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Episode #252 - Tuesday, May 1, 2007:

  • Steve begins to have shocking memory flashes.
  • Marlena also begins to have very disturbing mental images.
  • Shawn and Chloe have a hot moment when they encounter each other in the bathroom…
  • Sami comes face to face with Nicole and confronts her for bringing Lucas back to Salem. Nicole instigates Sami, who punches Nicole in the face…just as Peter and Lucas, Nicole’s brothers, walk in.
  • Maggie stands by Mickey’s (John Ingle) side. She breaks down and begs for his forgiveness for what she has done to the people of Salem.
  • Belle and Philip are shocked to see Chloe and Shawn in a very compromising position.
  • Hope refuses to let Bo romance her…even though he plans a romantic night for her.
  • Sami realizes Nicole has manipulated her into falling into her trap. Peter and Lucas both lash out at Sami for hitting their sister.
  • Tony continues to try and get through to Kristen…and he begins to succeed.
  • Maggie tells a comatose Mickey that she cannot stop killing.
  • Celeste nears Salem…ready to tell everyone Maggie is the Fury!
  • Marlena begins to have flashes of being in a country in Europe.
  • Steve is horrified when he remembers…
  • Jeremy and Jan return to Salem…guns drawn…ready to kill the Fury for killing Jan’s mother!
  • Lucas vows to expose Peter’s secret - whatever it is.
  • Chloe assures Belle and Philip she is not into Shawn…and nothing is going on. Unfortunately for Belle…Shawn cannot promise them the same.
  • Bo must stop his attempts to woo Hope when he learns his mother was attacked by the Fury!
  • Steve has a shocking memory flash!
  • Bo and Hope arrive to find Caroline is in the hospital in a coma.
  • Chloe is shocked when Belle and Philip reveal they think Shawn has feelings for Chloe!
  • Hope is shocked when she walks into Mickey’s room, crying, and telling Mickey Salem will never be able to forgive her!

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