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Monica tells Tracy what she did

Created by: Frank and Doris Hursley

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultant: Beebs and YRbiggestfan


Sebastian Westblogentry-14971-0-37137700-1408841637_th walks into the park with his book bag and sits on the bench. He looks to the left, then to the right and is certain that nobody is there. He takes out a small bag of marijuana, then looks for something else while focused on the bag.

Sebastian: Dammit.

Sydneyblogentry-14971-0-27463500-1408841661_th offers him a lighter. This breaks his focus on the bag and he looks up at her.

Sydney: Looks like you need one of these.

Sebastian: Thank you.

He reaches out for the lighter, but Sydney pulls it back.

Sydney: So are you gonna smoke that all by yourself?


MICHAEL’S APARTMENT - Kikiblogentry-14971-0-21739500-1408841682_th walks in with a gift bag, smiles, and takes a red teddy out of it. She turns to the table, which is pristinely set with two candles, handkerchiefs, silverware, two champagne glasses, and a silver, ice filled bucket with a bottle of champagne in it. She then gets a call on her cell phone.

Kiki: Hmm if it isn’t my sexy fiance. Wait till you get home.

Michaelblogentry-14971-0-33106300-1408841714_th is at ELQ sitting at his desk staring at his computer.

Michael: Hey babe. I’m...gonna be home a little late tonight.


Kiki: Let me guess...ELQ stuff.


Michael: Yeah we just got word that they’re gonna announce the winning bid for the Waterfront Project. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make it up to you.


Kiki (sighing): Okay. I can’t lie and say I’m not disappointed.


Michael: I know I know. I’ll see you later. Love you.


Kiki: Love you, too.



Monicablogentry-14971-0-84590700-1408841790_th steps away from the living room door as she talks to Tracy.

Monica: I’m gonna do whatever it takes to keep Carly away from Jason.

Tracy: And how do you plan on doing that? It hasn’t worked all these years. What makes you think it’s gonna be effective now?

Monica: I brought down Sonny Corinthos didn’t I?

Monica flashes back to giving a recording of Sonny admitting that he shot A.J. to Anna Devane…

Anna: What is this?

Monica: Listen to it. It’ll get you the fish you’ve been trying to catch for years.

Monica flashes back to the present.

Tracy: I don’t know how you managed to pull that off, but Carly isn’t gonna be that simple.

Monica: Trust me none of this is easy, but I’ll be damned if I let Carly destroy my other son.

Monica and Tracy turn around and there are Carlyblogentry-14971-0-01173100-1408841823_th and Jasonblogentry-14971-0-82433400-1408841871_th




Sebastian and Sydney are sitting next to each other on the park bench, and they have just finished smoking a joint.

Sebastian: You better not tell anyone about this.

Sydney: Oh please. It’s not the end of the world if someone finds you smoke weed. Besides, can you tell me where I can get some more of this good stuff from?

Sebastian: How do I know you’re not a narc?

Sydney immediately stands up.

Sydney: Don’t be ridiculous. Narcs normally don’t smoke joints!

Sebastian: Find your own weed guy.

Sydney: You’re a total ass!

Sebastian: Thank you.

Sydney: I’m hungry.

Sebastian: Go get something to eat then.

Sydney: Ugh!


Morganblogentry-14971-0-55755800-1408841960_th is outside of Kelly’s sitting on a bench, and Kiki walks up. Morgan notices her.

Morgan: Hey Kiki.

Kiki: Morgan what’s up?

Morgan: Just went for a run. What’s up with you?

Kiki: Nothing, just getting something to eat.

Morgan: Are you sure that’s it?

Kiki sighs.

Kiki: No it’s not.


Carly: I would never hurt Jason.

Monica: You...are poison. I lost one son because of you and Sonny and I won’t stand by and watch that happen again!

Carly: I’m sorry, Monica, for your loss. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost Michael or Morgan, but A.J. made his own choices.

Monica: You’re a human tornado. You leave destruction in your wake.

Jason: Mom that’s enough.

Monica: It’s true. You need to stay away from Carly before she destroys you.

Tracy: Jason we’ve gotta get to ELQ. The winning bids are gonna be announced soon.

Tracy walks out the door, and as she closes the front door, she walks and looks in her purse for something. Suddenly, Sydney bumps into her, and Tracy notices a lighter that falls out of Sydney’s purse.

Sydney: My God! Not only are you a bitch, you’re a clumsy bitch.

Tracy picks up the lighter.

Tracy: Hmm what would this be for?

Sydney: What is it to you?

Sydney tries to walk past Tracy but Tracy stops her.

Tracy: You wreak!

Sydney: Wreaks of what?

Tracy: Are you really gonna try to play coy with me Syd?

Sydney: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Tracy: Pot!

Sydney: I can’t wait till Luke gets back. It’s been a long time for you hasn’t it? You really need to find a hobby.

Tracy: Does Maya know that you light up joints?

Sydney: She knows all about that.

Tracy: Maybe where you lived before, but not here in Port Charles.

Sydney: Is there a point you’re trying to make?

Tracy: I bet Maya would ship you to an iron clad, maximum security, prison-like rehab facility. In fact, why don’t we call her right now and let her know...

Sydney (grabbing Tracy’s phone): Please...don’t tell my sister.


Jason: Mom can you watch Danny while I go to the office? Sam should be coming soon to get him.

Monica: Of course I’d watch my grandson.

Carly: I have to go to the MetroCourt.

Monica: On your way out of Port Charles I hope.

Monica walks into the living room and sits on the couch as she watches Danny continue to play with his toys.

Monica: Hey there my little grandson. Oh I just so wish Alan were here to see you. I’m gonna be in your life as much as possible.

Robinblogentry-14971-0-07323700-1408841998_th walks in with a suitcase, and Monica does not hear or see her immediately.

Monica: I never even got to know your brother Jake, but your big brother, Michael is thriving, and running ELQ.

Robin: Big brother Michael? Monica what are you talking about? The only brother Danny had was Jake.

Monica turns around and is shocked.




Monica makes a surprising vow

Created by Frank and Doris Hursley

Fanfic written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: YRbiggestfan and beebs




Maxie Jones (KIRSTEN STORMS)blogentry-14971-0-96260800-1407121436_th

Felicia Scorpio (KRISTINA WAGNER)blogentry-14971-0-28735100-1407121456_th

Maxie walks out into the living room with a blouse and jeans on to answer the door. It’s Felicia.

Felicia: Hiiii honey.

Maxie: Hey mom.

Felicia (walking in and looking around): Where’s Levi?

Maxie: He took his yoga mat and went to the park.



Levi Dunkleman (ZACHARY GARRED)blogentry-14971-0-87893700-1407121480_th

Detective Nathan West (RYAN PEAVEY)blogentry-14971-0-57120900-1407121502_th

Levi is on his yoga mat stretching while a shirtless Nathan has decided to take a break from his run in the same area after he notices Levi. Levi notices Nathan and stops his routine. He takes a towel and wipes his face and faces Nathan.

Levi: Hey mate!

Nathan: This is Port Charles not the outback.

Levi: Why are you being so hostile toward me?

Nathan: Because you’re up to no good. You made Maxie lose her child.

Levi: Are you projecting detective? As I recall, you were the one who lied on the stand.

Nathan: And you called the judge and told him.

Levi: Well as far as Maxie is concerned, you’re blowing a bunch of hot air.

Nathan: I’m not gonna stop until I prove to Maxie what kind of guy you really are.

Levi: And I suppose she’s gonna leave me and go running to your waiting arms. You really should move on.


Felicia: Are you ready for your trip?

Maxie: Yess, so ready. I can’t wait to get away from here.

Felicia: Do you mean Port Charles...or Nathan?


Nathan: You’re awfully sure of yourself aren’t you Dunkleman? Levi: I always am. That’s what Maxie loves about me. You on the other hand, blew the case against Silas Clay. You were so determined to pin your sister’s murder on him. Turns out Nina is alive and she’s not even your sister. So you see, a screw up like you doesn’t scare me at all.

Nathan: You think you’re squeaky clean. Nobody is squeaky clean. Especially not you.

Levi: I feel great when it comes to you looking for dirt to throw on me, because you won’t find any.

Nathan: I’ll be watching you like a hawk. Remember that.

Nathan turns around and goes to finish his run.



Jason Quartermaine (BILLY MILLER) blogentry-14971-0-31584300-1407121571_th

Robin Scorpio (ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON)blogentry-14971-0-37488800-1407121611_th

Carly Jacks (LAURA WRIGHT)blogentry-14971-0-46208900-1407121654_th

Robin walks into the living room, where Jason is with Danny. Danny is off at watchable short distance playing with his toys as Robin approaches Jason.

Jason takes a deep breath.

Robin: I’m going over to Patrick’s.

Jason: Oh yeah that’s right.

Robin: He’s Emma’s father.

Jason: I wonder how he’s gonna take it when you tell him you’re going back to Africa.

Robin: I gotta go.

She kisses Jason and on the way out, Carly walks in and she half-heartedly says hello to Robin, and Robin does the same to Carly and leaves. Carly mutters “bitch” under her breath and goes to hug Jason.

Jason: Heeeyyy heyyy heyyyy.

Carly: How are you? We haven’t talked in a while.

Jason: I’m great. Never better. Look at my son.

Carly: Reminds me of Michael and Morgan when they used to play with their toys.

Jason: I remember.

Carly: You know he’s looking more and more like you all the time.

Jason: I’m grateful. Robin saved my life.

Carly rolls her eyes at the mention of Robin.

Jason: Come on you guys should be over all that.

Carly: I don’t think I ever will. She had no right telling A.J. the truth. Everyone believed that you were Michael’s father, and that’s how it should have stayed, but that sanctimonious witch had to open her mouth. I wish you were Michael’s biological father.



Monica (LESLIE CHARLESON)blogentry-14971-0-48366700-1407121690_th has heard what Carly just said to Jason.

Monica: That’s because he is, and you will never know the truth.

Tracy (JANE ELLIOT)blogentry-14971-0-12591400-1407121719_th is walking down the stairs and startles Monica.

Tracy: Monica. Are you eavesdropping?



----------------------------------------PART 2-----------------------------------------

Maxie: Why is Nathan so suspicious of Levi all the time? Levi has done nothing wrong.

Felicia: Well you gotta admit some things are a little fishy.

