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#70 Thursday, July 12




Michael tells Gloria Lauren wants out of their marriage

Lily is folding clothes when Daniel sneaks up on her, grabbing her in his arms. She asks him what he’s doing there so early. Daniel tells her that he missed her too much and just had to stop by. The two of them immediately pull apart when Lauren come from the back room. Shaking her head, Lauren assures Daniel and Lily that she’s not going to scold them. When a customer comes in, Lily excuses herself to help them. Lauren asks Daniel how Summer is doing. Daniel tells her that she is getting bigger by the minute. She soon asks if it is possible to talk to Phyllis into bringing Summer to see Fenmore. Realizing that things are strained between the two of them, Daniel doesn’t hesitate in getting his mother into setting up a play date.

At the Genoa City Courthouse, Brad and Victoria, both awaiting the judge, individually think to themselves of having a clean victory against the other. When the judge arrives, the proceedings get under way. Storm Logan begins by trying to paint Victoria as a vindictive wife who couldn’t accept the fact that their marriage was long over before it began. Logan goes as far as to say that Victoria and the rest of the Newman family opted to humiliate Brad by forcing him to leave a company he put his ‘heart and soul’ in. Once Storm finishes, John Silva steps up and talks about a wife who wanted to be cared for by a husband; a husband that opted to cheat one week after his wedding. As the opening arguments are going on, Brad and Victoria glare at one another.

Victor and Nikki are returning back to their house, after a day at the stables. When they get closer, they notice a young man standing at their door. Victor immediately asks what he’s doing there and what it is that he wants. A little nervous, the young man quickly introduces himself as Tyler, and that he was interested in the ad in the paper requesting help at their stables. Softening a bit, Victor opens the door and instructs the young gentleman to come in to be interviewed. After hearing about all of his works as a stable boy, as well as having expertise in handling horses, an impressed Victor tells Tyler that he can start first thing tomorrow morning. Nikki, although glad that Victor has found someone, has a leery suspicion about the young man.

After final deliberation, the judge returns with his decision on their divorce. The judge tells them that it was not a hard decision to make, after reviewing all the testimony. Brad, who thinks that he will win, smugly smirks in Victoria’s direction. Victoria, however, keeps her head held high and eyes straight in the judge’s direction, awaiting his decision. The judge announces that Brad’s request to obtain half of Victoria’s earning has been denied; pointing out that with the lifestyle that Brad is living now, as well as his new position at another company, there’s no need to take anything from her. The judge also points out that he finds Brad’s reasons for making that request to be purely malicious and as a way to get even for being discovered for his infidelity. Hitting the gavel, the judge announces that the marriage of Brad and Victoria Carlton is dissolved.

Sitting across the glass patrician Michael smiles at Gloria, who is more than happy to see him. She asks him how Kevin is doing, to which he tells her fine. He questions if they are treating her well. Waving a hand, Gloria tells Michael not to worry so much about her; she’s a fighter. She soon asks Michael if Lauren has come around to making up with. Michael grows quiet before revealing that Lauren has drawn up divorce papers. A livid Gloria tells Michael that if she wants to end their marriage then he should fight hard and seek full custody of Fen. A hurt Michael tells Gloria that it isn’t about demanding custody of Fen; he doesn’t want to end his marriage.

Standing outside of the courthouse. Victoria dials JT. When he answers she tells him that she is officially single and wants to meet him to tell him all the news. On the other end, JT tells her that she can meet him at Gina’s. Folding her cell phone closed, Victoria smiles as she quickly walks past an agitated Brad and Sharon. Once out of sight, Brad curses that the judge could have at least let him have some sort of compensation from Victoria. Sharon tells him that as established as he is, there’s no need to have anything else reminding him of his relationship with Victoria. Pulling Sharon close to him, he asks her now that it is all over; now that he’s free, is she still interested in being with him. Closing her eyes, Sharon draws him into a kiss, giving him her answer.


NICHOLAS (to Phyllis): You have gone months without speaking to Michael or Lauren. Don’t you think it’s time to end the animosity?

KATHERINE (to Jill, handing her a photograph): Tell me who that is.

JILL: It’s Phillip, Katherine. You know that.

KATHERINE: Yes, but who I don’t know is Freddie Wilson.

SHARON (to Brad): If we’re going to do this, it has to be real. No more fun and games.

BRAD (kisses Sharon): Is that real enough for you?


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