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Episode 42




Jack returns to the station and phones Carly once there. Carly meets him there and they share a brief reunion until Jack says that he has to get back on the case. Later, Dallas gets a tip that a truck load of girls is being unloaded tonight and soons calls Jack & Hal to tell them.

Paul insists to Barbara that this is not going to happen. He will not let Barbara go down for doing what everyone in Oakdale has wanted to do all along. Barbara makes mention of shooting James before and comments that the man is made of steel. Paul tells his mother that he is going to turn himself in....tonight.

Back at Memorial, James awakens to find Margo standing above him. She urges him to tell her who did this to him and he quitely mutters Paul's name.

Will and Gwen remember their romantic night together eating strawberries and whipepd cream and making love all night long. Will asks Gwen about Thredz's success and Gwen later gets a call from Jennifer that they need her at the office. Thanks to the auction/fashion show, orders are coming in from all different locations.

Katie and Henry relish in the success of the auction. Henry notes that with the money they've raised, there's no doubt that KATY will blow WOAK out of the water. Katie is amused at Henry's name for the station, since it's derived from her name. Henry tells Katie that she'll never regret helping him. Later, we see Henry make a mysterious phone call, confirming to someone that everything is set and ready to go.


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I just started watching ATWT recently and it's amazing how your version and the show's compare. You are a great writer. Every time I do get to catch ATWT, I'm confused becuase I think that your stories are the real ones and I'm waiting for what's coming up next. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback, Drew. I have alot of plans for this fan fiction. But I never realized that setting storylines in motion take so much time. Thanks so much for what you said. I looooove your fan fic. I definitely think if push came to shove, you'd give JERk a run for his money.

ATWT is a great show and I'm thrilled that more and more SON'ers are getting hooked. I love ATWT.

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