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#89 Wednesday, August 8



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

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Neil and Dru struggle with the 'demons' that set them off

Victor is following up with Victoria about Chaos. Victoria tells her father that the test shots from the photo shoot are fabulous and that Ji Min has been making serious headway to get the series of online promotions launched right in time for the fall. Nodding his head, Victor asks if Neil has been caught up to speed about Chaos. Victoria lets her father know that while he is learning everything about Chaos; he’s has some difficulties in working together with Ji Min. Victor questions why. She tells him about the brush off Ji Min gave Neil, therefore, Neil has a strong disregard for him. Picking up the phone, Victor contacts Neil, instructing him to come to his office at once.

Jack is awaiting for Brad to come into his office, when his thoughts immediately go back to the sight of Brad and Sharon on the conference table. Grimacing, Jack tosses the front page of the newspaper on his desk, and walks over to the window. He doesn’t turn around when he hears the door open and shut. Continuing to look out the window, he tells Brad that he doesn’t appreciate having his office being into ‘Quickie Central.’ Brad asks what he’s talking about. Jack tells Brad that if he wants to continue using Sharon, do it in a location where other employees aren’t able to walk in on them. Brad mocks Jack by asking if he’s pissed that he’s no longer able to sample the feisty blonde. Turning around, Jack glares at Brad and tells him to keep his mind on the prize; destroying Newman Enterprises. Brad, retorts that Jack need not worry about him getting the job done.

Unlocking the door, Olivia makes her way to her former bedroom. Gathering her belongings, she prepares to go out where she came, when Drucilla comes from her room. She immediately pounces on her sister, asking why she’s there. Olivia tells her sister that she’s getting the rest of her belongings. Dru tells Olivia that she best fess up in helping Phyllis cover up the paternity. Getting beyond irritated at going through the same heated discussion, Olivia drops her belongings on the couch and tells Dru that she needs to mind her business; because she hasn’t a clue as to what she’s talking about. Dru tells Liv to ‘school’ on what’s she’s covering up. The two begin to get into a heated argument. Snatching her belongings, Olivia tells Drucilla to back off before she does something she’ll regret. Dru shouts that she’s the one that will be regretting things for getting mixed up with the likes of Phyllis Newman.

When Neil comes into Victor’s office, he immediately can tell that it won’t be a mere social visit. Closing the door behind him, Neil asks what’s going on. Victor starts by asking Neil he has any insight to share with him about Chaos. Clearing his throat, Neil tells Victor that while the concept is a excellent one, the pressure to rush the product can backfire. Giving it some thought, Victor then asks him if he has discussed the matter with Ji Min. Shifting uncomfortably after hearing the name, Neil tells Victor that he thinks that Ji Min has bigger plans than Newman can handle. Victor tells Neil that effective immediately, Neil and Ji Min will be working closely together on the Chaos project. When Neil leaves, he grits his teeth, pissed that once again he’s being someone else’s ‘second best.’

Sharon is in the Jabot break room when Jack walks in. Not bothering to look at her, Jack asks Sharon how her photo shoot went. Sharon comments that she think it was a success. Jack tells her that while that is a wonderful thing to hear, he wants to fill her in on something that was discovered earlier on. Not understanding what he means, Sharon asks what was discovered. Jack tells Sharon that Jabot isn’t her place of pleasure. Eyeing him, Sharon asks him where he’s coming from. Picking up his coffee and briefcase, Jack heads for the door and tells Sharon that the conference room table isn’t her bed for her trysts with Brad.

In one of the Newman Enterprises conference rooms, Phyllis, who has returned to work, is looking over some of the headshots of Drucilla. Making two piles, Phyllis placed the ones she thought would work for the web site in one section, and the one’s that would be good for print in the other pile. As she continued to work, an already steamed Dru marches in, tossing her purse on the table. When Dru saw the pictures, assuming the Phyllis was compiling a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ system, she immediately snapped at Phyllis that she’s not going to let her decide what to use and what not to use. Phyllis tries to explain what she’s trying to do, but Dru won’t let her speak. Dru tells Phyllis not to test her or else she’ll tell all of Genoa City what’s she’s been up to. A baffled Phyllis stares at her nemesis, and asks what’s she’s talking about. With a raise of the eyebrow, Dru marches back out where she came in.


ABBY: “Why did you tell dad you ate breakfast when you didn’t?”

COLLEEN: “I need you to keep that as our little secret, okay, Abby?”

KEVIN: “Some guy was asking about you at the coffeehouse. I wonder what that was about.”

GLORIA: “He was at the coffeehouse?! Whatever you do, stay away from him, Kevin. Promise me.”

LOWELL: “What a handsome little fellow you have there.”

LAUREN: “Thank you. He’s even more handsome when he’s fast asleep.” (brief pause) “Have we met before?”


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