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Episode 7



Casey steps into Bob's office at Memorial. The usually neat and well-kept desk seems sloppy and unattended. Bob comes into the office, but not before sticking his head out the door and barking some last minute orders to nurse Janice. Casey greets Bob with a mild "hello" and Bob's face turns from a pale white frown to a rosey red grin. Bob mentions that he had told Tom that Casey would be coming back soon, but he didn't realize his favorite grandson would be back this soon. Casey explains that thanks to some conditions and rules, he was let go a month before he was supposed to be. Bob asks what brings Casey to see him. Casey explains to Bob that he's had trouble sleeping and would like to be prescribed sleeping pills. When Casey refuses to tell Bob details of why he needs them to sleep through the night, Bob gets testy and assumes that Casey wants them for the sole intent of abusing them and politely kicks Casey out of his office. Later, when Casey asks Tom about Bob's odd behavior, Tom vows to make it right, citing that Bob's been rather stressed lately.

Dusty and Emily wander through the almost desolate Oakdale Mini-Mall. Just as they decide to turn around and inform Susan of their return to town, they bump into Lily, who came to run some errands. A tense air feels the gap between the three. Dusty tries to talk to Lily, but Lily stops him mid-sentence and tells him that although they didn't work out, she still hopes they can be friends. It's obvious that Dusty feels regret for packing up so suddenly and leaving Lily behind, but he had to do it. He had to do it if he wanted Emily. Lily bids them farewell. As Lily leaves, Emily accuses Dusty of still having feelings for Lily. Later, Holden asks Lily where she went and Lily shortly replies that she went out for a walk.

Will and Gwen hold hands as they walk through the park. Alison comes up behind them carrying baby Hallie and jokes that Hallie has Aaron wrapped around her finger. Gwen tells Alison that they just discovered that Barbara has cancer. Alison recalls all the hardships that Will and Gwen have had to face and tells them that it's only a matter of time before things shift around. Will thanks Alison for watching Hallie and the two set off to Barbara's. As they open the door, Barbara has a smile on her face. She's thrilled to see baby Hallie.

Rosanna asks Paul if she can sit next to him and Paul agrees. Rosanna apologizes for everything that she's ever done to cause him unfortune....all for the price of having him all to herself. However, she now realizes that he's not happy with her. He's happy with Meg. As Rosanna leaves, Paul reflects on his tumultuous relationship with Rosanna. He then recalls getting the news that Barbara has cancer. He recalls how needy and strange Meg has been acting. Paul feels like his world is spinning down around him. Later, Rosanna opens the door to find a drunk Paul shoving his toungue in her mouth and ripping her clothes off. Stunned at first, Rosanna eventually gives in.

Margo and Katie knock on the door of Lyla's suite. Lisa comes by and tells them that Lyla has gone to her nightly performance. Sensing that something is very wrong, Lisa summons Lyla off the stage and has Margo and Katie break the news to her. Lyla crumbles into Margo's arms as Katie leans on Lyla. Margo explains that Craig nor his jet have been found yet but there are no islands nearby for survivors to swim to. All signs indicate that the plane went down and Craig didn't survive.

Jack is running a report on a murder case and cross checking references. Jake Slater, the man suspected of the murder, has confessed that he had a former partner that backed out of the murder at the last minute, saying that he had found the gig of a lifetime. When Jack looks for one Leonard Samuels, he's stunned. Jack snatches up his coat and bolts out the door. Meanwhile, Sam takes Carly to view the damage to Metro. As Carly turns around, she finds Sam staring intensely at her.


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It's about dang time Barb got to see Hallie. She's done things to manipulate her children, but this baby thing was done out of love. It's time Will understood the difference.

Aww...I wish Craig was staying.

Oy vey....Carly is in trouble now, isn't she? LOL...are we sure it's not Cowboy Jack staring at Carly?

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I'm FINALLY caught up!

I like things so far. You have done a great way at branching off into your own stories without drastically changing everything. It's so easy to start these fan fictions and within the first 5 episodes, nothing is the same from when you took off. You've brought back 5 different characters from the past, and got rid of 10 that fans don't appreciate. While that's fine in a perfect world, it never really works out when writing soaps. You have to take a realistic approach. You've done that, Dusty. Good job!

Just a few things, I was thinking while reading the first 7 episodes...

-I love Paul and Rosanna together. I hate Meg, and her faking this pregnancy is only going to make me hate her more.

-I like Katie, but she became so annoying with that whole baby-making scheme. Hopefully, you won't revisit that.

-I hope that Craig isn't gone for good. A plane crashes into the ocean, you can be sure that no body will be found and sooner or later, Craig will be seen alive and well.

-I really like what you're doing with Casey. It's going to be very interesting to see what exactly happened to him in prison. I have my thoughts, and if you're doing what I'm thinking, this is going to be such a ground-breaking storyline. I wish you the best!

-I love Barbara's kids rallying around here now that they know she has cancer.

Nice start, Dusty. I look forward to reading more.

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