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#69 Wednesday, July 11




Sharon is served... courtesy of Victoria

Walking into the Abbott mansion, Colleen makes her way to the couch. Adrian, knowing that he’s in the dog house, remains silent when he comes into the room with her. Sitting across from her, Adrian tells her that he is sorry for hurting her feelings. Looking up at him, Colleen remains silent, pulling off her jacket to her outfit. Running his hands through his hands, he tells her that he doesn’t know why he made the comment to begin with and truly wants her to know how sorry he is. Locking eyes with him, Colleen tells Adrian that he can say sorry till he’s blue in the face; she’s not going to forget the hurtful comments he’s said to her; especially in front of her friends.

Lily and Daniel, who are also at home, are talking about the tense evening at dinner. Lily tells Daniel that she thinks that Adrian is a jerk for the comments he’s been making to Colleen. Daniel, loosening his tie, tells his wife that some people just have serious hang-ups about body image. Cringing, he immediately apologizes, pointing out that she was not who he was directing that comment towards. Nodding, Lily tells him that she understands. Looking at him, she asks Daniel what he thought of Adrian’s comments. He points out that Adrian has a good woman in Colleen and that if he’s not careful, his constant put downs will push her either away or push her into doing something harmful to meet his standards.

After talking to Victoria, both Victor and Nikki decide to head into the kitchen to get something to eat. When they leave, the doorbell rings. Pulling herself off of the couch, Victoria opens the door to a furious Sharon. Victoria tells Sharon that she has no time to talk to her and prepares to close the door on her. Blocking her, Sharon pushes her way in and waves the document in Victoria’s face, demanding to know what her reason for subpoenaing her was. Victoria snaps that since she’s the ‘home-wrecking’ slut that got with her husband, she will be presented as such. The two get into a heated argument, when Victor and Nikki race to see what’s going on. When Sharon makes a comment to Victoria not being ‘woman enough’ for Brad, Victoria gives her a powerful slap across the face. Victor quickly pulls Victoria away, while a smug Nikki tells Sharon to leave before she gets another dose of what she just received.

Katherine, still holding on to the mystery picture of Phillip, summons Esther to bring down the box she saw up in the attic. When Esther returns with the box, Katherine immediately begins to go through its contents. Esther asks what it is she’s looking for. Not looking up, she merely tells her that she wanted to look through some old pictures that she remembered having. When Esther offers to help, Katherine shoos her away. As Kay is removing items from the box, she spots another box at the bottom of some of the contents. Pulling it out, she opens it up to see more photographs of Phillip with various people. Flipping one of the photographs over, she’s stunned once again to see the name “Freddie Wilson” scrawled on the back.

A infuriated Sharon arrives at Brad’s house, ready to give him the details of her being summoned by Victoria’s lawyer. Brad tells Sharon that it’s not a good idea for her to be there. Sharon tells him that she could care less what is a good idea or not; she wants to talk to him about what Victoria is doing. Closing the door quickly, Brad leads her to the couch and has her explain what happened. She tells him that a courier came to subpoena her and how she got into a shouting match with Victoria. Grimacing a little, he tells her that he’s sorry that she’s going to be in the spotlight. When Sharon pours on the tears, Brad immediately holds her in his arms.


LAUREN: Daniel, is it possible if you can ask Phyllis to bring Summer by? I thought it would be nice for Fen

and her to play together.

DANIEL: Sure, I don’t see why it would a problem.

GLORIA: No matter what Michael, you fight for your son. If Lauren wants to walk out on you, then you fight her back.

MICHAEL: It’s not about fighting her, Gloria! I just don’t want to lose her; I don’t want to lose my son!

VICTOR: Excuse me, son? May I ask who you are?

TYLER: Um… I came to apply for the job of ranch hand. This is the Newman residence, isn’t it?


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Ooh! Good episode. Lapped up every bit of it.

I like that you utilized LML's stupidity through Adrian's comments to Colleen, and how you tied it into Daniel and Lily's relationship. Very nice work.

And the Sharon scenes were great, from the slap to her and Brad obviously digging their own grave by spending any time together at all.

Very curious as to what Lady Chancellor is up to!

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I am glad that you are liking the storylines thus far...We have tons more to keep you wanting more...Josh, mainly for your Colleen and the b&%ches of Newman

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