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GENERAL HOSPITAL PILOT EPISODE 3 Carly catches Kiki and Morgan




Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

AT THE FALCONERIS APT...Dante and Lulu bring their baby in. Dante is trying to gently rock the baby, Rocco, who is crying.

Lulu: Hey can you get me his medicine?

Dante (giving Lulu a white pharmacy bag): I wonder how long this ear infection is supposed to last.

Lulu: Britt said it’s typical for babies. This should help. He’s been so cranky lately. Come on let me have him.

Lulu rocks him, then takes him over to the crib and puts Rocco down. Dante joins her as they look over their son.

Lulu: He’s quiet now.

Dante: You’ve got that motherly thing going on with him. You rock a few times and he’s quiet.

Lulu: It’s just the ear infection. He should be fine. You know pretty soon he’s gonna need his own space.

Dante: He will.

Someone knocks on the door…

Dante: That should be ma. She’s in town for Michael’s wedding.

Dante opens and Olivia walks in and kisses Dante on his right cheek.

Olivia: Hey there! Hey Lulu.

Lulu: Welcome back.

Olivia: There’s my little baby boy.

Lulu: He’s sleeping.

Dante: Thanks for comin’ ma. You’re gonna watch Rocco for us for a minute?

Olivia: Of course I would.

Dante: Thanks ma. Come on Lulu.

Lulu: Where are we going?

Dante: It’s a surprise. Come on.


Kiki is walking in front of Kelly’s, and as she opens the door, she hears a familiar voice, and she turns around.

Kiki: Morgan?

Morgan: Hi.

Kiki: What’s goin’ on? Are you alright?

Morgan: I’m okay. I’m just about to grab a bite to eat.

Kiki: Um...uh...why don’t you join me?


MAXIE’S APARTMENT…Nathan is outside the door on his cell phone. Maxie opens the door and while Nathan has his back turned.

Nathan: You have the picture I sent you? Yes his name is Levi Dunkeldorf. I want you to run a check on him.

Maxie approaches him.

Maxie: What? Call it off!



AT KELLY’S…Morgan and Kiki are sitting at their table.

Morgan: I’m...really happy for you and Mikey.

Kiki: Thanks. It’s great that you’ve agreed to stand up for him.

Morgan: He’s my brother, no matter what.

Kiki: Buuuut…

Morgan: Nothing.

Kiki: Look you haven’t been the same since your dad…

Morgan: Banged your mom at the Quartermaine crypt.

Kiki: I wasn’t gonna say that.

Morgan: It’s okay. My dad betrayed me, and now he’s in prison. Where he belongs.

Kiki: It’s still hurts though. My mom is in jail, too. She did some horrible things, but she’s still my mom, and I miss her.

Morgan: I guess so. I guess...I do miss having my dad around. He’s in isolation. I can’t even go see him. I know I have my mom and my brother, but mom’s busy with the hotel, and Mikey’s busy at ELQ. I feel like I’m alone...

Kiki puts her hand on Morgan’s when Carly walks in and sees them...

Kiki: You’re not alone.


EMPTY LIVING ROOM...Dante escorts Lulu in, and Lulu is blindfolded..

Lulu: Dante where are we? Can I take this thing off yet?

Dante: Yeah now you can.

Lulu removes the blindfold and is a bit dumbfounded.

Lulu: An empty house?

Dante: Remember when you said Rocco is gonna need his own space?

Lulu: Yeah but what does that have to do with this house? Wait a minute. You?

Dante: This...is ours. This house.

Lulu: This is...it?

Dante: Are you surprised?

Lulu (about to cry joyful tears): Beyond!

Dante: I wasn’t gonna tell anyone until after Michael and Kiki’s wedding. We can move in after that.

Lulu: Pinch me.

Dante: No...this is no dream. We’re gonna raise our family here.


Levi is around the corner listening...

Nathan: Maxie you shouldn’t sneak up on people like that.

Maxie: You’re running a background check on Levi.

Nathan: Something’s not right with him.

Maxie: Because he’s environmentally conscious!

Nathan: Because he’s using you to run some type of agenda.

Maxie: You’re wrong!

Nathan: We’ll see about that won’t we?

Maxie: Call off the investigation! Or move out!

Levi walks up to them.

Levi: No Maxie. Nathan doesn’t have to go. I’ll leave.

Maxie: If you’re leaving, then I’m going with you.

Nathan: Maxie.

Maxie: You and Mac need to accept that Levi is a part of my life, and if you can’t, then that’s just too bad.



Recommended Comments

I can already see that Carly is going to get the wrong idea about KiKi and Morgan. I love the element of romance between LuLu and Dante. I think Nathan is going to find something bad about Levi. And please for the love of god shorten your cast LOL JK

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Oh God. I can tell already Carly's gonna go into one of those annoying tirades that's grated on me for years. Ugh.

Very good episode. I am a bit lost on some of the stories, but I know you can guide me along. Great work!

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Ok sorry I have no idea who Levi is. The only levi i know is the jeans brand.

Any way I think what dante did for LuLu was very sweet.

Does Maxie like Levi or what?

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