, runs into Carly. Worried, Carly asks for a quick recap. She's disheartened that James was keeping Cabot from her and even more perplexed that James would act as if he didn't even know where the toddler was. Paul comes out and informs Carly that it's just like James to play mind games and act like he doesn't have something when he really does. Noticing she's upset, Paul offers to drive Rosanna home but Carly demands Paul leave her alone. "You and your father have done enough," Carly snaps.

As they make their way out, Margo and Barbara emerge from the interrogation room. Barbara can tell Paul's upset. Almost sounding like his father, Paul grumbles that he'll turn up every house in the world if he has to just so he can find Cabot. When Barbara makes a comment about checking on Carrie, Paul insists the girl is no good and urges his mother to kick her out now that James is dead and gone. Barbara replies that the poor girl simply got mixed in with the wrong crowd. James made her empty promises and took her away from her family...now it's her job, she says, to make sure Carrie is taken care of.

Emma's eyes fume with anger as she asks once again what the hell Holden and Lily think that they're doing. Holden acts like he doesn't know anything, leading Lily to finally cave and admit that they knew about Clark weeks ago. When they found out, they wanted to let Emma know that they approve her decision to move on. Yelling, Emma hurls that she doesn't need their approval for a damn thing. She voices her disappointment in them for interfering in her life. What if the children found out, she asks. Holden says that the children will be fine. They might be shocked at first, but they'll be happy if their grandmother is happy. Emma replies that she still can't believe that they went behind her back like this, or even spied on her in the first place. Her business is her business, she curses, slamming the door behind her. Lily rolls her eyes and tells Holden this was a bad idea from the beginning, but Holden is convinced that Emma's just embarassed and needs to know that her family is supportive of her moving on with someone else. With that, he suggests they plan an impromptu family meeting to declare their support for Emma. Lily's adamant that they not do such a thing and recalls what Emma said about interfering. Holden's mind is made up, though, and he places phone calls to Luke, Jack, and Brad to appear for breakfast at the farm in the morning.

Katie can't believe what Lyla is saying to her and asks when she found out. Lyla reveals that she's known for a while. That's partly the reason she got so upset when Casey was in the wreck. She's not sure her family can handle another loss. Katie's determined to get her mother to leave town with them, but Lyla insists that her treatment won't allow it. Brad comes home and sees Katie is upset, pacing in the living room. Once she comes face to face with her husband, she recalls all the times that he's made it clear that he doesn't want Lyla to stand in the way of their life together. She knows that if she tells Brad that Lyla's cancer has returned, he'll take it the wrong way and think that Lyla's trying to come between them and their future together. Unable to think of anything else, Katie finally crumbles and lies that she's pregnant.

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I like Carly coming to Rosanna's defense. She showed that spitfire today.

I can't wait for Barbara to find out Carrie is Jennifer's half-sister. I'd love to see Barbara have that daughter figure in her life again.

NO! Lyla's cancer returning means Katie's going to want to stay in Oakdale. God! I feel bad for Lyla, but I really wanted Katie gone. Now, I guess we're stuck with her. And lying and saying she's pregnant. Bitch will never learn. <_<

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