Maxie: Are you talking about the courthouse stuff mom? Levi said he had nothing to do with the judge finding out that Nathan lied on my behalf so I could see my daughter. You sound like Mac now.

Felicia: And the immigration?

Maxie: Nathan called the I.C.E. so Levi can get deported. Nathan clearly has it in for him, and I’m sick of it. It will do us good to get away.

Felicia: How well...do you really know him?

Maxie: Levi has been a positive influence on me. He’s taught me how to be healthy and to trust in the universe, and it’s helped for the most part. I’m so glad I met him while I was away finding myself.

Felicia: I just don’t want you to get hurt. You should get to know Levi better before you go any further. Look, I didn’t come all the way over here to argue with you about your boyfriend.

Maxie: Oh so you came to see your beautiful daughter.

Felicia reaches into her purse.

Felicia: That and to give you this.

Maxie’s eyes widen with surprise as Felicia gives her the Aztec Artifact necklace.

Maxie: Wait wait wait mom. You’re gonna give that to me?

Felicia: Why not? It’s a family heirloom. Your grandmother wore it, and she passed it on to me, and now I’m passing it on to you.

Felicia goes behind Maxie and fastens the clasp so Maxie can wear it.

Felicia: It belongs to you know.

Maxie: Wow mom. I...thank you.

They hug.

Felicia: I’m gonna get down to the Floating Rib and see what Mac is up to. I love you.

Maxie: I love you, too mom.

Felicia opens the door and there is Levi.

Felicia: Levi.

Levi: Hello Felicia.

Felicia: I was just leaving.

Maxie: Hi. How was yoga?

Levi notices the necklace, but hides his shock. He flashes back to (Episode 9) when he first noticed the necklace on Felicia in front of Kelly’s.

Levi: It...it was great...as always.

Maxie: Look what my mom gave me. It’s the necklace that you were fascinated.

Levi: That’s the prettiest necklace ever.


Jason: Look I know that you and Robin are never gonna be friends, but can you both try to get along at least for my sake.

Carly: We’ve made some headway over the years, but gosh every time I look at her, I remember the chain of events she set in motion when she told AJ that he was Michael’s father. I don’t even know what Patrick saw in her.



Patrick Drake (JASON THOMPSON)blogentry-14971-0-77952900-1407121860_th

Robin knocks and a clean shaven Patrick opens the door, and he lets her in.

Robin: Wow. You look...this place looks…

Patrick: Clean? Yes I’ve decided that I need to get clean.

Robin: That’s...wonderful Patrick. That’s great news. Emma’s gonna need her dad, and so will Gabriel. Have you told Sabrina?

Patrick: No I haven’t called her yet.

Robin: Maybe she’ll soften her stance a bit and bring your son to Port Charles to see you. What made you decide to get help?

Patrick: Emma, Gabriel. I want my children in my life. I need my kids in my life.

Robin: And they need you. That’s what I came here to tell you. I’m leaving Port Charles.

Patrick: Who are you going to save this time?

Robin: AMFAR called me, so I’m going to Africa to help the children.

Patrick: What about Emma?

Robin: She’s gonna live with my mom and Duke. I’ve given her instructions that you can still have your supervised visits with Emma, but if things change with you. If you get better, she has my proxy to go to the court and lift that provision.


Jason: Don’t talk about Robin like that.

Carly: She’s still as high and mighty as she’s always been.

Jason: Can we change the subject?

Jason first looks over at Danny and then Carly follows suit.

Carly: A.J. might still be alive, if you turned out to be Michael’s father. Do you ever wonder how things may have turned out if that was the case?

Jason: Yeah...I do.


Monica: Don’t you have anything better to do Tracy? Go call Ned or Dillon. When was the last time you talked to your sons?

Tracy: As a matter of fact I am on my way to ELQ so we can watch the press conference. They’re gonna announce who they’re going to award the waterfront property to.

Monica: Hopefully it will be my grandson who wins.

Tracy: Wait a minute don’t try to change the subject. What are you doing eavesdropping on a private conversation?

Monica: It’s Carly and Jason, and Carly’s reminiscing.

Tracy: About what?

Monica: I remember when Hurricane Carly blew into Port Charles and left a wake of destruction, and yet she’s sitting in my living room shooting the breeze with my son about what happened to A.J.

Tracy: You seem angry still.

Monica: Carly is a human tornado. She destroyed her mother’s marriage, and with the help of Sonny Corinthos, destroyed my son!

Michael was the only person, the only reason, that A.J. had any reason to live. What did I do wrong?

Tracy: You act like you failed A.J. He made his own decisions. You did all you could do as a mother. A.J. just got involved with the wrong people.

Monica: I hate the fact that Carly is sitting in my living room talking to Jason after all the crap she’s pulled.

Monica flashes back.(EPISODE 1)

...she sighs and pulls up something on her computer.

Monica: There’s just one more thing that will make everything complete.

Monica looks at a DNA test showing that Jason is Michael’s biological father.

Monica flashes back to the present….

Monica: I’m gonna do whatever I need to do to keep Carly away from my family.




Nina makes plans for Silas

Written by C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultant: YRbiggestfan



At the park, Bradblogentry-14971-0-97207400-1406601161_th and Lucasblogentry-14971-0-07332000-1406601177_th are sitting on a blanket having their picnic. While Brad is eating, he’s thinking about something else..


Felix: Where are you off to? It’s early for you to be getting off.

Brad: Lucas and I are going out.

Felix: Well that’s...that’s good.

Felixblogentry-14971-0-93788700-1406601200_th refocuses himself on whatever it is that he was inputting into the computer.

Brad: Could’ve been you ya know?

Felix: Are you with Lucas just to stick it to me? Because if that’s true, it’s not gonna last. Go have your picnic. Lucas is far from stupid. He’s gonna notice it, and it’s really not fair to him.

Brad: You wanted to know why I was leaving early, and I told you. Have a good day.


Brad snaps himself out of it while Lucas has a flashback of his own…


KELLY’S...Lucas walks to the door with two bags in each of his hands. He leans on it so he can open it, but as he leans, Sebastian opens the door with his left hand, and puts his right hand to Lucas to stop him from falling. Lucas quickly turns around, and seems captivated.

Lucas: Thank you. That would’ve been bad if I’d fallen and spilled this.

Sebastian: You’re welcome. You must be having a party. I don’t think you’re gonna eat that all by yourself.

Lucas: No it’s for me and…

Sebastian: Your boyfriend?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sebastian smiles.

Sebastian: Lucky him.

Lucas snaps out of his flashback…

Brad: Wow you were a hundred thousand miles away. What were you thinking about?

Lucas: Ummm...this food. It’s pretty good.


ON ANOTHER SIDE OF THE PARK...Shawnblogentry-14971-0-78980600-1406601242_th is on his cell phone with Jordanblogentry-14971-0-99053200-1406601319_th as he sips on a cup of water filled with ice.

Shawn: When are you coming back home?


Jordan: When the DEA gives me the okay. You know I can’t just up and abandon my assignment.


Shawn: Come on Jordan. Look I miss you.


Jordan: I miss you, too. I’ll be home as soon as I can.


Shawn: I love you.


Jordan: Love you, too.

Meanwhile, Mayablogentry-14971-0-06371400-1406601345_th is jogging and as soon as she sees a bench, she goes to sit down. She rubs her right knee and winces at the discomfort. Shawn is walking and notices Maya, and Maya naturally looks up at Shawn, and the two make extended eye contact.


SILAS’S APARTMENT - Samblogentry-14971-0-58233600-1406601371_th and Silasblogentry-14971-0-11202800-1406601392_th are lying on the couch together and Silas holds Sam.

Sam: We’re almost there huh?

Silas: After everything we’ve been through.

Sam: Rafe’s death.

Silas: Patrick being fired.

Sam: Although there’s one more obstacle we have to overcome.

They look at each other and simultaneously say “Nina.”


NINA’S SUITE - Ninablogentry-14971-0-04640300-1406601429_th is on the phone with Madelineblogentry-14971-0-07657600-1406601448_th.

Nina: Mom I saw Silas propose to Sam in the MetroCourt. It was the most agonizing thing I’ve ever seen. I wanted to throw up a hundred times.


Madeline: I don’t know why you’re hung up on that adulterous man. You need to move on Nina.


Nina: If I can’t have SIlas, nobody will. There’s no way he’s gonna marry Sam.


BACK AT SILAS’S, someone knocks on the door. Silas answers it and it’s Michaelblogentry-14971-0-10595200-1406601488_th and Kikiblogentry-14971-0-57017100-1406601511_th.

Sam: Hi. Come on in.

Kiki: Hey.

Michael: Congrats are in order huh. Kiki and I aren’t the only ones getting married.

Silas: That’s why we called you over.

Sam: We were wondering if...you wanted to do a double wedding.

Michael and Kiki look at each other.

Kiki: That sounds like a great idea, but there’s one problem right?

Michael: Well Sam you and Jason’s marriage ended because he was declared legally dead.

Kiki: But Silas and Nina’s marriage...is still valid.


Nina is still on the phone with Madeline as she looks at her old marriage license, and Sebastian walks in unseen by Nina.

Nina: We’re still married, and we’re gonna be a family.

Nina hangs up, turns around, and sees her sonblogentry-14971-0-02579500-1406601549_th.

Sebastian: Mom what family are you talking about?



HOSPITAL - Felixblogentry-14971-0-93788700-1406601200_th and Epiphanyblogentry-14971-0-68992700-1406604022_th are sitting on a bench near a window.

Epiphany: Brad is playing games. I don’t know why you let him make you so upset.

Felix: You know at first I couldn’t stand Brad. All he wanted was sex, but after some time passed, I started seeing him differently. I thought we could work on something until...

Epiphany: You found out that he helped Britt steal Lulu’s embryo.

Felix: I haven’t looked at him quite the same since.

Epiphany: Yeah Brad did all of those things, but you still have feelings for him, and from what I can tell, he’s only with Lucas because he can’t be with you. Seems like he’s made his decision, and you need to make one, too.

Felix: What are you trying to tell me?

Epiphany: Start seeing other people. Leave Brad and Lucas be. Move on.


Lucas: My Aunt Ruby’s recipe is still delicious. She ran Kelly’s for years.

Brad: I heard about her.

They both look at each other and nod their heads knowing that Ruby was a madam.

Brad: Well my dad had his share of concubines.

Lucas looks at Brad and smiles.

