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Episode 37




Jack and Dallas meet up with Panzico, who has brought along some buddies of his. They take Jack and Dallas to a strip club. When one of the girls starts getting a little too intimate with Jack, he pushes the girl off and declares that he's had enough.

Nick calls Carly and Gwen into the Threadz office. He lets them both know that their designs have been selected by a world-renowned fashion house in Paris for their spring runway show. Carly and Gwen are furious that Nick would shell out their designs...like candy. Nick insists that he only meant to show them just how talented they are, but Carly and Gwen storm out in a huff.

Paul tells Barbara that if they run, they'll never get out of this. He tells Barbara that he did tell his father that he would help in his latest scheme, but he didn't think it would turn out like this and he only did it in exchange for his freedom. Barbara is furious at Paul and thinks of kicking him out, but then realizes that if Paul left, she'd have nothing and be in hiding..alone.

Casey tells Maddie that he's moving to California with his brother and Maddie is beyond upset. He tries calming her down and wiping away her tears, but she pulls him into a passionate kiss. After a heartfelt and sincere goodbye where Casey and Maddie both admit their feelings for each other, Casey says goodbye to a tearful Tom and Margo and leaves for the sunny beaches of California.



Panzico: What're you trying to pull, kiddo?

Jack: Nothing. I was just...

*Panzico pulls his gun out and aims it at Jack and Dallas*

Emily: What do you mean?

Hal: I'm giving up, Emily. I'm done trying to chase you.

Lily: Mother, I love you so much.

Lucinda: You are the one of the only reasons I'm still fighting this.

Gwen: I quit.

Carly: Like hell you are!


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