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Episode 9



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Susan yells at Bob to get a grip of himself, but Bob shooes her away. Later, Bob leaves his shift surprisingly early and Susan, just off the clock, follows him to Yo's and watches him down three shots of alcohol before finally confronting him at the bar. Bob breaks down in Susan's arms and cries that his life is crumbling before him. His baby boy, the one that he just knew would follow in his footsteps, drugged him in order to become interim chief and give the go ahead for the biogenetics lab. And now, his grandson has returned home from prison, issuing another hurtful reminder of his hopes of a better life for his family being crushed. Susan comforts Bob and tells him that he can come back from this. Bob breaks away from her hand and staggers out of Yo's as Susan watches with tears in her eyes.

At Lyla's suite, Margo and Katie rally around Lyla. Meg comes in and issues her condolences to the family. Margo barks that Meg never cared for Craig at all. The only reason she married him was to, in some twisted way, prove herself to Paul...to prove that she could control Craig to the point where he would hand her the company and then hand it to Lucinda, thereby clearing Paul's conscience and completing his goal to help Lucinda. Katie tries to calm everyone down, but the damage is done and Meg flees. Downstairs, she runs into Paul who asks her why she wasn't at the doctor's office. Meg screams that Craig is dead...and it's all her fault.

Meanwhile, Luke answers the door to find Lily on the other side, here to question why he never told her about the apartment. Luke acts confused, but eventually gives into Lily's assault of questions. Luke claims he didn't tell her because he knew she would throw a fit just like she's doing. Lily explains that she wants the best for her son, that's all she's ever wanted. His father turned his back on him, but Lily remains adamant that she'll always be there and she just wanted to prove that to him. Luke makes a comment about not being allowed the apartment because he and Noah are gay, but Lily corrects him and tells him it's because Noah's father is a killer. Lily asks Luke not to say anything or he might upset Noah. Luke agrees. As Lily leaves, Lucinda calls her with the news about Craig.

Aaron runs into Sofie at Java and asks where she's been. Sofie gushes about meeting a new guy and Aaron, part relieved, makes certain that this guy will be different from Cole. Sofie promises that he's nothing like that. Aaron asks his name and Sofie tells him that the guy's name is Casey Hughes. Aaron tells Sofie that she deserves better than him and Sofie asks why. Aaron then informs Sofie that Casey was just released from prison.

On his way home (to learn about Craig's death from his father), Casey meets Will. There's a sense of akwardness when the two come face to face. Casey starts off by apologizing, saying that he never meant to hurt Will. He was just protecting his brother. Will shockingly understands, citing that he's done things before for his brother and he knows how it is. Will gushes about his new daughter and Casey forces a smile and congratulates him. Gwen comes along with Hallie and they all get reacquainted. Gwen confronts Casey about why he dumped Maddie, and Casey shuts down. Later, Will and Gwen both share the same sentiment...Casey was acting rather strange.

Again, Jack yells out Sam's real name, Leonard. Carly confronts Jack and asks what the hell's going on. Jack explains that Leonard here might want to tell it all himself. Sam admits that Jack's right. His name is Leonard. As he paces the floor acting creepier than ever, he explains that Jack and Parker had it right from the start. He had hopes that the fire would scare Carly into abandoning Metro and let him retrieve what he came for. He reveals that a member of Starziak's mob owed him some money and hid it in the walls of Metro when they kidnapped Molly. He was waiting for the right moment to punce, but a suspicious Jack and a rebellious Parker and a horny Carly never made it easy for him. Upon hearing the insults, Carly lunges at Leonard, who grabs Carly. Jack runs after Carly and tries to pull her out of Leonard's grasp. Instead, Leonard shoots him in the foot twice. Carly lets out a blood curdling scream as Parker stands horrified.


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I agree...the scenes with Bob were incredibly sad.

Excellent use of history, connecting Sam to Starziak, the creepazoid who nearly killed Jack.

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