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Episode 10



Susan runs outside and finds Bob trying to crank his car. Susan offers to take him home, and he eventually, although reluctant, accepts her offer. As soon as Bob enters the house with Susan, Kim begins to drill Susan for information and gets catty until Susan reveals that she just drove a drunk Bob home. Kim thanks the Lord aloud for letting Nancy be asleep and asks Bob what the hell he was thinking. Bob staggers up the stairs to his bed, and Susan tells Kim that Bob needs serious help. Kim fires that Susan needs to mind her own damn business and shooes her out before unenthusiastically thanking her for driving Bob. Later, Kim melts down at the kitchen table. Nancy comes down from bed and offers her shoulder for Kim to cry on, insistently whispering "Everything will be alright, dear."

Emma comes in the house at the Snyder farm and finds it a total wreck. Emma mutters that she's tired of her home being the Oakdale Inn. Meg comes down, not able to sleep, and asks Emma if she's heard the news. Emma says she hasn't and Meg tells her that Craig is dead. Emma comforts her daughter as Meg cries that she treated him so horribly. Emma tells Meg that Craig did some pretty rotten things in life that put Meg in not so great situations at times. Meg talks about how Paul must be ecstatic, but Emma hushes her and tells her that she's pregnant. She doesn't need all this extra stress. Meg remembers going to the doctor's office and how her plan fell through because of the news about Craig. Then, she flashes to her time with Craig and her turbulent relationship with Paul through it all. After Emma's gone, Meg re-thinks her plan, wondering if it's even worth it anymore.

Lily goes by Lucinda's to grieve and to lean on her for support, but instead, finds Lucinda nowhere in sight. At the Lakeview, Lucinda and Dusty toast to Craig's demise.

Henry runs into Katie at the park. Katie claims she needed some fresh air and Henry offers his condolences. Henry talks about Vienna acting very distant since news of her uncle came through. Welcoming a break from grief, Katie takes the time to focus herself on Henry for a moment. She tells Henry that he's her best friend and she wants to see him happy. Henry appreciates her compliments, but asks Katie where she's going with all of this. Katie tells Henry that what they had might have burnt him from marriage, but what they had wasn't real. He and Vienna have something real. They deserve happiness. Henry asks Katie to cut the the chase and Katie reveals that she thinks he should ask Vienna to marry him again. Citing the sour attempt the first time, Henry throws up excuses for a potential second dump at the altar, but Katie shoots them all down. After Katie leaves, Henry decides to make a move.

Leonard stares down at an agonizing Jack and laughs at Carly that her G-Man won't be saving her today. He comments that Starziak should have finished Jack off when he had the chance. Jack, hearing this, goes to pounce at Leonard, but Leonard shoots him in the shoulder. Leonard promises Jack (as Carly cries) that the next time he tries to lunge at him, he'll shoot him right in the heart. Carly screams at Leonard to let her go as Jack eyeballs Parker. "Hey Lenny! Forgettin' somethin'?" Parker shouts. Leonard turns around and stops dead in his tracks as he watches Parker dangle Cowboy Jack near a candle on the bar. Leonard goes for Parker, but Carly's bite forces him to let go of his gun. Jack lies unconcious now, bleeding profusely. Carly finally breaks free from Leonard's clutch and rushes to Jack and Parker. Parker, guarding his mother and father, grabs the gun and fires two shots into an approaching Leonard. Carly stares in horror as Leonard's lifeloss body crumples to the floor and Parker holds the gun in shock.


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Oh the Bob stuff was great! I love Nancy!

I liked the Emma and Meg stuff too.

Whoa that Parker stuff was intense.

Can't wait for Episode 11!

Good Job.

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Emma's sick of running the Oakdale Inn? Aren't we all??? LOL....

I love you Dusty, but even you can't sell me on Katie somehow mourning Craig and putting Henry first...and certainly not on the same day.

The CarjackParker/Sam scene was intense!

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P.J. Yjay's not what I was trying to do. I was trying to show Katie in a vulnerable state. Her big brother just died. She treated him like trash. Her mother is dying. She's had so much grief lately that when she sees Henry, she welcomes the chance to take a quick break from grief. You see what I'm saying?

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It's not you, Dusty....it's the she-bitch Katie's become. Unless it's a rabbit lost in the snow, I don't think Katie's capable of sympathetic human emotion. :D

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*discontent sigh* You've got to be more open-minded in order to see where I'm going with Katie. A different writer means different characterization of sometime one-note characters that have been made that way by a previous writer's monotonous pen strokes. :lol: I'm taking Katie back to the mischevious, loveable woman that I've always seen her as...but this time, I'm throwing in some maturity and some depth. ;) Just please free all those HateKatie vibes and work with me on this!! I hope when all is said and done, you can say that I've made Katie into a loveable character worth rooting for!!!!

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