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#90 Thursday, August 9




Colleen asks Abby to keep a secret for her

Wiping sweat from his brow, JT looked at all of the belongings that Amanda had him help bring to the loft. He wondered how someone could accumulate so much in such a short period of time. Coming into the loft, Amanda had two large garment bags full of her dresses and other dress clothes. Shaking his head, JT told her that he’s glad that he made enough room in the closet for her belongings. Amanda insists that she doesn’t have a lot. Rolling his eyes, he pulls her into his lap and gives her a kiss on the lips. He tells her that he’s glad that she’s going to be living with him. Kissing him again, Amanda grabbed some of her boxes and made her way towards the bedroom.

At Crimson Lights, Michael and Phyllis are having their usual bonding session. Phyllis comments on Dru’s ‘absurd’ behavior at Newman Enterprises. Chuckling, Michael tells her that he has her beat. He fills her in on his visit with his father. Phyllis asks if a part of him was glad that he got to see the man who is his father. Scrunching up his nose, Michael tells Phyllis that he only went to Atlanta to face the man and be done with him for good; how could he want to get to know about the man who walked out on his family. Taking Michael’s hand, Phyllis tells him that he should just try to get to know a little bit about Lowell; what could possibly happen know after so many years.

At the Abbott house, Abby, who has come with Colleen, is reading a book when she brings up what happened at breakfast the previous day. The young girl asks Colleen why she lied about eating when she threw her food away. Seeing that Abby could possibly slip and tell her father about it, Colleen asks Abby if she can keep what happened at breakfast as secret. Shrugging, Abby asks again why she threw her breakfast away; questioning if something was wrong with it. Smiling a little, Colleen tells Abby that she tried to eat it but she wasn’t hungry. Extending her pinkie finger, Colleen asks Abby to ‘pinkie swear’ to keep quiet. Linking pinkies, Colleen is relieved when Abby says she’ll keep quiet.

During his visit to the prison, Kevin can tell that Gloria isn’t in good spirits. When she sits down, she tells him that she’s glad to see him; that she has something he should know. Kevin, worried, asks her to tell him what’s going on. Before Gloria tells him, she asks him how things are going at the coffee house. He tells her that business is steady. Kevin then makes a comment about some guy coming by asking about her. Looking at her son, Gloria tells him that the man that was looking for her was none other than Michael’s father, Lowell Baldwin. Kevin asks how she can be sure? She tells him that he paid a visit, and made it clear that he was going to get to know Michael more; as well as the rest of the family.

Adrian, walking into the foyer of the Abbott home, asks why Colleen isn’t dressed for dinner. Colleen tells Adrian that she doesn’t feel like going out to a crowded restaurant. Laughing a little, Adrian tells her that he had made reservations to a new hot spot, and was hoping she would enjoy it. Handing him the phone, she asks if he can cancel and just stay, cuddled watching movies with one another. Taking the phone from her. Adrian dials the restaurant, apologizing that he must cancel the reservation. Colleen tells Adrian to pick one of the movies on the entertainment center, while she goes to pop a large bowl of popcorn. As she makes her way to the kitchen, she once again feels her stomach growl , but ignores it, more determined to stick to her goal.

Coming from the athletic club, Lauren coos at Fen, as she places him in his stroller. As she was pushing it towards the door, she smiled as an older gentleman offered to open the door for her. Looking down, the man crouches down and tells Lauren that she has a adorable little boy. She smiles, telling him that he’s even more adorable when he’s fast asleep. Looking at him for a moment, Lauren asks if they’ve met before. Shaking his head, the man tells her that he’s new to Genoa City. Checking her watch, Lauren realizes she’s late for her visit with Katherine. Excusing herself, Lauren again thanks the man for helping her get the stroller out of the door. When she is out of sight, Lowell smiles to himself, pleased that he managed to not only see Michael’s wife but his little son.


  • Amanda bumps into Daniel at Newman Enterprises
  • Neil admits to Phyllis that the presence of Ji Min makes him feel like an outsider
  • Victor introduces Nick to Tyler


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