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Episode 6



Andrew comes in and tells Lucinda that a Mr. Mayer is here to see her. Lucinda welcomes Noah in and immediately thinks that something is wrong with Luke. Noah assures her that Luke is fine and recalls a time when Lucinda told Noah and Luke that if they needed anything, they could come to her. Lucinda asks what it is and Noah recalls the story of being refused an apartment because of his and Luke's sexuality. Noah confides in Lucinda that Luke asked him not to come, but his one shot at happiness with Luke is slowly dwindling thanks to the looming stress of finding a place to live. Lucinda asks Noah what exactly he wants her to do. Noah answers that he wants Lucinda to talk to the landlord and see if she can't do anything. Lucinda agrees, but tells Noah that Luke's eventually going to find out.

Craig comes by and knocks on his mother's door. Lyla comes up behind him and nearly spooks him. Lyla cackles and opens the door to the suite, motioning for Craig to follow. Craig tells Lyla that he can't stay long. His jet is all fired up and ready to go. Lyla asks where he's going and Craig smiles from ear to ear. He's going to Barbados to bring Lyla's grandson and granddaughter home to her. Lyla cries tears of joy, which Craig brushes away with his hand. Craig confides in Lyla that he's so excited to be getting Lucy and Johnny back and how he almost feels like God has given him a second chance. He hugs Lyla one last time before he walks out and tells her that he'll be back before she even misses him.

Katie answers to the frantic knocks at the cottage door. It's Vienna, who comes in crying and holding a letter. Katie asks what's wrong, but when Vienna only responds by annoyingly blowing her nose in a tissue, Katie snatches the letter and reads it. Vienna explains that she never really knew her uncle that well, but he always trusted her more than anyone in the family. Katie, confused, asks Vienna what the matter is....since she's obviously made it known that it's not grief. Vienna sobs that Henry will never marry her. Katie sighs and tells Vienna that she's worried about nothing. Henry will marry her, he loves her. Vienna confides that she's just afraid that Henry will leave her at the altar again...especially after they made so much progress in their relationship since the last time. Katie promises Vienna that Henry will marry her....especially if a multi-million dollar fortune is at stake.

Will, Gwen, and Paul all file into Barbara's suite at the Lakeview and wait for her to come home. When she does, they berate her with questions until Barbara finally tells them to stop. Barbara, through tears, explains her oral cancer and the treatment she's about to undergo. She scolds Paul for finding out the way he did, promising that she was going to tell them. Later, Gwen tries to comfort a visibly shaken Will who explains that he's already had to lose his sister, his father....he doesn't want to dare think what he would do if he lost his mother. Meanwhile, Paul buries his grief in a drink at Yo's....just as Rosanna enters and sights Paul sittting at the bar.

Margo brushes through some papers on her desk, still unable to believe how horribly 2008 has started. Her son came home from jail, her brother-in-law went into jail, her son is taking sleeping pills to sleep through nightmares of an unexplainably traumatic prison stay that he refuses to talk about, and her mother returned to town to tell her children that she has cancer and might very well be dying. Just when she thinks she can't hear anymore bad news, a deputy tells her that someone's on the phone. Margo's jaw drops as she hears the horrific news. Craig's private jet went off the radar just off the coast of South Carolina as it sailed over the North Atlantic Ocean headed for Barbados. No survivors have been found.

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Oh, poor Lyla. You probably don't remember this Dusty, but Craig went down in a plane (with Betsy, Em's half sister) over Greece ages ago. (I can barely remember it myself...lol.)

I know Henry's sincere about loving V...but trust Katie to think money would tip the scales. I can't help but hate her. :)

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