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#71 Friday, July 13




A trip to see Lauren puts Phyllis and baby Summer in danger

Daniel stops by the tack house to speak to Phyllis. He tells her that Lauren wants to set up a play date with Fenmore and Summer. Phyllis says that she will have to check her schedule. Tonight is the only free night she’s going to have in weeks due to NVP. Daniel says that Lauren is free tonight as well and was hoping Phyllis could come over. Phyllis tries to make up excuses to get out of it, but Nicholas encourages his wife to forge the friendship with Lauren for the kids’ sakes. Finally, Phyllis agrees to go over to the Chancellor estate and see Lauren and Fenmore. She promises Nick that she will try her best to work out her problems with Lauren as well. With a kiss on the cheek for daddy, Phyllis and Summer head out.

Michael is sitting at the GCAC, ordering drinks. He admits to Gina that he went to visit Gloria in prison and this is the result. Gina is not surprised and feels for Michael and Kevin to have Gloria for a mother. Michael toasts to Gina. Out of the corner of his eye, Michael spots Lauren trying to backtrack out of the club before he sees her. Michael calls out to her and invites her to the bar for a drink. Lauren doesn’t want another argument like they had before. She doesn’t want to hear Michael threaten to sue for custody. Michael apologizes for her outburst. Through talking, Michael admits that he fears that a divorce will only distance himself from Fenmore. Look at what happened between Michael and his father. Lauren promises Michael that she would never take Fenmore from him. He has her word.

At the Chancellor estate, Esther welcomes Jill back. Jill tells Esther to take her snide remarks and shove them! Katherine excuses Esther and thanks Jill for agreeing to come over. Jill informs Katherine that she cancelled a date because Kay sounded like she was going to have another stroke. What could have been so important that she had to see her? Katherine shows Jill the photograph and asks Jill to name the person. Jill automatically recognizes Phillip and asks for the point of this. Kay turns the photograph around and shows Jill the name, Freddie Wilson on the back. Who is Freddie Wilson? Jill claims to have no idea. She points out the date that the photo was taken, 1961, and says that it would have been before she and Phillip even knew each other. Jill says she never heard anyone call Phillip by any other name than his own.

Victoria arrives at the club and says her hellos to Michael and Lauren before joining JT at a table. She thanks him for coming to meet with her. JT asks what’s up and Victoria admits that the divorce has been finalized. She only wishes she were actually free from Brad Carlton, but the baby she is carrying will link her to the man forever. JT is glad that Victoria has finally taken control of her life and congratulates her. Victoria says she owes a lot of credit to JT. He was always there for her. JT notices Amanda walking into the club and calls her over, much to Vicky’s chagrin. JT tells Victoria that he and Amanda were planning to have dinner and that is why JT asked Victoria to come to the club. Amanda asks Victoria if she would like to join them, but Vicky declines. She needs to head home, and thanks JT for all of his help before leaving.

Brad and Sharon return to the ranch. Brad asks if Noah will be coming in, and Sharon says that Noah is staying with a friend at his cabin for the week. Sharon asks Brad if he was serious about what he said earlier. Does he really want to try a relationship out? Brad points out how much he and Sharon have in common. They have fun together. Sharon tells Brad that he was there for her when she needed him most after Cassie died. Sharon admits that, from that point on, she always thought of Brad as more than a friend. Brad and Sharon wind up in a kiss, but Sharon pulls away. She tells him that she is done jumping from man to man. She tells Brad that if they’re going to start something, it has to be for real. Brad kisses Sharon again, and asks if that felt real enough for her. Sharon gives in and kisses Brad back. Brad carries Sharon upstairs.

Lauren is heading up to the Chancellor mansion when she receives a call from Nicholas. He asks to speak with Phyllis because her phone is off. Lauren is confused and says that she is not with Phyllis, nor has she been. Nicholas wonders where his wife went to if she didn’t go to see Lauren. Meanwhile, Phylliss’ car is seen turned upside-down on the highway!


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What happened to Phyllis? I hope she is ok....I love Phyllis!

Good episode...clear and concise and too the point which is always good. I have a bit of catching up to do and I promise I will :)

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