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Preview Guide



Preview Guide, Edition Two

In this edition of Preview Guide, we got an exclusive scoop from the Head Writer Phillip Connelly of Novi on what will be coming up, when we brief caught up with him.

Preview Guide: Novi has just completed it's second week, can you tell us what's in store for next week and beyond?

Phillip Connelly: I don't want to give too much away, but there will be a new character on the canvas by the middle of next week and a new element to a plot line is coming up.

Preview Guide: Anything planned for May Sweeps?

Phillip Connelly: Yes, we do have a good story planned involving Cody and the gamblers who he owes money. Carol will get caught up in the fold and it will become a very intense situation.

Casting News


Two-time Emmy winner Dorothy Lyman (ex-Opal, AMC) has been cast in the role of Claire Harvey. Claire is owner and operator of the local laundromat and Anna's old friend. Her first air date will be Tuesday, April 24th.

We also have learned that the sudser will slightly expand it's cast as the story lines heat up. Look for new additions to cast very soon. That's all for now, until next time on Preview Guide.


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