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#86 Friday, August 3




Michael gets an unwelcome surprise

On their play date, Noah and Abby bound down the stairs of the Carlton residence. Sharon, who is slightly nervous, gives Brad a look, letting him know that it is time for them to talk to their children. Brad calls both Noah and Abby over to sit down for a moment. Noah in typical fashion, immediately suspects that there is something wrong. Sharon assures her son that everything is fine; they just have some good news to share. Abby asks what it could be. Brad tells the kids that Sharon and he are dating one another. Abby smiles and tells Sharon that she is happy for her; and that she wants her father to be happy. Noah, however, not wanting to hear any of that, lashes out and tells Brad that he will never be his father. When Brad tries to assure him that he’s not taking Nick’s place, an upset Noah storms out of the house.

Suitcases in hand, Olivia announces to Neil and Dru, who are at the breakfast table, that she booked a suite at the G.C.A.C. Neil quickly approaches and tells Olivia there is no need for her to do that. Sighing, Olivia tells Neil that she just thinks it’s too close for comfort; making sure to lock eyes on Drucilla. Seeing that he won’t be able to convince her otherwise, he offers to take her. Olivia, thankful for his gesture, declines, telling him she already has a taxi set to pick her up. When she walks out, Drucilla huffs defiantly. Neil again demands to know what she and Olivia were arguing over. Dru looking at her husband tells him he’s asking the wrong one.

At Chancellor Industries, Jill stops by Katherine’s to see what she’s up to. Katherine asks how the new Genesis line is going; Jill marvels that everything seems to be going as planned. Katherine grows quiet for a moment, and Jill makes the assumption that her mother has doubts about its possible success. Kay reassures Jill that she’s not at all doubting that she and Jabot can make Genesis a ‘go-getter.’ She informs Jill that she requested Paul’s help in finding out about Phillip’s past in Detroit. Sitting across from Katherine, Jill asks her if it’s about all of the photographs with the name “Freddie Wilson.” She tells Jill that something is not right and she won’t feel at ease until she learns about this ‘mysterious’ past.

Olivia is talking to Gina when Brad walks into the athletic club. Chuckling, Brad says that they seem to always bump into one another at the same location. Smiling, Olivia tells Brad that he will see much more of her since she’s moving into one of the suites. Brad jokingly asks if Dru is driving her nuts; Olivia states that he must be reading her mind, because that was the main reason for the move. Checking his watch, Brad asks Olivia if she has time for one drink. Shaking her head, Liv tells him that she has to go to the hospital to check on a few patients. As she is leaving to head up to her suite, Brad makes the suggestion that they get together again. Olivia promises to follow through the next time she sees him.

Nick finds an upset Noah sitting on the couch at the tack house. When Nick questions why he’s there, rather than playing with Abby, Noah blurts out that Brad and Sharon are dating. Nick asks how he found that out. Noah explains that Sharon and Brad told both he and Abby about the news. Seeing that his son is upset, he tells Noah that he understands how he feels. Noah says that his family is coming apart; Cassie’s death and now the fact that his parents are now apart and with other people; he just wants things to go to the way they once were. Nick tells Noah that nobody can replace his family; hugging his son tightly, Nick mutters under his breath, ‘not even Brad Carlton.’

Cradling his son, Michael thanks Lauren for bringing him by for a visit. Michael marvels at how big he’s getting. Lauren asks Michael where he has been. Still cuddling Fen, Michael tells her that he took a trip to Atlanta with Paul to find out about the person who sent him the letter he received. Lauren questions who sent him the letter. Handing Fen back to Lauren, Michael tells her that the letter came from his biological father, Lowell Baldwin. He continues to fill her in on the fact that he’s a bar owner and has a family there. Lauren asks how Michael felt upon seeing his father. Sniffing, he tells her that as far as he’s concerned, Lowell need not expect another visit from the son he walked out on.

Shortly after the departure of Lauren and Fen, Michael is interrupted from his reading by a knock on the door. Thinking that Lauren may have forgotten something, Michael opens the door. Unfortunately for him, it’s not Lauren or anyone else he’d be pleased to see. Instead, Michael is face-to-face with Lowell Baldwin. Michael immediately asks him what he’s doing in not only Genoa City, but standing at is door. Lowell smiles and tells Michael that since he came looking for him in Atlanta, it’s only fair for him to see what Michael’s city was like. Before Michael can even muster up another word, Lowell invites himself in, and asks if he has anything to drink.


  • Michael accuses Lowell of coming to Genoa City for ulterior motives
  • Paul informs Katherine that Philip had a busy life in Detroit; as Freddie Wilson
  • Neil begins to feel the green eyed monster when it comes to Ji Min
  • Brad and Sharon get hot and heavy in the Jabot conference room unaware that Jack has spotted them
  • Kevin discovers the man he met is in fact Lowell Baldwin


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