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#011 Monday, April 23rd



#011 Monday, April 23rd

JC goes to Anna and voices his concern about Tyler working in the store, saying that he doesn't trust him. Anna says she's never heard anything bad about Tyler and JC says that in school Tyler always made it clear he didn't like the McGregors, because his father was laid off from a job at one of their factories. Anna responds by saying that it happened awhile ago and that Tyler has probably let it go. JC says that he doubts Tyler has forgotten anything and is likely has reason for coming to work for them. Anna says she doesn't really see any need for concern, unless something suspicious happens. JC tells Anna that waiting for something to happen is not the smartest idea and she should keep a sharp eye on Tyler.

Edmund asks Stephen for help with the custody battle, but Stephen says he doesn't have much experience with family law. Edmund says that he wants someone he knows to handle the case and Stephen suggest that it would be better to go to an attorney who specializes in family law, but adds that if he can't find anyone suitable, he will take the case himself. Edmund says that he's afraid that he might lose his children, but Stephen says that Edmund has always been a good parent and has plenty of people to vouch for that. Edmund then mentions that his mother-in-law is willing to testify in his favor if necessary and Stephen says that that is a very good thing to have in one's favor in custody fight.

Trish tells Carol about the confrontation she saw Cody having with someone that he claimed was a customer. Carol remarks that some customers can become belligerent for some reason or other, but Trish says that Cody was acting strange and that it seemed like much more than a difficult custom. Carol says that Cody has been away for so long, it's possible that he might have connected with some unsavory people in his travels. Trish says that she thinks it's best if Carol had a talk with Cody about it, but Carol rejects the idea saying that she's trying to rebuild her relationship with Cody and that she doesn't want to do anything to get in the way of that. Trish says that it's important to find out if he's in any trouble before they can repair their relationship.

Estelle brings Anna a hot tip about a small chain of department stores in Minnesota on the verge of bankruptcy. Estelle says that buying them out and starting regional chain out there would be the perfect test of the new partnership. Anna says that she always has wanted to expand out there, but never could come up with a reasonable proposal. Estelle says that they could create a outlet chain under a new name as a joint venture, with designer items for half the price of regular stores. Anna says she likes the way Estelle is thinking and says that she would like to see an outline of what Estelle has in mind. Estelle says that they have to act fast if they want to out maneuver potential rivals. Anna asks Estelle if Carol would be interested, Estelle says that she pitched a similar idea to Carol about another chain years ago, but Carol wasn't interested.


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