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GENERAL HOSPITAL 4 Sam Confronts Nina



4 - Sam confronts Nina

PENTHOUSE - Silas and Sam are in bed. Sam lies in Silas’s arms as they stare at the ceiling.

Sam: How many tiles have you counted?

Silas: Five thousand three hundred sixty two.

Sam: Well that’s not what I got.

Silas: What number did you come up with?

Sam: Two.

Silas: Where did you get that number from?

Sam: The number of additional nights that my mother is gonna keep Danny.

Silas: I thought he was at the Quartermaines. You took him to see Jason right?

Sam: Yeah but, my mom and Molly were practically begging to watch him, and you know I never refuse that.

Silas: Sure...right. So did...you and Jason talk?

Sam: Of course we did. I wasn’t just gonna drop my son and leave.

Silas: About what?

Sam: About Danny, about what he went through when he was on Cassadine Island. What’s going on? It almost sounds like you’re accusing me of...Nina talked to you didn’t she?

Silas: She came to the hospital yesterday. Look if I came across like I don’t trust you, I’m sorry, because I do.

Sam: That viper doesn’t stop does she?


AT THE ELQ OFFICE, Michael walks into Jason’s office with papers and gives them to Jason.

Michael: We just received this.

Jason: Looks like a fax.

Michael: This is the list of retailers and realty companies who want space at the waterfront.

Jason (skimming over the papers): Wow. Renovations haven’t even been started on it yet, and all these companies are willing to pay this much for space.

Michael: It’s almost a slam dunk for the return on our investment with all the mob activity cleaned up from down there.

Jason: We gotta land contracts. ELQ could make a fortune off of this.


Nina is in her office (Crimson’s former office) at the MetroCourt, and she’s on the phone.

Nina: Have you placed the bid for the waterfront project? Good. If we get this, this will create jobs, not to mention chi-ching for us with the number of retailers wanting space there.

Sam walks in.

Nina: I’m sorry I don’t think you had an appointment.

Sam: Let’s get something straight you conniving bitch! You stay away from Silas.


KELLY’S...Carly walks up to Morgan and Kiki, who are sitting at a table…

Carly: Hi Morgan, Kiki.

Kiki: Carly.

Morgan: Mom what are you doing here?

Carly: I suppose I could ask you both the same thing. You’re holding hands with your brother’s fiancee? What’s going on?





Nina: Excuse me?

Sam: Not only are you conniving, you’re stupid. You don’t understand English.

Nina: Listen you little twit you don’t get to come into my office and hurl insults and tell me what to do.

Sam: You are trying to drive a wedge between me and Silas and it’s not gonna work!

Nina: What’s the matter Sam? Trouble in la la land?

Sam: Don’t worry about it. You just stay the hell away from him.

Sam turns around to leave...

Nina: How was your visit to Jason yesterday? I bet you two took a trip down memory lane. What did you two talk about? How much you used to love each other? I bet you two still do, just like I still love Silas.

Sam: There is nothing going on with me and Jason.

Nina: I saw the look in Silas’s eyes yesterday. I see some of the love that we used to have. I know that he looked for me, but my mother moved me to another clinic so he wouldn’t find me.

Sam: What you and Silas had is in the past. I am with him now, and the sooner you accept it, the better off you’ll be.

Sam walks out and Nina makes a phone call.

Nina: Mom...I’m coming.


Jason: Why don’t you take the rest of the day off? Go spend time with your fiancee?

Michael smiles.

Michael: I can’t wait to marry her.

Jason: Of course.

Michael: I’m glad I have you to stand up for me. If AJ were here, or my dad was around, I’d ask them. Oh I’m sorry I hope I didn’t offend you.

Jason: I understand. I know you and my brother got close while I was gone.

Michael: After all I went through with AJ and Sonny, you were always the one I could count on to be there for me.

Jason: I raised you the first year of your life. You’re always gonna be like a son to me, and I’m always gonna protect you, or at least try.

Michael: I know…I know.

Jason: Now go. Go get your woman.


Carly: Morgan I need you go to the MetroCourt and do the housekeeper’s schedule.

Morgan: Mom--

Carly: I’ll be along to make sure you did it. Thank you honey.

Carly kisses Morgan on his cheek and he leaves Kiki and Carly alone.

Kiki: Look Carly I don’t know what you’re thinking but there’s nothing going on between me and Morgan.

Carly: Good, because I don’t want another one of my sons hurt because you decide to get with my other son.

Kiki: I love Michael and I’m gonna marry him.

Carly: That’s what I wanna hear. I know I couldn’t stand your mother...at all, but that doesn’t mean I feel the same way about you. I think you’re a decent girl Kiki. Don’t prove me wrong.



Recommended Comments

Sam just went in on Nina. Though I don't like Sam or Silas, Nina makes that story intresting.

I like the buisness aspect you seem to be developing. I'm always down for a business story.

I don't have much to say as for me at leat, I'm learning your serie and GH itself. I don't watch the real show.

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Nina deserved to be called a conniving bitch. She is intruding on Sam's love life. Sam desereves Silas. But I think he has not given up on Nina and visversa with Sam and Jason. I was thinking about the paternity secret between Michael and Jason and Monica. Once it is revealed and everyone knows Monica knew the lives of Jason and Michael and everyone in PORT CHARLES will be changed forever. I liked the short heart to heart between Carly and KiKi. Another good GH episode!

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