Brad: What’s so funny?

Lucas: This is how we met remember?

Brad: The Floating Rib.

Lucas: I just found out that my father Julian was a mobster.

Brad: And I told you about my dad being a mobster.

Lucas: We were sharing parental mob stories.

Brad: Have you heard from your dad?

Lucas: He texted the other day. He’s sticking it out with Alexis. You know you told me about your dad, but not about your mom. I wonder why you don’t talk about her.

Brad: There’s not much to say. We haven’t spoken much since I came out.


Shawn: Are you okay?

Maya: Yeah I’m...I’m fine.

Shawn takes three napkins out of his pocket, pours ice from his cup in them, and places the makeshift ice pack gently on Maya’s sore right knee.

Shawn: This might help.

Maya: Thank you.

Shawn: If you elevate it, it might help reduce some swelling.

Maya: Hey I don’t know you.

Shawn: Shawn Butler.

Maya smiles and Shawn smiles back.

Maya: Maya Ward.


Silas: I don’t think Nina’s gonna give me a hard time about divorcing.

Kiki: I’m not so sure about that dad.

Sam: After everything she’s done, do you think she’s just gonna grant you a divorce so we can get married?

Michael: Can you really trust Nina to do the right thing?

Silas: I don’t really know, but somehow I think that this is all gonna work out.


Nina: Eavesdropping is rude. How much of that did you hear?

Sebastian: You said something about having a family. With whom? The guy you’re still married to? Silas Clay?

Nina: I’m talking about Silas, you, Kiki and me.

Sebastian: But Kiki isn’t your daughter.

Nina: Blood doesn’t always make you family.

Sebastian: Yeah so I’ve heard. Grandma told me that Silas cheated on you with Kiki’s mom. I’m surprised you haven’t divorced his ass yet.

Nina: That’s true, but sometimes you have to learn to forgive. When I first woke up from my coma, I was mad as hell about what Silas did, but I’m over it now.

Sebastian grabs his backpack.

Sebastian: Yeah mom if you say so.

Nina: What’s the matter? You don’t believe me?

Sebastian: Not one bit.

After Sebastian leaves…

Nina: Oh son you’re so perceptive. Your father has no idea what I have in store for him.




EPISODE 10 - Nathan overhears a mysterious conversation


NINA’S HOUSE - Sebastianblogentry-14971-0-71928000-1404348853_th is on his tablet with headphones on, lip synching words to music, and Ninablogentry-14971-0-17971200-1404348905_th, who is dressed in a tan power suit, pulls back one of the earphones and yells “helloooo!”

Sebastian: Mom!

Nina: Oh no you’re not gonna sit around here day after day on your tablet like you did at your grandmother’s. You either work, or go to school, but I’m not gonna let you be a bum.


AT THE HOSPITAL - Bradblogentry-14971-0-99375400-1404348956_th is talking to Lucasblogentry-14971-0-00822200-1404348979_th at the sixth floor elevators.

Brad: How’s your mom?

Lucas: She landed safely at Sea-Tac.

Brad: Good. You didn’t forget our picnic today right?

Lucas: Not at all. I’m heading to Kelly’s now.

Brad: That’s what I do for my babe. I’ll meet you at the park later.

They kiss as the elevator doors open, and Lucas leaves.


PARK - The day is bright and sunny while Lulublogentry-14971-0-93070900-1404349093_th sits on a bench with her son Rocco in his stroller. Maxieblogentry-14971-0-55206700-1404349151_th is sitting next to her.

Lulu: You’re gonna come to my housewarming right?

Maxie: Why wouldn’t I Lulu? Of course I am.

Lulu: Because I’m ordering twenty slabs of ribs from The Floating Rib and mac and cheese.

Maxie: So you’ve got jokes about Levi huh? You know he doesn’t eat any of that, and he doesn’t encourage me to eat it either.

Lulu: Come on Maxie. This isn’t even you. You love ribs and mac and cheese. You don’t see what he’s doing to you.

Maxie: You don’t even know him. None of you do. Not like I do. He’s caring, he’s tender, and he’s changed my life.

Lulu: He cost you six more months with your daughter. What kind of a man does that?


MAXIE’S APARTMENT - Leviblogentry-14971-0-69372100-1404349215_th is in the living room stretching out when his cell phone rings. He stops his yoga routine, sighs nervously, and answers it. Nathanblogentry-14971-0-39734000-1404349346_th, who just took a shower, walks to the living room unseen by Levi.

Levi: Hello father.




NINA’S OFFICE - Nina is sitting at her desk on the office phone, and she flashes back to what she said to Sebastian. Tracy knocks on the door and seems to snaps Nina out of it.

Tracy: I got what you want.

Nina is still staring off into proverbial space.

Nina: Tracy.

Tracy: Where were you just a minute ago?

Nina: I just brought my son to town, and I already see he’s gonna be a handful.

Tracy: You seem concerned. Is there anything I can do to help? I have two sons of my own. I think I know a little bit about mothering.

Nina: Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle Sebastian.

Tracy: Listen. If you’re worried about him getting it right, he will. My son Dillon did. I’m sure he will, too.


HOSPITAL 6TH FLOOR NURSE’S STATION - Felix is there typing something in one of the computers when Brad walks up all smiles, and in plain clothes instead of his lab coat. Felix, dressed in blue scrubs, stops typing and focuses on Brad.

Felix: Where are you off to? It’s early for you to be getting off.

Brad: Lucas and I are going out.

Felix: Well that’s...that’s good.

Felix refocuses himself on whatever it is that he was inputting into the computer.

Brad: Could’ve been you ya know?

Felix: Are you with Lucas just to stick it to me? Because if that’s true, it’s not gonna last. Go have your picnic. Lucas is far from stupid. He’s gonna notice it, and it’s really not fair to him.

Brad: You wanted to know why I was leaving early, and I told you. Have a good day.

Brad leaves and Epiphanyblogentry-14971-0-43771100-1404349447_th walks up to Felix from behind.

Felix: The patient in 621. I put all their charts in the system. The doctors shouldn’t have a problem finding it.

Epiphany: Chile please I ain’t worried about that. I know you do good work.

Felix: Thank you.

Epiphany: But you ain’t doin’ so good with hiding your feelings for Brad.

Felix: However true that may be, he’s with Lucas, and I’ve gotta respect that.


KELLY’S...Lucas walks to the door with two bags in each of his hands. He leans on it so he can open it, but as he leans, Sebastian opens the door with his left hand, and puts his right hand to Lucas to stop him from falling. Lucas quickly turns around, and seems captivated.

Lucas: Thank you. That would’ve been bad if I’d fallen and spilled this.

Sebastian: You’re welcome. You must be having a party. I don’t think you’re gonna eat that all by yourself.

Lucas: No it’s for me and…

Sebastian: Your boyfriend?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sebastian smiles.

Sebastian: Lucky him.


Maxie: That was a while ago. He’s tried to make it up to me ever since.

Lulu: Maxie I can’t believe how blind you are to him. He told the judge that Nathan lied on your behalf, and you have to wait to see Georgie because of it.

Maxie: If I hadn’t thrown away the court notice, nobody would have had to lie. It was all my fault.

Lulu: Let me guess, Levi got you to see that, right? Put the onus back on you.

Maxie: It was my fault Lulu. Why can’t you see that Levi is good for me?

Lulu: Because he’s not. Any man who will cause a woman to lose their kid is no good for anyone.


Levi just answered his cell phone while Nathan listens.

Levi: You’ll have to give me more time. I’m doing what I can do. I think I’ve done well considering the circumstances. Things are coming together.

Nathan steps back behind a wall, still unseen by Levi.

Nathan: Who’s his father?




Michelle Stafford as Nina Clayblogentry-14971-0-17971200-1404348905_th

Justin Gaston as Sebastian Westblogentry-14971-0-71928000-1404348853_th

Parry Shen as Brad Cooperblogentry-14971-0-99375400-1404348956_th

Ryan Carnes as Lucas Jonesblogentry-14971-0-00822200-1404348979_th

Emme Rylan as Lulu Spencer Falconeriblogentry-14971-0-93070900-1404349093_th

Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jonesblogentry-14971-0-55206700-1404349151_th

Ryan Peavey as Detective Nathan Westblogentry-14971-0-39734000-1404349346_th

Zachary Garred as Levi Dunkelmanblogentry-14971-0-69372100-1404349215_th

Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnsonblogentry-14971-0-43771100-1404349447_th



GENERAL HOSPITAL 9 New arrivals at the Quartermaines

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

KELLY’S DINER - Carlyblogentry-14971-0-99572500-1403469749_th and Josslynblogentry-14971-0-98130900-1403470293_th walk in and take their seats with Josslyn facing the window…

Carly: What do you want honey?

Josslyn: I might have been in Australia with daddy, but nothing has changed.

Carly: Okay okay, you want those curly fries.

Josslyn: With ketchup on the side.

Carly: Great.

Josslyn: And what else?

Carly: Oh I forgot. A pickle.

Josslyn: Right. Thanks mom.

Carly: You’re welcome honey. Stay right there.

Carly walks up to the counter and Shawnblogentry-14971-0-00611000-1403470314_th approaches her from behind it.

Shawn: Josslyn’s gotten big huh?

Carly: Yeah and her mouth has gotten fresher.

Shawn: Usual for the kid huh? Curly fries, ketchup on the side, and a pickle.

Carly: Thanks.


OUTSIDE OF KELLY’S - Leviblogentry-14971-0-26759400-1403470333_th and Maxieblogentry-14971-0-72933300-1403470404_th are arm in arm walking slowly, then they stop in front of the window. Levi’s back is to the window.

Maxie: I don’t know what’s going on between you and Nathan.

Levi: I don’t either. Maybe he’s jealous.

Maxie: Oh I don’t think that’s the case.

Levi: Come on Maxie. You can’t be that blind. The guy likes you.

Maxie: Well I don’t feel that way about him. I reserve that for you.

Levi: That’s why...I want to take you on a trip.

Macblogentry-14971-0-28449200-1403470460_th and Felicia[attachment=1065:FeliciaGH.jpg] approach them. Felicia is wearing a distinct piece of jewelry. A row of three red and three green jewels line the necklace.

Mac: The hell you are!


MICHAEL’S OFFICE AT ELQ - Michaelblogentry-14971-0-48982800-1403470584_th sits at his desk when Kiki walks in.

