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GENERAL HOSPITAL FANFIC EPISODE 13 Monica makes a surprising vow




Monica makes a surprising vow

Created by Frank and Doris Hursley

Fanfic written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: YRbiggestfan and beebs




Maxie Jones (KIRSTEN STORMS)blogentry-14971-0-96260800-1407121436_th

Felicia Scorpio (KRISTINA WAGNER)blogentry-14971-0-28735100-1407121456_th

Maxie walks out into the living room with a blouse and jeans on to answer the door. It’s Felicia.

Felicia: Hiiii honey.

Maxie: Hey mom.

Felicia (walking in and looking around): Where’s Levi?

Maxie: He took his yoga mat and went to the park.



Levi Dunkleman (ZACHARY GARRED)blogentry-14971-0-87893700-1407121480_th

Detective Nathan West (RYAN PEAVEY)blogentry-14971-0-57120900-1407121502_th

Levi is on his yoga mat stretching while a shirtless Nathan has decided to take a break from his run in the same area after he notices Levi. Levi notices Nathan and stops his routine. He takes a towel and wipes his face and faces Nathan.

Levi: Hey mate!

Nathan: This is Port Charles not the outback.

Levi: Why are you being so hostile toward me?

Nathan: Because you’re up to no good. You made Maxie lose her child.

Levi: Are you projecting detective? As I recall, you were the one who lied on the stand.

Nathan: And you called the judge and told him.

Levi: Well as far as Maxie is concerned, you’re blowing a bunch of hot air.

Nathan: I’m not gonna stop until I prove to Maxie what kind of guy you really are.

Levi: And I suppose she’s gonna leave me and go running to your waiting arms. You really should move on.


Felicia: Are you ready for your trip?

Maxie: Yess, so ready. I can’t wait to get away from here.

Felicia: Do you mean Port Charles...or Nathan?


Nathan: You’re awfully sure of yourself aren’t you Dunkleman? Levi: I always am. That’s what Maxie loves about me. You on the other hand, blew the case against Silas Clay. You were so determined to pin your sister’s murder on him. Turns out Nina is alive and she’s not even your sister. So you see, a screw up like you doesn’t scare me at all.

Nathan: You think you’re squeaky clean. Nobody is squeaky clean. Especially not you.

Levi: I feel great when it comes to you looking for dirt to throw on me, because you won’t find any.

Nathan: I’ll be watching you like a hawk. Remember that.

Nathan turns around and goes to finish his run.



Jason Quartermaine (BILLY MILLER) blogentry-14971-0-31584300-1407121571_th

Robin Scorpio (ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON)blogentry-14971-0-37488800-1407121611_th

Carly Jacks (LAURA WRIGHT)blogentry-14971-0-46208900-1407121654_th

Robin walks into the living room, where Jason is with Danny. Danny is off at watchable short distance playing with his toys as Robin approaches Jason.

Jason takes a deep breath.

Robin: I’m going over to Patrick’s.

Jason: Oh yeah that’s right.

Robin: He’s Emma’s father.

Jason: I wonder how he’s gonna take it when you tell him you’re going back to Africa.

Robin: I gotta go.

She kisses Jason and on the way out, Carly walks in and she half-heartedly says hello to Robin, and Robin does the same to Carly and leaves. Carly mutters “bitch” under her breath and goes to hug Jason.

Jason: Heeeyyy heyyy heyyyy.

Carly: How are you? We haven’t talked in a while.

Jason: I’m great. Never better. Look at my son.

Carly: Reminds me of Michael and Morgan when they used to play with their toys.

Jason: I remember.

Carly: You know he’s looking more and more like you all the time.

Jason: I’m grateful. Robin saved my life.

Carly rolls her eyes at the mention of Robin.

Jason: Come on you guys should be over all that.

Carly: I don’t think I ever will. She had no right telling A.J. the truth. Everyone believed that you were Michael’s father, and that’s how it should have stayed, but that sanctimonious witch had to open her mouth. I wish you were Michael’s biological father.



Monica (LESLIE CHARLESON)blogentry-14971-0-48366700-1407121690_th has heard what Carly just said to Jason.

Monica: That’s because he is, and you will never know the truth.

Tracy (JANE ELLIOT)blogentry-14971-0-12591400-1407121719_th is walking down the stairs and startles Monica.

Tracy: Monica. Are you eavesdropping?



----------------------------------------PART 2-----------------------------------------

Maxie: Why is Nathan so suspicious of Levi all the time? Levi has done nothing wrong.

