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Epsiode 38




Jack and Dallas are both fearing for their lives when Panzico pulls a gun on him. Dallas takes control of the situation and explains that the girl reminds Jack of his wife who just died. Later, Jack thanks Dallas for having his back.

Gwen and Carly end up at Java where they both settle down over a capuccino. Gwen tells Carly that she just can't do this anymore and it's way too stressful for her, but Carly takes the tough love approach and rails Gwen for wanting to quit as soon as she's just starting to fulfill her dream of doing something with her life. Carly and Gwen bond as Carly promises Gwen that together, they can handle anything.

Hal goes to see Emily at Susan's and brings Daniel along. Daniel goes to play with his toys and Hal starts talking of how much Daniel means to him. Emily sees it as another one of Hal's ploys to try and coax Emily into getting back together with him. However, when she calls him on it, Hal declares to Emily that he's happy that she's happy and he's going to quit pursuing her. In a way, Emily is heartbroken.

Lily becomes agitated that Bob got called away on emergency just as he was about to reveal the test results. Eventually, Bob shows up but everyone ahs already left to go home. Bob tells Lucinda and Lily that Lucinda's cancer is completely gone and she has offically gone into remission. She will, however, need to come back in every few days to run more tests and to undergo a few precautionary treatments. Lucinda and Lily celebrate the new and bond Lucinda talks of Lily getting a mammorgram herself. Lily tells her mom that she's never going to get cancer. Lucinda appeals to Lily by saying that is the same thing she thought..but now, she's in a hospital bed recovering from breast cancer.

Maddie, completely shattered that Casey has left, goes to Metro and finds a boy that lokos like Casey. After a montage of flashbacks reflecting her rough, strained relationship with Casey, Maddie is startled when a familiar face approaches her.



Gwen: She...what?

Will: Gwen, I longer have a trust fund.

Gwen: How could your mother do such a cruel and heartless thing?

Will: She's Barbara Ryan. That's how.

Henry: Just so you know...I kinda liked...

Katie: Are you about to say what I think you are? Because I feel the same exact way.

Barbara: How am I going to survive this.

Paul: You're not.

Barbara: What do you mean?


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