Kiki: Where’s Jason?

Michael: He wanted to be home to greet my cousins when they get here.

Kikiblogentry-14971-0-29426800-1403470605_th slowly closes the door and gets seductive…

Kiki: Oh so you’re telling me that we have the office all to ourselves.

Michael: Yep. Sure do.

Kiki and Michael approach each other and kiss.


QUARTERMAINE MANSION FOYER - Tracyblogentry-14971-0-96588100-1403470630_th is on her cell phone.

Tracy: How is he? Who? Luke Spencer. I’ve only called a hundred times to check on him over the past few weeks. No change? Okay, but you will keep me posted on his condition, please? Thank you.

Tracy hangs up. Monicablogentry-14971-0-02277200-1403470701_th comes to the top of the stairs unseen by Tracy, and observes her. Tracy sighs to hide her sadness at Luke’s condition, then she makes her way to the living room.


QUARTERMAINE LIVING ROOM - Jasonblogentry-14971-0-88901600-1403470663_th has his feet up on the coffee table on his tablet. He reads an article that reads “Bid for waterfront property acquisition heats up.” Tracy walks in, and goes to pour herself a drink.

Tracy: Shouldn’t you be at the office?

Jason: I don’t answer to you Aunt Tracy.

Tracy: You need to be working on acquiring that waterfront property. You never know who else is trying to get it.

Jason: Michael’s there.

Tracy: You leave Michael to do everything don’t you?

Jason sighs with exasperation as Monica walks in.

Jason: He’s doing a great job.

Tracy: You know I almost liked you better when you were a mobster.

Monica: You leave my son alone.

Tracy then turns to Monica.

Tracy: Here comes mommy to the rescue. You defend this laziness!

Monica: Jason can do whatever he wants to do.

Tracy: Oh my goodness. I bet daddy and Alan are turning in their graves.

Monica: ELQ is in great shape. And besides how are you going to criticize my parenting? Where are your sons?

Tracy: Off living productive lives, unlike Jason!

Monica: At least I didn’t ship him off to boarding school because I couldn’t be bothered!

Tracy: You think you know everything!

Jason (still looking at his tablet): Here comes an argument.

Monica: I know that I’m here for my children and grandchildren whenever they need me! You should try that sometime!

Tracy: Oh you’re just mother of the year aren’t you?

Monica and Tracy start talking over each other and an argument indeed ensues as Mayablogentry-14971-0-43927900-1403470723_th and Sydneyblogentry-14971-0-53588300-1403470746_th walk in with their suitcases. Maya and Sydney look at Tracy and Monica arguing, look at each other.

Maya: Heeeyyy!!!

Monica and Tracy stop arguing and look at the girls.

Maya: We’re here!





Michael and Kiki are lying on the couch covered by a blanket after having made love.

Michael: That was the best break I could have taken.

Kiki: You sound like you’re satisfied.

Michael: Everything I eat doesn’t have to be filling.

Kiki: As long as it’s tasty, you shouldn’t want for anything else right?

Michael: Oh it was definitely a delectable treat.

Kiki: It’s a good thing Jason isn’t here.

Michael: Why?

Kiki: Because I wonder what snacks you have to offer.

Michael: Some jerky maybe.

Kiki: Beef jerky huh?

Michael: It’s definitely no turkey.

Kiki: Hmmm where you are hiding this.

Michael: I think you know where to find it.

Kiki puts her head underneath the blanket.


BACK AT THE Qs, Maya and Sydney have arrived, and Tracy approaches them, along with Monica and Jason.

Jason: Hey welcome back.

Maya: Thank you cousin.

Jason: I’ll take your bags to your rooms.

Sydney: Don’t you guys have maids for that?

Tracy: You think you’re entitled?

Monica: Welcome, both of you.

Maya: Thank you Monica.

Monica: You two must be hungry. I can have cook make you something.

Maya: Thanks Monica. I’ll probably eat later.

Sydney: No I’m hungry now.

Maya: Syd I was gonna take you to Kelly’s.

Sydney: I don’t want any diner food. Monica, I’ll have a tossed salad with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh cucumbers, and light Italian dressing.

Monica: Sure, I’ll let cook know.

Monica leaves and Tracy starts on Sydney.

Tracy: Monica’s not your waitress Zoe!

Sydney: Do not call me Zoe. I hate that name. I go by my middle name Sydney.

Tracy (turning to Maya): And why did you change her name to Ward?

Maya: I don’t have to explain to you Tracy. Syd do you wanna go to Kelly’s with me?

Sydney: I’ll catch up with you.

Maya, sensing what might happen, makes a veiled plea to Sydney.

Maya: Sydney? Let’s go.

Tracy: Yeah Zoe, go with your sister.

Sydney: After I eat my salad.

Maya: Okaaay.

Maya gives up trying to get Sydney to come with her and leaves.

Tracy: I’m gonna tell you something young lady. Being Maya’s sister is not your saving grace.

Sydney steps past Tracy and looks around.

Sydney: Maya told me allll about this place. Her descriptions didn’t do it justice. This is a palace. Can you take me on a tour?

Tracy: Excuse me?

Sydney: You’re loaded aren’t you?

Tracy: You’re a piece of work.

Sydney turns back to face Tracy.

Sydney: My big sister also told me how much of a bitch that you were, and justice wasn’t served there either.

Tracy: Is that right?

Sydney: Because you’re more than she described.

Monica returns with a tray and a plate of salad.

Monica: Here you are Zoe.

Sydney: Thank you. It’s Sydney. I don’t go by Zoe anymore.

Tracy: You’re not gonna come in my father’s house and talk to me like that!

Monica: It’s my house.

Tracy: Thank God you’ll be going back home after Michael’s wedding.

Monica: Wrong again Tracy.

Tracy: What?

Monica: Maya and Sydney are staying in Port Charles, and they’ll be living in this house.

Sydney: Oh that’s gonna be so much fun, right Tracy?

Tracy knocks the tray out of Sydney’s hands, causing the salad to spill on the carpet, and Sydney sighs in frustration.

Sydney: You old bitch! Look what you did!

Tracy: Why don’t you clean it up, and go get a salad from Kelly’s.



Shawn: How’s everything coming with Michael’s wedding?

Carly: So far so good.

Shawn: I know that you wish Sonny could be here.

Carly: Yeah, but he can’t.

Shawn: I’m lookin’ out for Michael.

Carly: Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Shawn: I’ll be right over with Joss’s curly fries.

Carly walks back over to Josslyn, who is coloring, and sits back across from her.

Josslyn: Are the curly fries gonna be ready soon? I’m hungry.

Carly: Yes honey.

Josslyn looks up and sees Levi’s long hair out the window, but she can’t see his face.

Josslyn: Why do guys have long hair? I thought that was for girls.

Carly: Well some guys have long hair. Hey some girls have short hair, too.

Josslyn: Oh. That guy out there looks like Joey. Joey has long hair.

Carly turns back and sees the same thing Josslyn sees.

Carly: Who’s Joey?


OUTSIDE KELLY’S - Mac confronts Levi with Felicia and Maxie…

Levi: Excuse me. I think that’s your decision.

Felicia: He’s right Mac.

Mac: Where the hell do you think you’re talking Maxie?

Maxie: It’s a romantic getaway, and he’s right. It’s my decision. I’m not a little girl anymore.

Mac: I don’t trust him. Maxie you don’t know him well enough to be going away with him.

Felicia: Mac why don’t we go in and get our food.

Levi: Wait a minute. Felicia if I may ask, what is that you’re wearing?

Felicia: It’s an Aztec artifact.

Mac: It’s none of your business. Let’s go.

Mac and Felicia leave Maxie and Levi outside, and Maxie notices Levi’s attention to the necklace, and secretly wonders why he’s taken by it.



Carly Jacks - LAURA WRIGHT blogentry-14971-0-99572500-1403469749_th

Josslyn Jacks - HANNAH NORDBERGblogentry-14971-0-98130900-1403470293_th

Shawn Butler - SEAN BLAKEMOREblogentry-14971-0-00611000-1403470314_th

Levi Dunkleman - ZACHARY GARREDblogentry-14971-0-26759400-1403470333_th

Maxie Jones - KIRSTEN STORMSblogentry-14971-0-72933300-1403470404_th

Mac Scorpio - JOHN J. YORKblogentry-14971-0-28449200-1403470460_th

Felicia Scorpio - KRISTINA WAGNERblogentry-14971-0-31357600-1403470527_th

Michael Quartermaine - CHAD DUELLblogentry-14971-0-48982800-1403470584_th

Lauren “Kiki” Jerome - KRISTEN ALDERSONblogentry-14971-0-29426800-1403470605_th

Tracy Quartermaine - JANE ELLIOTblogentry-14971-0-96588100-1403470630_th

Jason Quartermaine - BILLY MILLERblogentry-14971-0-88901600-1403470663_th

Monica Quartermaine - LESLIE CHARLESONblogentry-14971-0-02277200-1403470701_th

Maya Ward - ANNIE ILONZEHblogentry-14971-0-43927900-1403470723_th

Sydney (Zoe) Ward - LAURA HARRIERblogentry-14971-0-53588300-1403470746_th


GENERAL HOSPITAL 8 Duke confronts Dr. Obrecht

Created By: Frank and Doris Hursley

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

HOSPITAL - Bradblogentry-14971-0-07669600-1402871013_th is walking by the elevator doors. They open and Lucasblogentry-14971-0-20136900-1402871079_th steps out.

Brad: Hmm what a pleasant surprise.

Lucas: I’m gonna surprise you alright.

Brad: Is it the same thing you did last night?

Lucas: Better.

As they are kissing, Felixblogentry-14971-0-51400600-1402871145_th walks from around the corner and sees them, and is a bit agitated.


IN NEW YORK CITY - Madeline’sblogentry-14971-0-69372100-1402871299_th suite….She clicks off her cell phone and turns to Ninablogentry-14971-0-74323900-1402871345_th...

Nina: How is she?

Madeline: Connie Falconeri? She’s as well as can be expected.

Nina: Well we can’t have her busting our plan.

Madeline: I have to say that was a stroke of genius on your part.

Nina: Yep, that homewrecking bitch Ava Jerome is right where she belongs.

Madeline: Why are you trying to change the subject?

Nina: I’m not mother. She’s responsible for the break up of my marriage to Silas. She’s lucky I didn’t do worse.

