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Epsiode 41



Valentine's Day


Lily and Holden arrive at the gym with Luke in tow. Luke regrets showing up until he finds Maddie. They immediately hit it off. Heath, becoming a bit jealous, presents Maddie with a heart shaped locket.

Kim finally sees the blonde woman that Andy is talking to and goes crazy when she finds out it's Emily.

The bidding starts and the fashion show begins. Everyone is shocked at how beautiful the new line is, and comments that Gwen could be the next big thing.

When a mystery woman bids top dollar for Tom, Margo becomes unsettled. Tom assures her that it's all fun and games. The woman reveals herself to Roxie Milton, who just recently moved to Oakdale.

When Andy takes center stage, Emily starts bidding, but is soon thrown off when Kim and Susan both begin a bidding war. Susan eventually wins and tells Andy that he can spend all the time he wants to with Emily, but only for tonight. Andy reveals to a floored Susan that he and Emily are officially a hot romantic item, which throws an eavesdropping Emily.

Nick and Dusty decide to go onto the stage together. While Jennifer bids on Nick, Meg bids on Dusty. Later, Jennifer corners Meg and tells her that there is no way in hell she is sinking her paws into Dusty again. Meg calls her on why she was bidding for Nick and Jennifer just says that once Dusty has a night alone with Meg, he'll realize what he's losing by not being with her (Jennifer).

Will comes on stage riding a Harley Davidson motrcycle, complete with a leather jacket and all. Once he dismounts from the motorbike, the bidding begins. Carly confides to Gwen to let her take care of things. Carly bids all the way to $5,000 and Gwen is floored when Carly hand Will over to her, along with a key to the presidential suite at the Lakeview. Later, when asked how she chose his wardrobe, Gwen tells Will that she's always had a thing for bad boys.

Hal soon takes the stage as the event comes to a close and Susan ends up with the top bid. Hal tells Susan that he thanks her for being such a good friend and it's no offense to her, but he would rather just spend this Valentine's Day alone, as he looks over at Andy and Emily.


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