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#012 Tuesday, April 24th



#012 Tuesday, April 24th

Anna learns of Carolee's (Edmund's wife) plan and is livid. She says that she gave up all rights to the children when she left, but Edmund says that she didn't legally relinquish her parental rights. Anna says that she's only doing it for money and Edmund says that Carolee's mother said the same thing. Anna asks when he talked to Carolee's mother and he explains about the visit. Anna says that it's not really wise for him to speak with her, because she might be trying to cause trouble for him, but Edmund assures her that she's on his side for this one. Edmund says that the petition for custody states that the children don't have a stable family environment. Anna says that the argument is ludicrous, because the children are always around their family. Anna tells Edmund not to worry and promises him that she will help him take care of this situation. Edmund says he doesn't need her to fight his battle, but she says that it's her battle too because it involves both him and her grandchildren.

Chester has convinced Yvette to go to up to their cabin in the mountains to relax. As soon as they are there, Yvette's cell phone vibrates and she goes into the bedroom to answer it. Norm is calling to tell her that the judge refused to hear the case, siting lack of evidence to support the claim of incompetence. Yvette says that they'll just have to find another way to get what they want done and Norm asks what does she suggest. Chester comes into the bedroom and Yvette pretends to be talking to a client and hangs up the phone. Chester says that they didn't come all the way up here to work and Yvette says that work has to come first with her.

Carol asks Cody what he was doing all the time he was away from home and he says that he was doing all sorts of odd jobs. She then asks if he ever got into any trouble and he nervously says no. Carol tells Cody that Trish told her about the incident in the store and he says it was just a customer acting up, that it's nothing to worry about. Carol seems sense that Cody isn't being honest, but doesn't say anything. She goes on to tell him that if he ever has a problem, that he can always come to her and talk about it. Cody thanks her and she leaves his room, he breathes a sigh of relief after she closes the door.


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