Madeline: Look we’re getting off focus here. I called you here to take Sebastian back to Port Charles with you.

Nina: And I told you it isn’t time yet.

Madeline: I don’t know why you think you’re gonna get Silas back.

Nina: I am. He, Sebastian, and me. We’re gonna be the family we were supposed to be until you put me in a coma.

Madeline: And I regret that every day.

Nina: I’m sorry mom. I didn’t mean to throw that in your face.

A young guyblogentry-14971-0-08109500-1402871371_th opens the door and walks in and Madeline quickly approaches him.

Madeline: Where the hell have you been?

Guy: Where do you think? Out.

Nina steps in front of Madeline and in the face of the young guy.

Nina: Excuse me Sebastian West! You don’t talk to your grandmother like that!


OUTSIDE OF KELLY’S...Dr. Obrechtblogentry-14971-0-06319300-1402871410_th is about to walk away when she answers a call on her cell phone from Victor Cassadine.

Dr. Obrecht: Victor did you find anything? There’s got to be something.

Brittblogentry-14971-0-49587400-1402871439_th walks up from behind and notices her mother sighing.

Dr. Obrecht: I don’t have time to search for him. Zat’s why I’m counting on you! You’ve never let me down before.

Dr. Obrecht hangs up and Britt approaches her.

Britt: Mother, mother, mother what are you up to this time?

Britt looks inside the window and sees Anna and Duke.

Britt: Oh I get it, it’s about father.

Dr. Obrecht: If you were any kind of daughter, you’d be helping me trying to find Cesar!

Britt: If you were any kind of human being, you would leave it alone.

Dr. Obrecht slaps Britt.

Dr. Obrecht: I will not tolerate such insolence!


Meanwhile, Annablogentry-14971-0-09595200-1402871629_thblogentry-14971-0-80295700-1402871696_th and Duke get up from the table and walk toward the door, and then stop.

Duke: I think about it all the time.

Anna: Maybe our baby is out there.

Duke: Anna you’ve accepted that our baby died. Obrecht is just playing a game. She will do annathin to find Faison.

They walk out and see Britt and Dr. Obrecht, and they all face each other. Duke then quickly approaches Obrecht.

Duke: What kind of sick game are you playing?





Brad notices Felix out of the corner of his eye, and stops kissing Lucas.

Brad: Felix.

Lucas: Hey Felix.

Felix: You two looked hot and heavy. Don’t let me stop you.

Lucas: No I was just uh...gonna go see my mother before she went back to Seattle. See ya later?

Brad: Definitely.

They kiss again and Felix looks away. Brad and Felix watch Lucas walk off and Brad turns to Felix.

Brad: Did that bother you?

Felix: No...no why? You two are together now.

Brad: Because you want it to be you that I’m kissing.

Felix: Get over yourself Brad.

Brad: Come on, it’s the truth. After everything I did to prove myself to you; after all the hoops I had to jump through so you could consider me worthy, you still put others first. Whether it was Sabrina, or your lofty moral code, I could never measure up.

Felix: You helped Britt pass off Dante and Lulu’s baby as hers. I’m sorry I have a hard time getting past that.

Brad: Lucas didn’t. You see he doesn’t judge me, or look down on me because I made a mistake. He forgave me for it, and we found our way to each other.

Felix: Are you tryin’ to throw your relationship in my face?

Brad, thrown by Felix’s question, regroups...

Brad: No. Lucas...is the best choice I could possibly have made.

Felix: It sounds like you chose him because you couldn’t have me, and if that’s the case, it’s not gonna last very long.


Sebastian: Oh you finally decide to show up mom?

Nina: You’re being very disrespectful and you’re gonna stop!

Madeline: You see what I have to go through Nina.

Sebastian: Gram you don’t care as you long as you can spend my money.

Nina: Enough!

Madeline: You’ve been out all night and you didn’t even bother to call. It’s twelve thirty PM.

Sebastian: I’m twenty, not ten.

Nina: You’re out of line Sea Bass.

Sebastian: And I’m also tired. I’m going to my room.

Nina: You can rest, but when you wake up, you’re gonna pack your things.

Sebastian: What is that supposed to mean?

Nina sighs as she begins to realize how exasperating that Madeline says that Sebastian has been.

Nina: I’m taking you back to Port Charles.


Duke confront Dr. Obrecht, with Anna at his side, and Britt next to her mother.

Dr. Obrecht: I’m playing a game? Why don’t you ask your girlfriend? She won’t tell me where Cesar is.

Duke: You’re gonna use the memory of our dead child as leverage. You’re a sick woman.

Anna: Faison hurt a lot of people. He terrorized me and my loved ones for years. He’s where he belongs.

Dr. Obrecht: And where is zat?

Anna: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Britt: I can’t listen to this, and besides, I’m hungry.

Britt walks into Kelly’s and leaves Anna, Duke and Obrecht outside.

Dr. Obrecht: And wouldn’t you like to know where your child is?

Duke grabs Obrecht forcefully by her arm, and Anna turns away...

Duke: Do you know who you’re dealing with? I will snap you like a twig. You come near anyone that Anna and I care about, you’re gonna deal with me, you understand?

Dr. Obrecht: Did you hear Zat Commissioner Devane?

Anna turns back around to face them as Duke releases his grip on Obrecht.

Anna: No actually I didn’t.

Dr. Obrecht: Zu sink I’m scared of you? I’ve dealt with far more dangerous people, and I’m still here.

Obrecht turns her attention to Anna.

Dr. Obrecht: Ze offer stands! Your child for ze whereabouts of Cesar.

Dr. Obrecht walks away, and Anna sighs to show that she’s shaken.


IN ANKARA, TURKEY, a guard slides a tray of food through a thin cell opening. A tired looking Faison runs to the food, and starts shoving the food in his mouth.


Credits -

BRAD COOPER - Parry Shenblogentry-14971-0-07669600-1402871013_th

LUCAS JONES - Ryan Carnesblogentry-14971-0-20136900-1402871079_th

FELIX DuBOIS - Marc Anthony Samuelblogentry-14971-0-51400600-1402871145_th

MADELINE WEST - Donna Millsblogentry-14971-0-69372100-1402871299_th

NINA CLAY - Michelle Staffordblogentry-14971-0-74323900-1402871345_th

SEBASTIAN WEST - Justin Gastonblogentry-14971-0-08109500-1402871371_th

DR. LIESL OBRECHT - Kathleen Gatiblogentry-14971-0-06319300-1402871410_th

FINOLA HUGHES - Anna Devaneblogentry-14971-0-09595200-1402871629_th

IAN BUCHANAN - Duke Laveryblogentry-14971-0-80295700-1402871696_th



MAXIE’S APARTMENT – Nathan walks in and sees Levi, who is sitting on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table, and on his laptop.

Levi: Hey mate. You want a veggie burger?

Nathan: I AM hungry, but on second thought you probably poisoned it. I’ll pass.

Levi: How long are you gonna be this way toward me?

Nathan: Something’s not right about you, and when I find out what it is, Maxie’s gonna know.

Levi: Look all you want. You’re not gonna find anything.

Nathan notices something on Levi’s laptop.

Nathan: What is that? A resort?

Levi: Yeah. I’m gonna take Maxie on a nice getaway. Don’t you think she deserves it?


OUTSIDE OF PATRICK’S HOUSE – Patrick is about to kiss Britt, and they hear Robin and Emma approach the door. They look around and see empty beer cans and two pizza boxes scattered across the living room. Robin is about to open the door but Emma stops her after Emma looks inside her pink book bag.

Emma: Mommy we can’t go in yet.

Robin: Why not honey? You wanted to see your dad.

Emma: I forgot my gift for him.

Robin checks Emma’s bag and realizes that Emma’s right.

Robin: I guess we’ll have to go and see if it’s in the car.

Meanwhile, Patrick looks around and realizes that Robin was bringing Emma over to see him and scrambles to make the place presentable.

Patrick: Did you park out front?

Britt: No around the corner.

Patrick: Go out the back. You'll get to your car quicker.


AT KELLY’S…Anna and Duke sit at one of the tables over a meal. Duke takes a bite of his sandwich and looks at Anna.

Duke: This is delicious. I see why Heather Webber loved their BLTs. They’re the best.

Anna doesn’t answer and snaps out of her proverbial trance.

Duke: Sweetheart? Is something on your mind?

Anna flashes back to Dr. Obrecht telling her that Anna’s child that she supposedly lost in the elevator fall is still alive.

Anna: Yes. As a matter of fact there is.


QUARTERMAINE MANSION – Tracy is on the phone in the living room with her back turned to the wooden door.

Tracy: Have you made a decision? Well don’t linger. The offer’s not gonna stay on the table. If you want my help, I will give it you, just as long as I can run ELQ.

Tracy hangs up, turns around, and there’s Monica.

Monica: What the hell are you up to now Tracy?



Tracy: Monica. Come on. I'm just making sure everything is kosher at the company.

Monica: Michael and Jason are in charge.

Tracy: I'm...uh...very well aware of that. I mean Michael's got a wedding coming up.

Monica: I'm not gonna let you sabotage my son and my grandson.

Tracy: You're delusional! I have no intention of trying to take over ELQ.

Monica: Let's hope it stays that way, because if you try to undercut Michael or Jason, you're gonna have to deal with me.

Tracy looks at Monica and busts out laughing.

Tracy: You know you should do comedy. You are so funny! Have you forgotten that I've had the overwhelming joy of dealing with you for over thirty years?

Monica: Anyway I came here to ask you if you've talked to Alice.

Tracy: Noooo. Why?

Monica: Did she have the rooms ready?

Tracy: I dunno. Are we expecting visitors?

Monica: Maya and Sydney are coming for Michael's wedding.

Tracy: Can't they stay somewhere else?

Monica: This is my house.

Tracy: Here we go again.

Monica: And they're Edward's great granddaughters, so they're staying...as long they need to.


Nathan: She doesn't deserve you.

Levi: Since when did you become her protector?

Nathan: Because she doesn't see who you really are.

Levi: Apparently you don't either. You bring nothing but negativity to Maxie's life.

Nathan: Don't give me that zen, philosophical crap. You're up to no good. I'm not gonna stop until I find out what it is.

Levi: Detective instinct?

Nathan walks off to his bedroom while Levi takes a bite of his veggie burger.


Anna: Do you ever think about it?

Duke: About what?

