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Episode #253 - Wednesday, May 2, 2007:

  • Maggie realizes Hope has just heard her confession!
  • Addie gets mysterious orders from a mystery caller to find any clues
  • about the Fury she can find.
  • Andy and Sarah team up to analyze all of the clues of the Fury.
  • Bo vows to find the Fury's identity as he sits by his mother's side.
  • Victor arrives and falls to his knees at her bedside, vowing nothing
  • can ever happen to Caroline.
  • Stefano stands in his room dedicated to Maggie. He says he and Maggie will be together soon. He recalls how when he first came to Salem, he clashed with Mickey Horton and how he kidnapped Maggie until Roman began investigating him and ruining everything.
  • Maggie covers up her confession with a lie. Will Hope buy it?
  • Jeremy and Jan arrive in Salem....
  • Stefano roams around Salem, dressed in his black clothes, trying to stalk Maggie.
  • Sarah thinks she has deceived Miguel into thinking she is with him on
  • helping him win back Melissa…but really, Miguel knows she is about to
  • double cross him.
  • Jeremy and Jan evade the police, but they sneak into the police
  • station to steal the file on the Fury.
  • Addie also sneaks into the station in an attempt to steal the same files.
  • Hope buys Maggie's lie…for now. Hope realizes something is not right
  • with Maggie.
  • Miguel warns Sarah Horton that he'll tell her sister, Melissa, the
  • truth about her. Sarah begs him not to. She says she'll do anything to
  • keep her secret…even if it means Melissa doesn't end up with Frankie!
  • Jeremy and Jan run into Addie. They begin fighting over the file on the Fury.
  • Stefano sees Maggie as she exits the hospital…he begins following her. She arrives at the Horton House. Stefano sneaks into the house and drugs Maggie’s drink while she is in the other room. Maggie enters, drinks her drink, and falls asleep on the couch.
  • When Hope confides in Alice about Maggie, Alice reveals she found wine
  • bottles in her garbage…and had the sense Maggie was lying about them
  • when she confronted her.
  • Maggie tosses and turns in her sleep. She has visions of when she was a little girl…and a fire raging around her.
  • Stefano decides to kidnap Maggie, but first he walks around the Horton House. He finds a bloody knife on Maggie’s desk, and he is frightened. Minutes later, Stefano finds himself upstairs investigating. He makes it to the Horton attic where he walks into the shrine Maggie has set up. Stefano is horrified. Stefano begins crying. Stefano realizes…Maggie Horton, his love…is the Fury.

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