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GENERAL HOSPITAL 5 Bombshells are dropped



GENERAL HOSPITAL 5 Dr. Obrecht and Nina reveal secrets...

POLICE STATION - Anna Devane is on her cell phone out next to the front desk.

Anna: Robert it’s me. Have you heard anything? Okay. Good. Keep me posted if there’s anything I can do. I will be glad to make sure he stays out of our lives for good, alive or dead.

Anna hangs up, turns around and sees Dr. Obrecht appears.

Dr. Obrecht: Who was zat? Your baby daddy?

Anna: What do you want Obrecht?

Dr. Obrecht: I want to know if you have any news on ze whereabouts of Cezar?


METROCOURT - Morgan is at the front desk when Carly walks up to him.

Carly: Thank you.

Morgan: For what?

Carly: Doing the housekeeper’s schedule. I checked on my way here.

Morgan: No problem.

Morgan tries to walk past Carly…

Carly: Honey?

Morgan: Mom. I know what you’re gonna say.

Carly: I’m not trying to be mean to you but---

Morgan: Mikey’s wedding is coming up and I shouldn’t be hanging around Kiki too much blah blah blah.

Carly: You’re right.

Morgan: Yes because my brother was so considerate when I was married to her right?

Carly: Is that what this is about? Revenge?


NEW YORK HOTEL SUITE - Nina knocks on the door and Madeline answers.

Nina: Mommy Dearest.

Madeline: I’m glad you came. We have to talk.



POLICE STATION - Anna walks into the interrogation room and Dr. Obrecht is hot on her heels.

Anna: We already told you where he was.

Dr. Obrecht: You really zink I’m stupeed! He’s not at Steinmauer! I know you and Robert did somezing to him.

Anna shuts the door.

Anna: After all this man has done to all of us, you still care? You are a glutton.

Dr. Obrecht: He’s ze love of my life---

Anna: He never loved you! He used you to get to me.

Dr. Obrecht: Yes of course. You were ze object of his obsession.

Anna: You’ve spent your whole life loving a sadistic madman, but you’re just as sick as he is.

Dr. Obrecht: You need to find zim.

Anna: I don’t need to do a damned thing! He got what he deserved.

Dr. Obrecht: You zink you’ve done ze right thing. You Americans are rationalizing wrongdoing.

Anna: Americans also say pot...kettle. Especially in your case.

Dr. Obrecht: If zu don’t tell me where Cezar is---

Anna (chuckling): You’re really going to threaten the Commissioner in a police station? I should lock you up right now!

Dr. Obrecht: I’ve got somezing you want.

Anna: And what is that Obrecht? Let me see, you’ve kidnapped Robin, which I know you haven’t done. You’ve done something to Robert, which I also know you’ve done nothing. Oh I got it now! You wanna give me one of my embryos!

Dr. Obrecht (laughing): Zu are so funny! Ho ho ho it definitely is to laugh! Don’t zu want to know what happened to ze baby you and Duke Lavery were having?

Anna: Now who’s funny?

Dr. Obrecht: I’m not laughing. Your baby never died.


Morgan: Don’t be silly of course it isn’t. I’m over all that. I’m happy for Mikey. I really am.

Carly: Why don’t I believe you?

Morgan: Only you know the answer to that mom.

Carly: I saw Kiki’s hand on yours at Kelly’s.

Morgan: She was being supportive.

Carly: You’ve been through a lot the last few months. That bitch Ava, which I can’t understand for the life of me what you saw in her, went to jail. Your dad is gone. I know you had feelings for her.

Morgan: She’s been a good friend, and that’s all we are...just friends.

Carly: A friend who’s marrying your brother. You should consider ending that friendship. It’s inappropriate.

Morgan: And I have no intention of doing that. I’m not just gonna cut her off after she’s been there for me.

Carly: Why not? Your brother is more important.

Michael and Kiki walk in the lobby together. Morgan does not see them because his back is turned to them.

Morgan: Yep it all goes back to Mikey right? Look, mom, Kiki and I are friends, that’s it.

Michael and Kiki approach them.

Michael: Hey...what’s goin’ on here?


Nina: Mom we’ve been over this before. It’s not time yet.

Madeline: Well when is going to be time? I mean I can’t keep up anymore.

Nina: Seabass is giving you trouble?

Madeline: Well I told you that before, but you refused to listen.

Nina: Please, just give me more time.

Madeline: I’m getting too old to try and keep up with a twenty year old. He comes and goes when he pleases, he stays out days at a time. God only knows what he’s doing? He has to go back to Port Charles with you Nina. I just can’t do it anymore.

Nina: Mom please just work with me on this.

Madeline: I worked with you in getting Ava out of the way didn’t I? Against my better judgment I might add.

Nina: And I faked Dr. Nakamura’s death for you. Where is he anyway?

Madeline: I have to call him and ask him something.

Nina: Ask him what?

Madeline picks up her cell phone and makes a call.

Madeline: Dr. Nakamura. It’s me.


HOSPITAL ROOM - Dr. Nakamura answers Madeline’s call.

Dr. Nakamura: She’s fine. When I’m through, she shouldn’t remember a thing.

Dr. Nakamura looks down at a bedridden, unconscious Connie Falconeri.



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Ohhhh Connie's alive. Oh God.

I don't know much about Anna's baby, but this sounds interesting, at the very least. I really like the stories you're putting out there, Cary. Keep up the great work :D

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  • Members

I am over joyed you brought Connie back! This was a well thought out show with a good plan. You even adressed Duke and Anna's "dead" child. But once again Dr. Obrecht knows something that was not adressed to the audience LOL. Overall great show!

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  • Members

Connie is alive. i wonder what this will mean for PC.

I wonder if Morgan's intentions are as pure as he claims they are.

I love how you write Dr. O

The series is catching on for me..

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