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#013 Wednesday, April 25th



#013 Wednesday, April 25th

Carol becomes angry at Estelle when she finds out about the deal she offered Anna. Estelle says that she didn't offer it to Donahue, because Carol had rejected a similar plan in the past. Carol says that Estelle must deliberately trying to help Anna bring Donahue down, but Estelle says that that is nonsense and that she is only making decisions that are smart for her own company, not Donahue. Carol says that Estelle knows what Anna has done to her and Estelle replies by saying that she understands that, but it's all part of business and she's not about to let her friendship with Carol get in the way of profit. Carol threatens to drop Estelle as her supplier, but Estelle laughs and says that she'd be asking for disaster if she did that, because no other supplier would be able to pick up the slack in time for the new fall lines. Carol says that she expected more from her friend, but Estelle tells her to stop expecting their friendship to effect business and then says that she's not Carol's lackey. Carol tells Estelle she's on thin ice, before storming out of Estelle's office.

Henry and Trish are at Number 37 dining, when Henry goes to the restroom, Anna comes over from the other side of the room and pulls a chair up to their table. She asks if they are talking about McGregor and Trish snaps at him that she's being as paranoid as ever. Anna says that one should suspect the worst when their the daughter of they're main rival is talking to her employees. Trish says that she shouldn't be concerned who she talks too, since she is married to Joseph anymore. Joseph says he's just trying to make sure that she isn't trying to help her mother pull some stunt to damage McGregor, but Trish says she doesn't get involved in her mother's schemes. Anna says she's not sure if he can believe her or not, but she says she really doesn't care if she believes her or not. Henry returns from the restroom and asks what Anna is doing here. Anna promptly goes back to her own table without saying a word. Henry asks what is all that about and Trish replies that Anna is just being ridiculous as usual.

Cody is dropping some items off at Claire's laundry, when she notices he looks a little shaken. She asks him what is wrong and he says he's just little tired. After he pays her and leaves, she starts to sort through the clothes he left with her, when she discovers a note in the pocket of one of the shirts. She gets ready to throw it out, but then decides to read it. The note is the same one Cody found on his windshield a few days ago. When Claire reads it, she immediately picks up the phone and dials a number.


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