Anna: About what happened over twenty years ago...on the elevator.

Duke: Olivia Jerome caused your accident, and we lost our baby.

Anna: Well...what if we didn't. What if our baby's alive?

Duke: Anna that's impossible.

Anna: It might not be. Obrecht alluded to it.

Duke: Are you really gonna believe anything that woman says?

Anna: She's done a lot of things...

Duke: Kidnapped Robin; shot Elizabeth; kidnapped Dante and Lulu's baby twice...

Anna: But I never took her...to be a liar. If our child is out there, don't you wanna know where he or she is? Don't you wanna to find them and have a relationship with them?

Meanwhile, outside of Kelly's, Dr. Obrecht is watching Duke and Anna.


Patrick, Robin, and Emma are sitting on the couch looking at a drawing.

Patrick: This is...really pretty.

Emma: You like it daddy?

Patrick: Of course I do.

Robin: Honey why do you go to your room and get some of your clothes okay?

Emma: Mom I get it. You want to talk to daddy in private. I'll go.

Emma leaves...

Robin: She's so smart.

Patrick: Just like her mother.

Robin: Patrick...

Patrick: I miss our life together. I miss the family unit that we were.

Robin: I...miss it, too.

Patrick: But you're...back with Jason.

Robin: Right...I am. Patrick look we can't do this.

Patrick: We're divorced because you had to save Jason.

Robin: Look are you bring this up now with our daughter right in the next room?

Patrick: I'm sorry. It still hurts. I should be able to see my daughter unsupervised.

Robin: You know why I did that.

Robin looks into Patrick's eyes.

Robin: When are you gonna get help? As long as you are popping pills, I cannot agree to unsupervised visits.

Patrick: Do you really think I would hurt my own daughter?

Robin: Anything can happen when you're high. I will not leave you alone with Emma until I know that you've gotten the help you need.

Emma re-enters the room.

Emma: Mommy I got my purple one.

Robin: I thought you didn't like it.

Emma: I changed my mind.

Robin: Go wait out in the front. I'll be right out.

Emma leaves out of the front door, and Robin turns to Patrick, and her eyes start to well up.

Robin: I mean it Patrick. Please get some help...before someone gets hurt. Emma needs her father, and I want you to be part of her life, but not like this. Not when you're high, and addicted to pills.

Patrick: You don't understand. You caused this!

Robin: Take responsibility for your problem!

Patrick: Saving Jason was more important than our family. I always came second to him!

Robin: I'm not doing this right now.

Patrick: That's right! Do what you did all those months ago! Walk out!

Robin walks out.




POLICE STATION INTERROGATION ROOM - Dr. Obrecht has just revealed something to Anna. Is it true, or just another psychological game?

Anna: You don’t know anything about that.

Dr. Obrecht: I know a lot of sings. I know what Olivia Jerome did to you. You were pregnant with Duke Lavery’s baby.

Anna: You use the memory of my dead child to play some game of yours? You’re a real sick bitch!

Dr. Obrecht: No I’m a highly intelligent woman, who knows zat your baby is still alive.

Anna: Get the hell out of here!

Dr. Obrecht: Suit yourself. You don’t tell me where Cesar is, I don’t tell you where your child is.

Anna: GET OUT!

Dr. Obrecht opens the door, and as she leaves, Robin and Emma walk in.

Emma: Eww it’s that mean lady.

Robin: Emma that’s not nice.

Anna: It’s very nice actually.

Robin: Mom what happened? What was she doing here?


METRO COURT FOYER- Michael and Kiki confront Carly and Morgan.

Michael: Mom what’s goin’ on here? Morgan?

Carly: We were talking about the wedding.

Michael: Looks like you two were arguing.

Kiki decides to cover.

Kiki: Oh come on Michael you know how two strongly opinionated people interact.

Michael: Yeah I...I should know that by now right?

Morgan: Yeah Mikey. Nothing but the best for you. I got some work to do.


DRAKE’S HOUSE LIVING ROOM - Patrick is drinking a can of beer and places it on the coffee table next to three other empty beer cans next to his cell phone. He is also unshaven. Someone rings the doorbell, and on the way he steps on another empty beer can, then stumbles on an empty pizza box. He opens it and Britt walks in.

Patrick: Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes? And a source of great highs.

Britt: Patrick this is it. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not scoring you any more pills.



Anna: Oh nothing. She was just playing her games.

Anna quickly recollects herself after being rattled by Dr. Obrecht, then she turns to Emma.

Anna: How’s my baby girl?

Emma: I’m fine.

Robin: I was gonna take her to see Patrick, but she wanted to see

grandma first.

Anna picks her up.

Anna: You’re getting so big. You know if your mom wants, your Uncle Duke and I would love for you to stay a weekend with us.

Robin: Fine by me.

Anna: Your grandma loves you so much, and after you see your daddy, maybe mommy can drop you off with us.

Emma: Yes. I want to play dress up with Uncle Duke again.

Anna (laughing): You can play all the dress up you want.


Michael: What’s up with Morgan?

Carly: Your brother is happy for you. You know what he’s been through with Ava and Sonny.

Michael: He’s got us. We’re his family. We’re still here.

Kiki: Right. We’re all gonna be family soon.

From an unseen, short distance, Morgan watches Michael putting his arms around Kiki’s waist.


Patrick: What do you mean it’s the last time?

Britt: I can’t keep supporting this habit. You need help!

Patrick: Come on Britt really?

Britt bends down and picks up the empty pizza box.

Britt: Really Patrick? Look at this place. It’s a mess. Patrick get yourself cleaned up. Don’t you want the hospital to reinstate you? You know I can talk to my mom, but if you don’t take the first step then I can’t do anything. Dammit Patrick I can’t stand to see you like this anymore!

Patrick goes to the coffee table, gets his cell phone, and shows Britt a picture of a baby.

Patrick: Do you see that? Do you see it?!

Britt: That’s your son.

Patrick: That’s right. My son, and Sabrina took him out of Port Charles!

Britt: That was a mutual decision wasn’t it?

Patrick: Robin and I had just gotten a divorce, and I wasn’t in any condition to be a father to him because of the drugs, but it still hurts Britt! It hurts that I can’t see my son, and Robin won’t let me see Emma unsupervised! Like I’m gonna hurt my kids!

Britt: I mean, I can’t blame them…

A tear drops on Patrick’s left cheek...

Patrick: What kind of mother keeps their children away from their...own...FATHER! I love my kids.

Britt (gently): Sabrina and Robin aren’t the kind of women who will keep you from seeing your children.

Patrick: When you bring me the stuff, it numbs the pain I feel from everything I’ve lost this past year, and you are helping me more than you know.

Patrick moves closer to Britt and begins to kiss her, and she tries to resist, but she can’t. Meanwhile, Robin and Emma approach the front door.



GENERAL HOSPITAL 5 Dr. Obrecht and Nina reveal secrets...

POLICE STATION - Anna Devane is on her cell phone out next to the front desk.

Anna: Robert it’s me. Have you heard anything? Okay. Good. Keep me posted if there’s anything I can do. I will be glad to make sure he stays out of our lives for good, alive or dead.

Anna hangs up, turns around and sees Dr. Obrecht appears.

Dr. Obrecht: Who was zat? Your baby daddy?

Anna: What do you want Obrecht?

Dr. Obrecht: I want to know if you have any news on ze whereabouts of Cezar?


METROCOURT - Morgan is at the front desk when Carly walks up to him.

Carly: Thank you.

Morgan: For what?

Carly: Doing the housekeeper’s schedule. I checked on my way here.

Morgan: No problem.

Morgan tries to walk past Carly…

Carly: Honey?

Morgan: Mom. I know what you’re gonna say.

Carly: I’m not trying to be mean to you but---

Morgan: Mikey’s wedding is coming up and I shouldn’t be hanging around Kiki too much blah blah blah.

Carly: You’re right.

Morgan: Yes because my brother was so considerate when I was married to her right?

Carly: Is that what this is about? Revenge?


NEW YORK HOTEL SUITE - Nina knocks on the door and Madeline answers.

Nina: Mommy Dearest.

Madeline: I’m glad you came. We have to talk.



POLICE STATION - Anna walks into the interrogation room and Dr. Obrecht is hot on her heels.

Anna: We already told you where he was.

Dr. Obrecht: You really zink I’m stupeed! He’s not at Steinmauer! I know you and Robert did somezing to him.

Anna shuts the door.

Anna: After all this man has done to all of us, you still care? You are a glutton.

Dr. Obrecht: He’s ze love of my life---

Anna: He never loved you! He used you to get to me.

Dr. Obrecht: Yes of course. You were ze object of his obsession.

Anna: You’ve spent your whole life loving a sadistic madman, but you’re just as sick as he is.

Dr. Obrecht: You need to find zim.

Anna: I don’t need to do a damned thing! He got what he deserved.

Dr. Obrecht: You zink you’ve done ze right thing. You Americans are rationalizing wrongdoing.

Anna: Americans also say pot...kettle. Especially in your case.

Dr. Obrecht: If zu don’t tell me where Cezar is---

Anna (chuckling): You’re really going to threaten the Commissioner in a police station? I should lock you up right now!

Dr. Obrecht: I’ve got somezing you want.

Anna: And what is that Obrecht? Let me see, you’ve kidnapped Robin, which I know you haven’t done. You’ve done something to Robert, which I also know you’ve done nothing. Oh I got it now! You wanna give me one of my embryos!

Dr. Obrecht (laughing): Zu are so funny! Ho ho ho it definitely is to laugh! Don’t zu want to know what happened to ze baby you and Duke Lavery were having?

Anna: Now who’s funny?

Dr. Obrecht: I’m not laughing. Your baby never died.


Morgan: Don’t be silly of course it isn’t. I’m over all that. I’m happy for Mikey. I really am.

Carly: Why don’t I believe you?

Morgan: Only you know the answer to that mom.

Carly: I saw Kiki’s hand on yours at Kelly’s.

Morgan: She was being supportive.

Carly: You’ve been through a lot the last few months. That bitch Ava, which I can’t understand for the life of me what you saw in her, went to jail. Your dad is gone. I know you had feelings for her.

Morgan: She’s been a good friend, and that’s all we are...just friends.

Carly: A friend who’s marrying your brother. You should consider ending that friendship. It’s inappropriate.

Morgan: And I have no intention of doing that. I’m not just gonna cut her off after she’s been there for me.

