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Episode 8



Carly notices Sam's odd behavior, but is thrown when she spots Parker out of the corner of her eye. Parker reminds her that he was supposed to take him to a friend's house and smarts off that she's too busy kissing up to Sam to notice her own children. Just then, Jack busts in the door and calls out to Sam. "Leonard Samuels!" he yells.

Tom stops by Bob and Kim's and finds the house empty. Nancy comes in from a game of bingo at a girlfriend's house and greets Tom with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. Tom asks Gram if she's seen his dad and the two share their mutual concern over Bob's emotional stability. Meanwhile, Bob becomes infuriated when a doctor second guesses his orders and fires him. Susan sees it all happen and tells the doctor not to think anything of it and to continue his shift. Susan finds Bob and angrily scolds him, yelling at him to pull it together.

As Hallie coos in her arms, Barbara looks up and sees Will and Gwen standing teary eyed beside her. Barbara tells them not to dare look at her that way. She will be just fine. Barbara informs them that she starts treatment to remove the cancerous lump from her tongue and begs them not to take it so hard.

Paul and Rosanna lay in bed together and both seem to reel from what just happened. Paul protests that it was a moment of passion and ignorance and it won't happen again. He loves Meg and he loves the child they're about to have together. Meg, coming to tell Rosanna to stay away from her man, almost catches them together. Later, Meg hangs around and catches a glimpse of a naked Paul through the window. Once she's back in her car, she calls Paul, claiming that Rosanna upset her badly and she thinks her blood pressure might be a bit too high, so she's going to the free clinic in town. Paul questions why she's not going to Memorial, but Meg says that there's too many bad memories there for her and she trusts the new doctor at the free clinic. When she gets there, she slips the doctor an envelope, hops on the bed, and waits for Paul to come running. However, she gets a last minute call from Margo telling her of Craig's plane going down and bolts. Paul arrive and finds no Meg and wonders where she's run off to. Rosanna catches up with Paul and begs him not to let Meg suck him in.

Lucinda goes by the apartment complex and immediately blasts the landlord for denying her son and his boyfriend an apartment because of their sexuality. The landlord adamantly protests Lucinda's claims and confesses that he denied them an apartment because of Noah's father being a killer. He feels unsafe knowing the son of a killer resides in his complex and no matter how much Lucinda tries to rattle him, he won't budge. Finally, Lucinda leaves and runs into Lily. Lucinda, after Lily presses her as to why she's upset, tells Lily about Noah coming to her. After she hears the real reason that the landlord denied Luke and Noah an apartment, she sets off to tell Luke the news...unbeknownst to the mother she just promised that she would keep quiet.

Katie sits beside her mother's recliner and holds her hand as they look back on old home movies. A knock at the door startles the women and Katie is floored when she finds Brad on the other side. Brad explains that he's back from his location shoot and wants to start where they left off. Lyla grunts and Katie takes him into the hallway and tells him that they have to stop. Her brother's dead and her mother's dying. She has had all the grief she can stand. She begs Brad to take the hint and leave, but Brad remains adamant that now is the best time to have a baby so that her mother can see her grandchild before she dies. And maybe see Brad's not so bad after all. Insulted, Katie shooes Brad away but later, contemplates his idea.


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I'm dyin' for some Carjack!!!!! I get to the oasis, and I get a thimble-ful of water. LOL...DUDE, me wants Carjack action!!!

And wth is wrong with Bob?

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