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Episode 190



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The next morning, Brad still can't believe that Katie is pregnant. Katie seems shaken about lying to Brad in order to hault their plans to leave Oakdale and doesn't say much. When Lyla emerges from the bedroom, Brad urges Katie to break the news to her. Katie decides against it. She claims it would only devastate her mother even more if she knew that she was inheriting a grandchild, especially since she recently found out her cancer has returned. Brad's in shock at the news, recalling that the doctors had so much hope for Lyla to stay in remission. Brad jets off for Emma's and invites Katie along, but she declines. With Brad out of the house, Katie folds her arms against her head and wonders what she was thinking by lying to Brad.

Lucinda comes by the guesthouse to see if Luke has any news on Noah. Luke comments that he hasn't heard anything and Lucinda leaves to seek answers from Barbara. Kevin comes out of the shower and is very short with Luke when he asks what his plans are for the day. Frustrated by Kevin's attitude, Luke calls him on it and Kevin finally reveals that he didn't take too kindly to Luke rushing to Noah's side at the hospital. Luke defends his actions and admits that he and Noah might not be together anymore, but he still cares what happens to him. Later, Jade drops by and tells Luke that she's been very hesitant towards Colin and now that she knows he's her adoptive brother, she doesn't know if she can keep living with him. He's starting to think they're more than friends, she explains. Luke laughs and tells Jade that they need to come up with a plan that will trip Colin up. Jade interjects that she thinks she knows what to do just as Luke stops her. In a hurry, he reveals that he forgot all about the family meeting at the farm and rushes out.

After spending the night on the couch, Noah finds Carrie in the bathroom getting dressed. Assuming she's going to work, Noah gasps that she can't be serious; Barbara can't be demanding her to go to work not even 12 hours after she was almost killed. Carrie replies that she's not going to work, but she is going with Barbara to the reading of James's will. In the other room, Lucinda appears and asks Barbara if she's heard anything from Noah. Noah emerges just as Barbara slightly grumbles for Lucinda to see for herself. Happy to see him, Lucinda hugs Noah and tells him that she's put someone else on the account that he was working so hard on. Knowing that Barbara and Carrie will be gone, Noah insists he get back to work to keep his mind off of things. Lucinda reluctantly agrees, and later shows up to Lily's and learns that Emma has a new boyfriend. When Lily mentions the man's name, Clark Allan, Lucinda gasps.

At the will reading, Paul fidgets in his chair as Barbara saunters in with Carrie in tow. Immediately, Paul brings Barbara to the side and asks if Carrie should be resting. Barbara accuses Paul of not wanting her here. She recalls that James and Carrie had some sort of connection, business or friendly, and she wanted to honor that connection by bringing her. Paul, fearful that James might spill the beans on Carrie's identity in his will somehow, is adamant that Carrie go home and get some rest, but Carrie quietly rebutts that she's fine. The lawyer starts to read the will and explains that James has left 50% of his almost-bankrupt estate to Barbara and the other 50% to Paul. Meanwhile, the lawyer adds, James has left Carrie a manila envelope with information inside. After she is gone back home, Barbara and Paul wonder aloud what could possibly be in the envelope that he left to Carrie. Across town, Carrie rips through the envelope, pulls out a birth certificate along with some documents, and faints.

Ruffling through the morning paper, Holden puts it down when he sees Jack, Carly, and Brad come in the door, almost simultaneously. Holden explains that Aaron couldn't come, but he's glad they showed up. Stomach grumbling, Brad heads for the fridge as Jack questions Holden about the meeting. Holden promises that he'll tell everything once Luke has arrived. Waiting, the three sit down at the table and Brad reveals that Katie's pregnant. Jack's happy for the two and remembers how badly Katie has always wanted children. Carly rolls her eyes, disgusted, and goes outside, only to run into Lily. The two friends make small talk when Luke comes up behind them. Lily notices everyone inside and motions for them to follow her inside. Once inside, Holden reveals that for almost a year now, Emma has been sneaking off to meet with a man. The man, Clark Allan, is at best, her new boyfriend, but Emma exploded when she learned of Holden and Lily's plot to get him to come to town. Though the plan worked, Emma's still livid. Holden continues that he thinks that they all need to rally behind Emma and really show their support for the fact that she's moving on in her love life. Just as they all agree to give their blessing and support to her, Emma appears and stops mid-sentence in asking where all the cars outside came from. Realizing what has happened, Emma fumes that she's glad they're all here. She has a few things she needs to say to them all, she huffs.


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