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Epsiode 39




Will meets up with Gwen at Java and tells her what Cass told him. She questions how Barbara could do such a thing, but consoles Will when she tells him that her paycheck will get them by. She tells him that she, Jennifer and Carly are showcasing the new lines of Threadz at the bachelor auction and promises that he will love his outfit.

Dusty and Jennifer enjoy a nice business lunch at the Lakeview with a few investors interested in investing with Threadz. They all tease Dusty about the bachelor auction and which Oakdale senior citizen will find him most charming. Meg comes in and Jennifer lashes out at her. Dusty stops Jennifer before she lets her temper get the best of her. Meg, highly upset, runs out to her car but is stopped by Dusty. He tries explaining that Jennifer will forgive her in time, but Meg won't listen and drives off.

Paul and Barbara discuss how they are going to handle everything. Barbara insists that she turn herself in and that Hal will understand and go easy on her. Paul interrupts his mother and tells her that if anyone's turning themselves in, it's going to be him. Barbara objects to the idea of Paul taking the blame for her crime and forbids him to do such a thing.

Katie and Henry have the gym all set up and ready to go. Finally relieved from all the hard work, they stand back and admire how beautiful a dirty old gym can shape up to be for a bachelor auction. Henry brings up the other day when they fell and is just about to admit his lingering feelings for her..but Katie mis-interprets and tells him that she, too, is glad that they have settled their differences, put their pasts behind them, and moved on.

Ben argues with Jessica about becoming a permanent member of the Children of Promise. She tells him that the Children of Promise is a cult...nothing more, nothing less. Ben, convinced otherwise, tells Jessica he's late for work, but has really used that as an exucse to get out of the house. He then goes to see Father Owen about becoming a permanent member of the Children of Promise.


Previews for next week:

Valentine's Day is a day to remember.

Kim and Susan have World War 3 but not the way you'd expect.

Hal's health comes into jeopardy.

Dusty and Meg celebrate Valentine's Day together, but not under the circumstances you would think.

Lucinda is discharged from the hospital.

Lily and Sierra argue over Lily's vow renewal ceremony.

Nick, Carly, Jennifer, and Gwen celebrate their victory as Threadz debuts it inaugural Spring Line.

Paul turns himself in, unbeknownst to Barbara.

Heath sets his eyes on Maddie, but her eyes lie somewhere else.

Curtis returns home.

Lisa hires a personal assistant...with a hidden agenda.

Holden saves the day for Jack.


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