Carly: Why not? Your brother is more important.

Michael and Kiki walk in the lobby together. Morgan does not see them because his back is turned to them.

Morgan: Yep it all goes back to Mikey right? Look, mom, Kiki and I are friends, that’s it.

Michael and Kiki approach them.

Michael: Hey...what’s goin’ on here?


Nina: Mom we’ve been over this before. It’s not time yet.

Madeline: Well when is going to be time? I mean I can’t keep up anymore.

Nina: Seabass is giving you trouble?

Madeline: Well I told you that before, but you refused to listen.

Nina: Please, just give me more time.

Madeline: I’m getting too old to try and keep up with a twenty year old. He comes and goes when he pleases, he stays out days at a time. God only knows what he’s doing? He has to go back to Port Charles with you Nina. I just can’t do it anymore.

Nina: Mom please just work with me on this.

Madeline: I worked with you in getting Ava out of the way didn’t I? Against my better judgment I might add.

Nina: And I faked Dr. Nakamura’s death for you. Where is he anyway?

Madeline: I have to call him and ask him something.

Nina: Ask him what?

Madeline picks up her cell phone and makes a call.

Madeline: Dr. Nakamura. It’s me.


HOSPITAL ROOM - Dr. Nakamura answers Madeline’s call.

Dr. Nakamura: She’s fine. When I’m through, she shouldn’t remember a thing.

Dr. Nakamura looks down at a bedridden, unconscious Connie Falconeri.



4 - Sam confronts Nina

PENTHOUSE - Silas and Sam are in bed. Sam lies in Silas’s arms as they stare at the ceiling.

Sam: How many tiles have you counted?

Silas: Five thousand three hundred sixty two.

Sam: Well that’s not what I got.

Silas: What number did you come up with?

Sam: Two.

Silas: Where did you get that number from?

Sam: The number of additional nights that my mother is gonna keep Danny.

Silas: I thought he was at the Quartermaines. You took him to see Jason right?

Sam: Yeah but, my mom and Molly were practically begging to watch him, and you know I never refuse that.

Silas: Sure...right. So did...you and Jason talk?

Sam: Of course we did. I wasn’t just gonna drop my son and leave.

Silas: About what?

Sam: About Danny, about what he went through when he was on Cassadine Island. What’s going on? It almost sounds like you’re accusing me of...Nina talked to you didn’t she?

Silas: She came to the hospital yesterday. Look if I came across like I don’t trust you, I’m sorry, because I do.

Sam: That viper doesn’t stop does she?


AT THE ELQ OFFICE, Michael walks into Jason’s office with papers and gives them to Jason.

Michael: We just received this.

Jason: Looks like a fax.

Michael: This is the list of retailers and realty companies who want space at the waterfront.

Jason (skimming over the papers): Wow. Renovations haven’t even been started on it yet, and all these companies are willing to pay this much for space.

Michael: It’s almost a slam dunk for the return on our investment with all the mob activity cleaned up from down there.

Jason: We gotta land contracts. ELQ could make a fortune off of this.


Nina is in her office (Crimson’s former office) at the MetroCourt, and she’s on the phone.

Nina: Have you placed the bid for the waterfront project? Good. If we get this, this will create jobs, not to mention chi-ching for us with the number of retailers wanting space there.

Sam walks in.

Nina: I’m sorry I don’t think you had an appointment.

Sam: Let’s get something straight you conniving bitch! You stay away from Silas.


KELLY’S...Carly walks up to Morgan and Kiki, who are sitting at a table…

Carly: Hi Morgan, Kiki.

Kiki: Carly.

Morgan: Mom what are you doing here?

Carly: I suppose I could ask you both the same thing. You’re holding hands with your brother’s fiancee? What’s going on?





Nina: Excuse me?

Sam: Not only are you conniving, you’re stupid. You don’t understand English.

Nina: Listen you little twit you don’t get to come into my office and hurl insults and tell me what to do.

Sam: You are trying to drive a wedge between me and Silas and it’s not gonna work!

Nina: What’s the matter Sam? Trouble in la la land?

Sam: Don’t worry about it. You just stay the hell away from him.

Sam turns around to leave...

Nina: How was your visit to Jason yesterday? I bet you two took a trip down memory lane. What did you two talk about? How much you used to love each other? I bet you two still do, just like I still love Silas.

Sam: There is nothing going on with me and Jason.

Nina: I saw the look in Silas’s eyes yesterday. I see some of the love that we used to have. I know that he looked for me, but my mother moved me to another clinic so he wouldn’t find me.

Sam: What you and Silas had is in the past. I am with him now, and the sooner you accept it, the better off you’ll be.

Sam walks out and Nina makes a phone call.

Nina: Mom...I’m coming.


Jason: Why don’t you take the rest of the day off? Go spend time with your fiancee?

Michael smiles.

Michael: I can’t wait to marry her.

Jason: Of course.

Michael: I’m glad I have you to stand up for me. If AJ were here, or my dad was around, I’d ask them. Oh I’m sorry I hope I didn’t offend you.

Jason: I understand. I know you and my brother got close while I was gone.

Michael: After all I went through with AJ and Sonny, you were always the one I could count on to be there for me.

Jason: I raised you the first year of your life. You’re always gonna be like a son to me, and I’m always gonna protect you, or at least try.

Michael: I know…I know.

Jason: Now go. Go get your woman.


Carly: Morgan I need you go to the MetroCourt and do the housekeeper’s schedule.

Morgan: Mom--

Carly: I’ll be along to make sure you did it. Thank you honey.

Carly kisses Morgan on his cheek and he leaves Kiki and Carly alone.

Kiki: Look Carly I don’t know what you’re thinking but there’s nothing going on between me and Morgan.

Carly: Good, because I don’t want another one of my sons hurt because you decide to get with my other son.

Kiki: I love Michael and I’m gonna marry him.

Carly: That’s what I wanna hear. I know I couldn’t stand your mother...at all, but that doesn’t mean I feel the same way about you. I think you’re a decent girl Kiki. Don’t prove me wrong.




Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

AT THE FALCONERIS APT...Dante and Lulu bring their baby in. Dante is trying to gently rock the baby, Rocco, who is crying.

Lulu: Hey can you get me his medicine?

Dante (giving Lulu a white pharmacy bag): I wonder how long this ear infection is supposed to last.

Lulu: Britt said it’s typical for babies. This should help. He’s been so cranky lately. Come on let me have him.

Lulu rocks him, then takes him over to the crib and puts Rocco down. Dante joins her as they look over their son.

Lulu: He’s quiet now.

Dante: You’ve got that motherly thing going on with him. You rock a few times and he’s quiet.

Lulu: It’s just the ear infection. He should be fine. You know pretty soon he’s gonna need his own space.

Dante: He will.

Someone knocks on the door…

Dante: That should be ma. She’s in town for Michael’s wedding.

Dante opens and Olivia walks in and kisses Dante on his right cheek.

Olivia: Hey there! Hey Lulu.

Lulu: Welcome back.

Olivia: There’s my little baby boy.

Lulu: He’s sleeping.

Dante: Thanks for comin’ ma. You’re gonna watch Rocco for us for a minute?

Olivia: Of course I would.

Dante: Thanks ma. Come on Lulu.

Lulu: Where are we going?

Dante: It’s a surprise. Come on.


Kiki is walking in front of Kelly’s, and as she opens the door, she hears a familiar voice, and she turns around.

Kiki: Morgan?

Morgan: Hi.

Kiki: What’s goin’ on? Are you alright?

Morgan: I’m okay. I’m just about to grab a bite to eat.

Kiki: Um...uh...why don’t you join me?


MAXIE’S APARTMENT…Nathan is outside the door on his cell phone. Maxie opens the door and while Nathan has his back turned.

Nathan: You have the picture I sent you? Yes his name is Levi Dunkeldorf. I want you to run a check on him.

Maxie approaches him.

Maxie: What? Call it off!



AT KELLY’S…Morgan and Kiki are sitting at their table.

Morgan: I’m...really happy for you and Mikey.

Kiki: Thanks. It’s great that you’ve agreed to stand up for him.

Morgan: He’s my brother, no matter what.

Kiki: Buuuut…

Morgan: Nothing.

Kiki: Look you haven’t been the same since your dad…

Morgan: Banged your mom at the Quartermaine crypt.

Kiki: I wasn’t gonna say that.

Morgan: It’s okay. My dad betrayed me, and now he’s in prison. Where he belongs.

Kiki: It’s still hurts though. My mom is in jail, too. She did some horrible things, but she’s still my mom, and I miss her.

Morgan: I guess so. I guess...I do miss having my dad around. He’s in isolation. I can’t even go see him. I know I have my mom and my brother, but mom’s busy with the hotel, and Mikey’s busy at ELQ. I feel like I’m alone...

Kiki puts her hand on Morgan’s when Carly walks in and sees them...

Kiki: You’re not alone.


EMPTY LIVING ROOM...Dante escorts Lulu in, and Lulu is blindfolded..

Lulu: Dante where are we? Can I take this thing off yet?

Dante: Yeah now you can.

Lulu removes the blindfold and is a bit dumbfounded.

Lulu: An empty house?

Dante: Remember when you said Rocco is gonna need his own space?

Lulu: Yeah but what does that have to do with this house? Wait a minute. You?

Dante: This...is ours. This house.

Lulu: This is...it?

Dante: Are you surprised?

Lulu (about to cry joyful tears): Beyond!

Dante: I wasn’t gonna tell anyone until after Michael and Kiki’s wedding. We can move in after that.

Lulu: Pinch me.

Dante: No...this is no dream. We’re gonna raise our family here.


Levi is around the corner listening...

Nathan: Maxie you shouldn’t sneak up on people like that.

Maxie: You’re running a background check on Levi.

Nathan: Something’s not right with him.

Maxie: Because he’s environmentally conscious!

Nathan: Because he’s using you to run some type of agenda.

Maxie: You’re wrong!

Nathan: We’ll see about that won’t we?

Maxie: Call off the investigation! Or move out!

Levi walks up to them.

Levi: No Maxie. Nathan doesn’t have to go. I’ll leave.

Maxie: If you’re leaving, then I’m going with you.

Nathan: Maxie.

Maxie: You and Mac need to accept that Levi is a part of my life, and if you can’t, then that’s just too bad.




Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson


Nina Clayblogentry-14971-0-89660300-1399174167_th walks up to the nurse’s station and encounters Patrickblogentry-14971-0-65623200-1399174185_th, who is looking at a chart.

Nina: Dr. Drake. Have you seen Silas?

Patrick (continuing to look at his chart): No.

Nina: He’s gotta be somewhere around here. I need to see him.

Patrick: I’m not his keeper.

Nina: You know you could lose the attitude. I wasn’t the one who kidnapped Robin!

Patrick: Your aunt destroyed my family.

Nina: Well your anger is misplaced.

Patrick: From what I’ve heard you’re all the same.

Silasblogentry-14971-0-40794200-1399174255_th walks up to the desk.

Patrick: Saved by the doctor.

Silas: Patrick.

Patrick: She’s all yours.

Patrick walks away as Nina turns to Silas.

Nina: Hi.

Silas: Nina.

Nina: Where’s Sam?

Silas: She took Danny to see Jason.

Nina: Oh. Do you think that was a good idea? I mean, you don’t want any old feelings to resurface do you?


AT THE QUARTERMAINES…Samblogentry-14971-0-33763400-1399174317_th pushes Danny in his stroller into the living room, where Jasonblogentry-14971-0-68642600-1399174352_th awaits. Jason runs up to the stroller, and picks up Danny.

Jason: Hey little guy!

Sam looks at them and smiles as they bond.

Sam: I see you two are getting along well.

Jason: I can’t believe how big he’s gotten. The last time I saw him…

Sam: I know, but you’re here now, and Danny looks happy to have you back.

Jason: Are you?


AT THE HOSPITAL...Brittblogentry-14971-0-39764900-1399174379_th walks into Dr. Obrecht’sblogentry-14971-0-20708200-1399174397_th office...

Dr. Obrecht: Shut ze door schlotzy.

Britt: Mom I can’t do this anymore.

Dr. Obrecht: So weak! Zu have an attack of conscience now. You weren’t before.

Britt: We could get in big trouble for this!

Dr. Obrecht: Not if zu keep your mouf shut! What is it you Americans say about loose lips…?

Britt: Well I’m out of it mother!

Dr. Obrecht: Such a quitter Britta! I did not raise you to drop everyzing and run. You finish! You still love Dr. Drake right?

Britt: I never stopped.

Dr. Obrecht: Well zen you keep giving him what he wants. It will bring you two clozer, and you’ll have ze happiness you want.


PATRICK’S OFFICE...Patrick pours out the last two pills out of a bottle, and he downs them with a cup of water.



PART 2...Silas walks away from the nurse’s station, and Nina follows him...

Silas: I don’t have a problem with Danny seeing his father.

Nina: I bet Sam was all too happy to take him to Jason. Let’s see, she went to the Quartermaines right?

Silas: What business is it of yours what happens between me and Sam?

Nina: Because I never stopped loving you. You cheated on me with that bitch Ava, but I forgave you for it. I’m still here, despite what my mother did. My feelings haven’t changed.

Silas: Nina I’ve moved on. I’m with Sam, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Nina: Well I would buy that if Jason Quartermaine weren’t back in Port Charles. I just hope you’re not fighting a losing battle. I should know, that those feelings of love just don’t go away.


Sam: Look Jason I’m glad you’re back, for Danny’s sake. He needs his father, and I’m glad Robin saved your life.

Jason: I know you moved on with Silas, and that’s exactly what I would have wanted you to do.

Sam: And besides you and Robin got back together after Patrick divorced her on grounds of abandonment.

Jason: I really didn’t know what to say to her when she received her divorce papers.

JASON FLASHES BACK TO THE CASSADINE LAB...Robinblogentry-14971-0-72506400-1399174425_th is at the desk reading the final divorce decree while Jason sits on the bed.

Robin: I can’t believe this is happening. I remember him telling me that I shouldn’t bother coming home, but he just couldn’t understand why I had to save you.

Jason: I’m sorry Robin. I feel like it’s my fault.

Robin: No it’s not. I did what was right, and I thought Patrick came to grips with that. I guess he didn’t. It’s….really over.


Jason: She saved me, but we couldn’t leave the island until Helena and Stavros Cassadine were also saved.

Sam: So you two basically spent all that time alone.

Jason: We got closer.

JASON FLASHES BACK TO THE CASSADINE LAB AGAIN…Robin is reading another paper..

Robin: Full custody of Emma? How could he do this to me? I’m coming back! I came back before!

Jason: I…I don’t know what to say.

Robin (crying): How could he take my daughter from me?

Jason holds Robin close to his chest as she cries.

Robin: Now I know we don’t have a marriage. We never did. He just doesn’t understand the bond that you and I have. I would move heaven and earth to save you. I did it twice, and I don’t regret it. You’re the only person in my life besides my parents and Uncle Mac that I can fully trust.

Robin pulls off just far enough. They look at each other as Jason wipes her tears, and they kiss. Jason flashes back to the present as he holds Danny.

Sam: Wow. That’s...that’s the first time you told me about what happened on Cassadine Island between you two.

Jason: Robin told me about you and Silas, and I wasn’t upset about it. You thought I was dead and she couldn’t tell you.

Sam: It’s all in the past now. We’ve moved on...right?

Jason: Yep...we did..

Jason looks at Danny.

Jason: But we got this little guy.

Sam: The greatest gift ever.

Jason: I can’t imagine being separated from him anymore. I can’t begin to think the despair Robin was going through when she got that custody notice from Patrick.


Britt walks into Patrick’s office and shuts the door…

Patrick: Did you get some more for me?

Britt: Patrick…

Patrick: Please Britt...you’re the only one I can trust with this. You know what Robin and Sabrina did to me.

Britt: What about your children?

Patrick: You didn’t even like my daughter at first, and now all of a sudden you’re worried about her?

Britt: You need to think about them before you get high.

Britt looks into Patrick’s eyes….

Britt: Too late.

Patrick: Come on Britt. Please I need more. If you cared about me at all, you would help me. I need to numb this pain.

Britt: Sabrina left Port Charles because you were getting high, and Emma is living with Anna.

Patrick: So I don’t have anything else to lose right?

Britt: And you everything to gain. Stop this.

Patrick begins to seductively touch Britt…

Patrick: You remember what we had right?

Britt: Patrick…

Patrick: Remember the shower?

Patrick kisses Britt and Britt returns the favor. Britt reaches into her pocket of her lab coat, and takes out a bottle of pills.

Patrick: I knew you’d come through for me.




By C. Nathaniel Richardson


Part 1


Michael walks up to a door that says “Dr. Monica Quartermaine, Chief of Staff.”, knocks on the door, and sees Monica.

Michael: Grandmother.

Monica: Michael! Hi honey. How are you?

Michael: I’m good. I came to give you the good news.

Monica: Oh…I already heard!

Michael: So…you know?



The guards escort Ava Jerome to the visitors’ area, where Kiki is waiting on the other side of the glass. They simultaneously pick up the phones.

Ava: Kiki I thought I told you I didn’t want you to see me like this.

Kiki: Sorry mom. I had to come see you.

Ava: I already know that I’m a horrible mother. You didn’t have to come all the way to the penitentiary to tell me.

Kiki holds up her left hand, and Ava is shocked.

Ava: Oh my God. He asked you.

Kiki: Michael and I are getting married.

Ava: Wow that’s…that’s wonderful. Congratulations. When’s the wedding?

Kiki: This week.

Monica: Congratulations! I will be more than happy to help with any planning.

Michael: That would be great, if you’re up to a fight with my mom.


Carly: You put that over there by the table. And I want the threshold overrrrr here.

Carly continues to dole out orders and Franco walks in.

Carly: Hey you. I’m real busy.

Franco: I can see that, but can I borrow my lovely girlfriend for a minute?

Carly: Franco I’d love to but I just can’t. I gotta…

Franco silences her with a kiss and Carly smiles, but she’s focused…

Carly: I really needed that, but I gotta finish planning Michael and Kiki’s engagement party. I don’t want anything going wrong.

Franco: It won’t.


MEANWHILE, Carlos Rivera is in the back alley of the Metro Court, and it’s dimly lit. He looks around, and starts walking. Suddenly, Shawn appears in front of him, and pointing a flashlight, and a shiny silver Smith and Wesson, at Carlos.

Shawn: What the hell are you doing here?



Ava: Well I’m...happy for you honey.

Kiki: Well you don’t seem like it.

Ava: Because I’m here. I would rather be supporting you.

Kiki: I don’t think the Quartermaines would want you around after what you’ve done.

Ava: There’s nothing that would keep me from supporting you.

Kiki: I know mom. I...wish you could be there, too.

Ava: I’m so grateful that you’ve stood by me, despite everything that I’ve done.

Kiki: You’re always gonna be my mother.


Carlos: I had to go to the bathroom.

Shawn: You’re a terrible liar.

Carlos: Looks nice in the ballroom. Looks like Sonny’s son and Ava’s daughter are gonna have a nice engagement party.

Shawn: Julian sent you didn’t he?

Carlos: I don’t work for him.

Shawn: Yeah right.

Carlos: I took the rap for Sonny because Ava threatened my Sabrina. It’s her fault Sabrina left!

Shawn: I don’t give a damn about your vendettas.

Carlos: Well I can’t get to Ava and Sonny. They’re locked up.

Shawn: So you’re going after their kids? I can’t allow that.

Suddenly, someone knocks out Carlos.

Shawn: Jason? Thought you were done.

Jason: Old habits die hard. Let’s get him outta here. I’m not gonna let him hurt Michael.


Monica: Your mother IS something else. Guess I better lay off.

Michael: Thank you grandmother. I appreciate it.

Monica smiles.

Monica: I’m so happy. For you. For all of us. For our family. I’ve got all of you back again. I’ve lost Alan, Emily, Edward, A.J., but Jason’s back, and I’ve got you.

Michael: Don’t forget Aunt Tracy.

Monica: I couldn’t if I wanted to.

Michael: I gotta get back to the office. Jason and I are working on a project.

Monica: Okay. You have a good evening.

After Michael leaves…Monica walks to her desk, sits back down, and looks at a picture.

Monica: Alan, oh how I wish you were here. Everything is better than I ever could have dreamed. Michael and I have gotten close, and Jason’s back...with us.

Then she sighs and pulls up something on her computer.

Monica: There’s just one more thing that will make everything complete.

Monica looks at a DNA test showing that Jason is Michael’s biological father.


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