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Epsiode 36




James wakes up to find the airplane cabin empty. He manages to dial 911 and tells them he's been shot. Paramedics rush in and take James to Oakdale Memorial. Paul takes Barbara back to the cabin in the woods. Though rattled, Barbara explainsto her son the fight over the gun and it going off. She tells Paul that if she knows James, he'll blame this all on her and press charges. Barbara thinks their best bet is to flee the country, but Paul calmly tells her they're not going anywhere.

Will is beyond pissed when he finds out his mom is dealing with James again and trashes Barbara's apartment. When Jennifer comes in, she is shocked at her brother's behavior and calms him down.

Andy and Emily manage to slip away just so Kim and Nancy do not see them. Once back at Susan's, Emily quickly tells Andy goodbye and they make plans about the bachelor auction.

Katie and Henry are decorating the gym when a loose wire sparks. Henry is able to save Katie just in time, but in the process, they end up on the floor together.

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Good turn of events. I especially like the James/Barbara stuff and Henry and Katie. I like Jessica's reaction to the "service" in the other entry. Keep up the good work!


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