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Episode 40




Everyone gathers together at the gym for the Bachelor Auction.

Tom and Margo arrive wihtout Casey. They fill Katie in as to where he is and Katie is heartbroken that he felt the need to leave Oakdale to find himself. Katie also tells Margo that Mark is doing a lot better, but Mike still won't be back in time for the auction.

Maddie reminisces with a friend from high school, Heath Clayborn. They agree to go to her brother's fundraiser and they both get suckered in (by Henry) to running the kissing booth.

Lucinda gets discharged from the hospital, but Bob reminds her that she's in remission. That doesn't mean the cancer will never return. There's still a slight chance that the cancer could resurface.

Nick and Jennifer arrive at the auction. He calms her fears about Dusty taking Meg's side and consoles her by saying that Dusty's just a good hearted guy and he's looking out for both her and Meg. That all changes, however, when Dusty comes in...with Meg on his arm.

Will and Gwen arrive at the auction and find Carly. While Will gets drinks, the sisters talk of their excitement about the new line. Gwen tells Carly that Will is going to flip when he sees his outfit.

Andy and Emily arrive seperately and arrange to meet in the back of the gym. When they do, however, Kim (who can't seem to find Nancy) stumbles towards the back room of the gym. She sees Andy talking to a blonde woman and prays to God that it's not who she thinks it is.

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Good episode. Like Meg and Dusty together instead Justy as on the real show. Love the Kim reaction to the blonde Andy is with.

There was a Clayborn family on a show I used to watch ages ago:The Secret Storm.

Keep up the good work!

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