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#88 Tuesday, August 7




Gloria is non-to-pleased to see one of her exes face-to-face

Despite having unwanted company over, Michael, toting Fenmore with him. is pleased that he is having the chance to spoil his son. A huge part of Michael was pleased that Fen was asleep when Lowell came barging his way into his home. As he began feeding his son breakfast, the doorbell rang. Going to the door, he was relieved to see that it was Lauren. Seeing the look on his face, Lauren asks what’s wrong. As they are sitting beside their son, Michael tells her about the visit he received from Lowell. Lauren asks why he came to Genoa City. Michael rolls his eyes as he tells her that he suddenly wants to get to know his son.

Jill drops by the mansion and sees that Katherine is looking over the pictures of Phillip. Picking up one of the photographs, Jill smiles a little; taking a look at the man that once said he loved her. She asks Katherine how the investigation is going into finding out about his past. Looking at her daughter, she tells her that Paul is in Detroit right now. As she continues to look at the photographs, she flips one over pursing her lips together at the sight of the name ‘Freddie Wilson.’ Letting it fall from her hands back into the pile, she tells Jill that Paul found out that Phillip was a ‘happening guy’ in Detroit; but not as Phillip, but as the one and only ‘Freddie Wilson’.

At the Carlton residence, Abby is all up for having pancakes for breakfast. Bounding into the kitchen, she sees that her dad and Colleen are there as well. Brad gives her a kiss on the cheek before excusing himself to go get his briefcase for work. When he is gone, Colleen quickly moves from the table and tosses her breakfast in the trash; with a curious Abby looking on. When Brad comes back, he’s surprised that Colleen is on her way out the door, commenting that she must have eaten awfully quick. Colleen lies and tells her father that she must have been ‘super hungry.’ Kissing him on the cheek, she tells her father she promised to meet Lily for coffee at the coffeehouse. Brad and Colleen both leave the kitchen, leaving Abby alone. Abby, scooting out of her chair, walks to the garbage can and sees a full breakfast trashed.

Shortly after driving Abby to one of her latest summer activities, Brad has made his way to the Genesis photo shoot. As Sharon comes out of the dressing room, Brad marvels at how beautiful she looks. Approaching her, he tells her that she will do fine; giving her a light kiss. He watches on as she shines throughout the photo shoot. As the photographers are wrapping up, Brad gives Sharon a knowing look. Sharon tells Brad that she’s going to change out of her outfit, and will meet him shortly. In a feisty mood, Brad tells her there’s no need to change clothes; and leads her into one of the conference rooms.

Lily and Colleen are at Crimsons Lights when Lily questions why Colleen isn’t set to order something to eat. Colleen lies and tells her best friend that she’s still full from the breakfast she had. The two of them begin talking about how summer will be ending soon, and how they will be preparing for another year of college. Lily admits that she wishes that Colleen was back at Genoa City University. Touched, Colleen admits that she does miss her best friend. The two of them are laughing when Colleen feels her stomach growling somewhat. Brushing it off, she excuses herself to get a latte. When she makes her way to the counter, she feels a little dizzy, but continues to ignore it.

Jack is walking down the halls of Jabot when he hears giggled coming from one of the conference rooms. Looking around, he makes his way towards the door. Opening it a little, he sees his ex Sharon hot and heavy on the conference room table with Brad. Closing the door immediately, he stalks his way towards his office. Brad’s actions as of late, especially when it came to Sharon, was irritating him. He needed to find a way to put a stop to it. Picking up the phone, he left a voice message on Brad’s phone, instructing him to meet him at his office immediately.

Gloria walks with the guard to the patrician, expecting her usual visit from her sons. As she sits down, she is stunned when she sees that her sons aren’t the ones that have come to visit her; instead, she is looking at the man who walked out on her: Lowell Baldwin. When he sits down, he smirks telling her it’s been a long time. Gloria, not amused, demands to know why he’s in Genoa City. Lowell tells Gloria that he has a family to get reacquainted with. When Gloria warns him to stay away from Michael, Lowell boasts that he’s already paid his son a visit. There is nothing in the world that will prevent him from getting to know his son; as well as his younger brother. As he stands to walk away, Gloria screams for him to stay away from her family. Laughing a little, Lowell snarks that she can’t stop him.


JACK: “I think you might want to keep your little sexcapades with Sharon Newman at home. This isn’t the place for it.”

BRAD: “What’s the matter, Jacko? Are you still missing what you once had?

DRU: “You best back off before I tell what you’ve been up to.”

PHYLLIS: “Do you mind telling me what the hell you are talking about? Because I’m telling you, I haven’t got a clue what’s flying out of your mouth right now.”

VICTOR: “Neil, it has come to my knowledge that there is a displeasure for Ji Min working here at Newman Enterprises. Is that true.”

NEIL: “Let me guess, Victoria told you that I wasn’t impressed by Ji Min’s ideas on the new Chaos line, right?”


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