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Episode 5



Casey promises Tom that the pills are only to help him sleep. Tom tells him that if he's having problems sleeping, he should consult his grandfather. Casey argues that Bob has problems of his own since one grandchild just got released from jail and his son just went to jail. He's probably not a happy camper. Tom insists that Bob would want anything and everything to do with the health and well being of his grandson and promises to make him an appointment.

Vienna comes to Al's and sees Henry handing the keys over to the original owner. Vienna comforts Henry and tells him that she knows he's doing the right thing. Henry suggests they go grab a martini at the Lakeview bar, but Vienna tells Henry that she knows just the thing to cheer him up. Vienna pulls out an envolope. Count Van Fudersberg, Vienna's wealty uncle, has unfortunately died and left them a fortune. Henry thinks that there must be a catch, but Vienna tells him there's not. Later, Vienna pulls out the envelope and reads the letter again, unfolding a part that she neglected to show Henry that says that Vienna must become married by the end of February.

Luke comes in steaming from his and Noah's meeting with the real estate agent. Noah promises that they'll work things out. Lily comes in, bringing some stuff from the house to Cal's old house where Luke and Noah are temporarily living. Lily asks how things went and Luke lies. After Lily leaves, Noah asks why Luke lied to her. Luke clues Noah in that Lily's not the kind that will sit around and do nothing. Knowing her and Lucinda, they'll march over to that apartment and tell the landlord what they think. Noah gets an idea and rushes out, but doesn't tell Luke his idea.

At B.R.O., Paul confronts his mother about this mystery phone call. Barbara asks Paul how much he heard and Paul informs her that he heard enough to be worried. Barbara promises that she has everything under control. Barbara returns to her office and tells Paul to run an errand. As he walks outside, he pulls out his cell phone, finds out from the operator what Dr. Hilton's number is, and calls him. Paul pretends to know everything and tells Dr. Hilton that his mother has had a change of heart. Dr. Hilton repeats that he is glad to see that Barbara is seeking treatment for her cancer. Paul stops dead in his tracks.

Alison and Aaron run into the cheery young Munson clan at Java. Gwen and Alison branch off to talk while Will and Aaron talk. Will tells Aaron that he's worried about Gwen. She's doing great being a mother, but he and Gwen can't seem to get alone time. About that time, Alison intrudes and informs Will that she would love to babysit. Will is uneasy about it, but Gwen urges Will to give it some thought. After consideration, Will finally agrees and Aaron and Alison take baby Hallie. Will and Gwen sigh that they finally can get some alone time. Will suggests a nice dinner and a night of lovemaking. All looks set.....until Paul calls with bad news.

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