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#85 Thursday, August 2




Neil finds himself once again in between the squabblings of the Barber sisters

Handing Victoria a cup of latte, Brad took a seat across from her. He tells her that he is happy to know that the baby is doing well; without any complications. Victoria, enjoying their banter, admits that she feared the worst; especially after her last miscarriage. Taking her hand in his, Brad tells her that despite no longer being her husband, he will see it in his power to help her through her pregnancy. Pulling out the sonogram from her purse, she hands it to Brad. Looking at it, Brad admits he was tempted to ask the doctor if the baby is a boy or a girl. Giggling, Victoria admits that she was thinking the same thing. As the two are looking at the sonogram together; Sharon walks in, quite sure that she has walked in on a private moment between the two of them. Approaching them, Sharon greets Victoria. Victoria, not in the mood to deal with Sharon, bids both farewell. Once gone, Brad shows Sharon the sonogram, and expresses his happiness that the baby in good health.

Coming down the stairs in a teddy, Phyllis is more than ready to have a more private welcome home all her own with Nick. Since being out of the hospital, most of her days were spent making sure Summer was cared for and making sure she was way prepared for the new Chaos line. When she makes her way to the end of the stairs, she sees that Nick has dimmed the lights and has soft jazz music playing in the background. Making his way towards her, Nick wraps his arms around her, whispering all the naughty things he has planned for the two of them. Giggling, Phyllis locks lips with her husband. Mid make-out session, the doorbell ruins the moment. Trying not to make any noise, Phyllis whispers that maybe whoever it is will go away. Unfortunately, the voices of Jack and Jill kill the mood altogether. Snatching his robe, Nick grumbles that Jack’s life is work 24/7. Phyllis, slipping into her robe, folds her arms, not at all pleased to see Jack and Jill barging in on them.

Olivia rushes over, snatching the Palm pilot from Dru, demanding why she’s in her bedroom. Before Drucilla can answer, Olivia spots her attaché case on the floor and begins to open it. Furious, she tosses it on the bed, and tells her sister that she had absolutely no right to go through her personal belongings. Not appreciating the tone her sister is giving her, Dru matches withs with her by asking her how long she planned on keeping Phyllis’ secret for her. Olivia, not wanting to get into it, tells Dru that she had no right to come into her room and invade her privacy. Pointing a finger in Liv’s direction, Dru tells her older sister to cut the crap and admit that she’s covering up the fact that Phyllis knows the true paternity about Summer. As the two get into a shouting match, Neil opens the door, shouting to both of them to tone it down and tell him what’s going on. Glaring at one another, both sisters grow stone silent.

JT is surprised to open the door to find Amanda standing there. Smiling at him, she asks if he’s going to let her in, or just gawk at her all night. Pulling her inside, he asks what brings her over to his place. Sitting on the couch, Amanda asks if he has any wine left over. Grabbing two glasses, he pours the wine, but still questions why she’s there. Motioning him over, Amanda takes the glass from his hand and takes a sip. She tells him that after thinking his offer over, she’s more than ready to move forward in their relationship. When JT smirks at her, she asks if she has to actually say the words to him in order for him to be satisfied. Nodding his head, Amanda tells JT that she is ready to officially move in with him.

At the coffee house, Sharon, still a bit unsettled by seeing Brad not only with Olivia but then Victoria, blurts out that she feels that it’s time for Noah and Abby to learn that they are going to be a couple. Brad thinks it’s still too soon, especially after being recently divorced from Victoria. Narrowing her eyes, Sharon tells Brad that they can’t keep hiding the truth from their children; if Nick and others know, pretty soon the children will hear it from someone other than them. Realizing that Sharon has a point, Brad questions when would be the right time to break the news to them. Sharon tells him that they can arrange a play date for the two and tell them together. When Brad goes to get a re-fill of his coffee, Sharon silently wonders once she makes their relationship truly official, if Brad will inform the previous ladies in his life that he’s spoken for.

Tossing his coat on the chair, Neil again asks what all the shouting is about. Dru immediately locks eyes on Olivia and instructs her to tell Neil what’s going on. Olivia, not pleased with Dru’s bully tactics, tells Neil that she’s in no mood to be dealing with the latest squabble session with her sister. Picking up her robe and grabbing a towel, Olivia tells them that she’s going to take a bath and go to bed. When Dru is left alone with Neil, he looks at her, whispering what she did to get Olivia so upset. Rolling her eyes, Dru tells Neil to talk to that sister-in-law of his; she’s going to bed.


  • Sharon and Brad share their news with Noah and Abby; one child is pleased while another runs off
  • A frustrated and fed up Olivia moves to the athletic club where she once again bumps into Brad
  • Katherine informs Jill that Paul is digging into Philip’s past

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Good episode Venus. Even though I hate Sharon, I can understand her wanting to be recognized as Brad's significant other. I kinda feel bad for her.

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