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GENERAL HOSPITAL 6 Dr. Obrecht vs. Anna




POLICE STATION INTERROGATION ROOM - Dr. Obrecht has just revealed something to Anna. Is it true, or just another psychological game?

Anna: You don’t know anything about that.

Dr. Obrecht: I know a lot of sings. I know what Olivia Jerome did to you. You were pregnant with Duke Lavery’s baby.

Anna: You use the memory of my dead child to play some game of yours? You’re a real sick bitch!

Dr. Obrecht: No I’m a highly intelligent woman, who knows zat your baby is still alive.

Anna: Get the hell out of here!

Dr. Obrecht: Suit yourself. You don’t tell me where Cesar is, I don’t tell you where your child is.

Anna: GET OUT!

Dr. Obrecht opens the door, and as she leaves, Robin and Emma walk in.

Emma: Eww it’s that mean lady.

Robin: Emma that’s not nice.

Anna: It’s very nice actually.

Robin: Mom what happened? What was she doing here?


METRO COURT FOYER- Michael and Kiki confront Carly and Morgan.

Michael: Mom what’s goin’ on here? Morgan?

Carly: We were talking about the wedding.

Michael: Looks like you two were arguing.

Kiki decides to cover.

Kiki: Oh come on Michael you know how two strongly opinionated people interact.

Michael: Yeah I...I should know that by now right?

Morgan: Yeah Mikey. Nothing but the best for you. I got some work to do.


DRAKE’S HOUSE LIVING ROOM - Patrick is drinking a can of beer and places it on the coffee table next to three other empty beer cans next to his cell phone. He is also unshaven. Someone rings the doorbell, and on the way he steps on another empty beer can, then stumbles on an empty pizza box. He opens it and Britt walks in.

Patrick: Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes? And a source of great highs.

Britt: Patrick this is it. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not scoring you any more pills.



Anna: Oh nothing. She was just playing her games.

Anna quickly recollects herself after being rattled by Dr. Obrecht, then she turns to Emma.

Anna: How’s my baby girl?

Emma: I’m fine.

Robin: I was gonna take her to see Patrick, but she wanted to see

grandma first.

Anna picks her up.

Anna: You’re getting so big. You know if your mom wants, your Uncle Duke and I would love for you to stay a weekend with us.

Robin: Fine by me.

Anna: Your grandma loves you so much, and after you see your daddy, maybe mommy can drop you off with us.

Emma: Yes. I want to play dress up with Uncle Duke again.

Anna (laughing): You can play all the dress up you want.


Michael: What’s up with Morgan?

Carly: Your brother is happy for you. You know what he’s been through with Ava and Sonny.

Michael: He’s got us. We’re his family. We’re still here.

Kiki: Right. We’re all gonna be family soon.

From an unseen, short distance, Morgan watches Michael putting his arms around Kiki’s waist.


Patrick: What do you mean it’s the last time?

Britt: I can’t keep supporting this habit. You need help!

Patrick: Come on Britt really?

Britt bends down and picks up the empty pizza box.

Britt: Really Patrick? Look at this place. It’s a mess. Patrick get yourself cleaned up. Don’t you want the hospital to reinstate you? You know I can talk to my mom, but if you don’t take the first step then I can’t do anything. Dammit Patrick I can’t stand to see you like this anymore!

Patrick goes to the coffee table, gets his cell phone, and shows Britt a picture of a baby.

Patrick: Do you see that? Do you see it?!

Britt: That’s your son.

Patrick: That’s right. My son, and Sabrina took him out of Port Charles!

Britt: That was a mutual decision wasn’t it?

Patrick: Robin and I had just gotten a divorce, and I wasn’t in any condition to be a father to him because of the drugs, but it still hurts Britt! It hurts that I can’t see my son, and Robin won’t let me see Emma unsupervised! Like I’m gonna hurt my kids!

Britt: I mean, I can’t blame them…

A tear drops on Patrick’s left cheek...

Patrick: What kind of mother keeps their children away from their...own...FATHER! I love my kids.

Britt (gently): Sabrina and Robin aren’t the kind of women who will keep you from seeing your children.

Patrick: When you bring me the stuff, it numbs the pain I feel from everything I’ve lost this past year, and you are helping me more than you know.

Patrick moves closer to Britt and begins to kiss her, and she tries to resist, but she can’t. Meanwhile, Robin and Emma approach the front door.



Recommended Comments

Good solid follow up from 5

Morgan does not have good inentions. I can aleady tell.

I do feel bad for Patrick. When he cries it's deep. And Britt is so caught up. I really enjoy this story.

I also noticed Dr O wasn't using all he z's this time around.

Good show Im getting more and more into it Cary

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Hood episode. I like how you are putting your own sping on this that makes a great show. Patrick needs to get it under control and quickly. It seems like his life is going down hill quickly. Morgan seems like he still wants KiKi. I like the short and small show down between Dr. O and Anna. Goo show!!!

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OOOO that was good. Really intrigued by Anna and Obrecht's story. And LOVE Patrick's situation with Britt right now. Can't wait to see how that's gonna turn out.

Very nice, focused episode. I really like where everything is heading. Good stuff!

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