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GENERAL HOSPITAL 7 Robin and Patrick argue




MAXIE’S APARTMENT – Nathan walks in and sees Levi, who is sitting on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table, and on his laptop.

Levi: Hey mate. You want a veggie burger?

Nathan: I AM hungry, but on second thought you probably poisoned it. I’ll pass.

Levi: How long are you gonna be this way toward me?

Nathan: Something’s not right about you, and when I find out what it is, Maxie’s gonna know.

Levi: Look all you want. You’re not gonna find anything.

Nathan notices something on Levi’s laptop.

Nathan: What is that? A resort?

Levi: Yeah. I’m gonna take Maxie on a nice getaway. Don’t you think she deserves it?


OUTSIDE OF PATRICK’S HOUSE – Patrick is about to kiss Britt, and they hear Robin and Emma approach the door. They look around and see empty beer cans and two pizza boxes scattered across the living room. Robin is about to open the door but Emma stops her after Emma looks inside her pink book bag.

Emma: Mommy we can’t go in yet.

Robin: Why not honey? You wanted to see your dad.

Emma: I forgot my gift for him.

Robin checks Emma’s bag and realizes that Emma’s right.

Robin: I guess we’ll have to go and see if it’s in the car.

Meanwhile, Patrick looks around and realizes that Robin was bringing Emma over to see him and scrambles to make the place presentable.

Patrick: Did you park out front?

Britt: No around the corner.

Patrick: Go out the back. You'll get to your car quicker.


AT KELLY’S…Anna and Duke sit at one of the tables over a meal. Duke takes a bite of his sandwich and looks at Anna.

Duke: This is delicious. I see why Heather Webber loved their BLTs. They’re the best.

Anna doesn’t answer and snaps out of her proverbial trance.

Duke: Sweetheart? Is something on your mind?

Anna flashes back to Dr. Obrecht telling her that Anna’s child that she supposedly lost in the elevator fall is still alive.

Anna: Yes. As a matter of fact there is.


QUARTERMAINE MANSION – Tracy is on the phone in the living room with her back turned to the wooden door.

Tracy: Have you made a decision? Well don’t linger. The offer’s not gonna stay on the table. If you want my help, I will give it you, just as long as I can run ELQ.

Tracy hangs up, turns around, and there’s Monica.

Monica: What the hell are you up to now Tracy?



Tracy: Monica. Come on. I'm just making sure everything is kosher at the company.

Monica: Michael and Jason are in charge.

Tracy: I'm...uh...very well aware of that. I mean Michael's got a wedding coming up.

Monica: I'm not gonna let you sabotage my son and my grandson.

Tracy: You're delusional! I have no intention of trying to take over ELQ.

Monica: Let's hope it stays that way, because if you try to undercut Michael or Jason, you're gonna have to deal with me.

Tracy looks at Monica and busts out laughing.

Tracy: You know you should do comedy. You are so funny! Have you forgotten that I've had the overwhelming joy of dealing with you for over thirty years?

Monica: Anyway I came here to ask you if you've talked to Alice.

Tracy: Noooo. Why?

Monica: Did she have the rooms ready?

Tracy: I dunno. Are we expecting visitors?

Monica: Maya and Sydney are coming for Michael's wedding.

Tracy: Can't they stay somewhere else?

Monica: This is my house.

Tracy: Here we go again.

Monica: And they're Edward's great granddaughters, so they're staying...as long they need to.


Nathan: She doesn't deserve you.

Levi: Since when did you become her protector?

Nathan: Because she doesn't see who you really are.

Levi: Apparently you don't either. You bring nothing but negativity to Maxie's life.

Nathan: Don't give me that zen, philosophical crap. You're up to no good. I'm not gonna stop until I find out what it is.

Levi: Detective instinct?

Nathan walks off to his bedroom while Levi takes a bite of his veggie burger.


Anna: Do you ever think about it?

Duke: About what?

Anna: About what happened over twenty years ago...on the elevator.

Duke: Olivia Jerome caused your accident, and we lost our baby.

Anna: Well...what if we didn't. What if our baby's alive?

Duke: Anna that's impossible.

Anna: It might not be. Obrecht alluded to it.

Duke: Are you really gonna believe anything that woman says?

Anna: She's done a lot of things...

Duke: Kidnapped Robin; shot Elizabeth; kidnapped Dante and Lulu's baby twice...

Anna: But I never took her...to be a liar. If our child is out there, don't you wanna know where he or she is? Don't you wanna to find them and have a relationship with them?

Meanwhile, outside of Kelly's, Dr. Obrecht is watching Duke and Anna.


Patrick, Robin, and Emma are sitting on the couch looking at a drawing.

Patrick: This is...really pretty.

Emma: You like it daddy?

Patrick: Of course I do.

Robin: Honey why do you go to your room and get some of your clothes okay?

Emma: Mom I get it. You want to talk to daddy in private. I'll go.

Emma leaves...

Robin: She's so smart.

Patrick: Just like her mother.

Robin: Patrick...

Patrick: I miss our life together. I miss the family unit that we were.

Robin: I...miss it, too.

Patrick: But you're...back with Jason.

Robin: Right...I am. Patrick look we can't do this.

Patrick: We're divorced because you had to save Jason.

Robin: Look are you bring this up now with our daughter right in the next room?

Patrick: I'm sorry. It still hurts. I should be able to see my daughter unsupervised.

Robin: You know why I did that.

Robin looks into Patrick's eyes.

Robin: When are you gonna get help? As long as you are popping pills, I cannot agree to unsupervised visits.

Patrick: Do you really think I would hurt my own daughter?

Robin: Anything can happen when you're high. I will not leave you alone with Emma until I know that you've gotten the help you need.

Emma re-enters the room.

Emma: Mommy I got my purple one.

Robin: I thought you didn't like it.

Emma: I changed my mind.

Robin: Go wait out in the front. I'll be right out.

Emma leaves out of the front door, and Robin turns to Patrick, and her eyes start to well up.

Robin: I mean it Patrick. Please get some help...before someone gets hurt. Emma needs her father, and I want you to be part of her life, but not like this. Not when you're high, and addicted to pills.

Patrick: You don't understand. You caused this!

Robin: Take responsibility for your problem!

Patrick: Saving Jason was more important than our family. I always came second to him!

Robin: I'm not doing this right now.

Patrick: That's right! Do what you did all those months ago! Walk out!

Robin walks out.



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Oh god Patrick needs serious help. I just get a vibe that he is going to hurt someone. And then Obrecht watched Duke and Anna outside Kelly's. She probably wanted them to go ahead and scrambel over this. Nice to hear to Q's that have not been mentioned in awhile. Levi seems like he is going to turn out to maybe dangerous. He is sending weird vibes. Plus you had classic Tracy/Monica. What more could you ask for? Another home run episode!

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Im not sure who the heck Levi is. Some pics in here would be nice. A Veggie burger? LOL

I do know about Monica vs Tracy and you captured them very well from what I saw on the ABC show. Tracy still out to run ELQ. Any business story catches my attention.

Anna's mising child story has sparked my interest as well. I bet Dr. O sends her on a wild goose chase.

Oo I feel Patrick's Pain. SO why did Robin have to leave Patrick to save Jason? How did that come about? Emma is precious. I hope Patrick can get help.

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I like the Qs any time they're on screen! Keep that moving!

Very interested in this Dr. O and Anna's baby story. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

Loved Patrick vs. Robin. Robin's always been far too consumed with Jason, and it's always bothered me. I'm glad that you're giving that unhealthy relationship some consequences. Hopefully Robin wakes the f--- up.

VERY good show.

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