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#87 Monday, August 6




Could a crafty Lowell have an agenda when it comes to Gloria's sons?

Sharon is surprised that Nick has stopped over to her house. When she lets him in, she asks him how things are going for Summer. Nick tells his ex that she is doing well; keeping Phyllis and him on their toes every minute. As the two sit down, Nick informs Sharon that Noah is very upset about Brad being in her life. Sharon says that Noah will always have difficulty accepting that the two of them are not getting back together; he was upset when Phyllis was in the picture; as well as when Jack was in her life; so she can understand why he’s having a difficult time with Brad. Nick advises Sharon to not have Brad try to ‘buy’ his acceptance; if Noah is uneasy, then he shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for not being able to accept that his mother has someone else in her life.

Michael stares at Lowell, who has made himself at home on his sofa. Glaring at him, Michael goes over to the mini bar and pours him a drink. Shoving it at him, he demands to know why he’s at his house. Lowell, savoring the rich taste of the Jack Daniel’s, tells Michael that he wanted to pay a visit to him. Skeptical, Michael tells him their meeting in Atlanta should have been enough for him. Finishing off the drink, Lowell, proceeds to head to the bar to pour another drink, but Michael snatches the bottle away from him, demanding that he explain why he’s really there. Smirking at Michael, Lowell asks him what’s wrong with him getting to know his son. Slamming the bottle down, Michael tells Lowell that what he’s saying is bull; the only reason why he’s there is because he suddenly wants in on what his ‘prodigal’ family has.

Meeting up at the athletic club, Olivia give Brad a warm hug. As the two sit down for a drink, Brad asks how her work overseas had gone. Shrugging, Olivia admits that there are times where she misses it, but she always known her place was back at Genoa City. Brad tells her that she truly missed and is happy that she is back home. Olivia brings up Ashley and asks if he knows how she’s doing? He admits that they still communicate from time to time, but strictly regarding Abby. Olivia quips that she thought Ashley and he would always be together; smiling a little, Brad tells Olivia that he has a new lady in his life. When she questions if she knows who his new love is, Brad admits that she does; it’s Sharon Newman. Olivia nearly coughs her drink at hearing the words.

Lauren and Katherine are at Chancellor Estates when the subject about Paul’s investigation comes up. Lauren asks her what it is she’s exactly looking for. Katherine, goes to her desk and produces a folder of photographs of Phillip. Looking at them, Lauren isn’t quite sure as to why Paul is digging into the past. Katherine instructs Lauren to turn over the picture and read the name on the back. A curious look crosses Lauren’s face, as she asks who “Freddie Wilson” is. Katherine says that’s what she wants to know; and Paul is in Detroit right now, trying to find out exactly about the past she never knew. As the two are talking, the telephone rings. Answering it, she covers the phone and whispers that it is Paul. Lauren immediately comes by the phone to see what he has to say. On the other line, Paul tells Katherine that he was able to find out a few things about Phillip; he was very well-known by several people; but not as Phillip, but as ‘Freddie Wilson.’ Katherine tells Pau to keep digging.

After leaving Michael’s, Lowell steps into Crimson Lights. Looking around, he smiles at the cozy vibe that the coffee house has. As he walks to the head counter, he spots a face that he remembers from the newspaper articles about Gloria. When Kevin turns to face him, Lowell immediately remembers him to being Gloria’s youngest son. Flashing a smile, Lowell tells him that he just got into town and if he was wondering if he could help him locate someone. Kevin asks who it is he is trying to locate; Lowell asks in returns if he knows anyone in Genoa City by the name of Gloria Fisher. Not giving himself away, Kevin informs the stranger that he doesn’t know where she is. Pretending to believe Kevin, Lowell, sets ready to depart, telling him that he’s sorry for wasting his time. Once outside, Lowell, pleased in coming face-to-face with another son of Gloria, he pulls out his wallet to locate the news clipping of Gloria’s trial. Reading the name of the jail in the report, Lowell takes his cell phone to dial information.


LOWELL: “Well, hello, beautiful. I would tell you that you haven’t changed, but that would be a lie.”

GLORIA: “What the hell are you doing here? What do you want, Lowell?”

JILL: “So, did Paul shed some light as to who in the hell “Freddie Wilson” is?”

KATHERINE: “Well, all I know is that he was the ‘Big Man” of Detroit. Paul is still doing some more investigating.

(Abby looking on)

BRAD: “Colleen, you must have been really hungry. Did you wolf down your entire breakfast that fast?”

COLLEEN: “Yeah, I did. I’m in a rush; I promised Lily I would meet her at the coffee house.

(When no one is looking, Abby peers down into the garbage can)


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