Felicia: Well you gotta admit some things are a little fishy.

Maxie: Are you talking about the courthouse stuff mom? Levi said he had nothing to do with the judge finding out that Nathan lied on my behalf so I could see my daughter. You sound like Mac now.

Felicia: And the immigration?

Maxie: Nathan called the I.C.E. so Levi can get deported. Nathan clearly has it in for him, and I’m sick of it. It will do us good to get away.

Felicia: How well...do you really know him?

Maxie: Levi has been a positive influence on me. He’s taught me how to be healthy and to trust in the universe, and it’s helped for the most part. I’m so glad I met him while I was away finding myself.

Felicia: I just don’t want you to get hurt. You should get to know Levi better before you go any further. Look, I didn’t come all the way over here to argue with you about your boyfriend.

Maxie: Oh so you came to see your beautiful daughter.

Felicia reaches into her purse.

Felicia: That and to give you this.

Maxie’s eyes widen with surprise as Felicia gives her the Aztec Artifact necklace.

Maxie: Wait wait wait mom. You’re gonna give that to me?

Felicia: Why not? It’s a family heirloom. Your grandmother wore it, and she passed it on to me, and now I’m passing it on to you.

Felicia goes behind Maxie and fastens the clasp so Maxie can wear it.

Felicia: It belongs to you know.

Maxie: Wow mom. I...thank you.

They hug.

Felicia: I’m gonna get down to the Floating Rib and see what Mac is up to. I love you.

Maxie: I love you, too mom.

Felicia opens the door and there is Levi.

Felicia: Levi.

Levi: Hello Felicia.

Felicia: I was just leaving.

Maxie: Hi. How was yoga?

Levi notices the necklace, but hides his shock. He flashes back to (Episode 9) when he first noticed the necklace on Felicia in front of Kelly’s.

Levi: It...it was great...as always.

Maxie: Look what my mom gave me. It’s the necklace that you were fascinated.

Levi: That’s the prettiest necklace ever.


Jason: Look I know that you and Robin are never gonna be friends, but can you both try to get along at least for my sake.

Carly: We’ve made some headway over the years, but gosh every time I look at her, I remember the chain of events she set in motion when she told AJ that he was Michael’s father. I don’t even know what Patrick saw in her.



Patrick Drake (JASON THOMPSON)blogentry-14971-0-77952900-1407121860_th

Robin knocks and a clean shaven Patrick opens the door, and he lets her in.

Robin: Wow. You look...this place looks…

Patrick: Clean? Yes I’ve decided that I need to get clean.

Robin: That’s...wonderful Patrick. That’s great news. Emma’s gonna need her dad, and so will Gabriel. Have you told Sabrina?

Patrick: No I haven’t called her yet.

Robin: Maybe she’ll soften her stance a bit and bring your son to Port Charles to see you. What made you decide to get help?

Patrick: Emma, Gabriel. I want my children in my life. I need my kids in my life.

Robin: And they need you. That’s what I came here to tell you. I’m leaving Port Charles.

Patrick: Who are you going to save this time?

Robin: AMFAR called me, so I’m going to Africa to help the children.

Patrick: What about Emma?

Robin: She’s gonna live with my mom and Duke. I’ve given her instructions that you can still have your supervised visits with Emma, but if things change with you. If you get better, she has my proxy to go to the court and lift that provision.


Jason: Don’t talk about Robin like that.

Carly: She’s still as high and mighty as she’s always been.

Jason: Can we change the subject?

Jason first looks over at Danny and then Carly follows suit.

Carly: A.J. might still be alive, if you turned out to be Michael’s father. Do you ever wonder how things may have turned out if that was the case?

Jason: Yeah...I do.


Monica: Don’t you have anything better to do Tracy? Go call Ned or Dillon. When was the last time you talked to your sons?

Tracy: As a matter of fact I am on my way to ELQ so we can watch the press conference. They’re gonna announce who they’re going to award the waterfront property to.

Monica: Hopefully it will be my grandson who wins.

Tracy: Wait a minute don’t try to change the subject. What are you doing eavesdropping on a private conversation?

Monica: It’s Carly and Jason, and Carly’s reminiscing.

Tracy: About what?

Monica: I remember when Hurricane Carly blew into Port Charles and left a wake of destruction, and yet she’s sitting in my living room shooting the breeze with my son about what happened to A.J.

Tracy: You seem angry still.

Monica: Carly is a human tornado. She destroyed her mother’s marriage, and with the help of Sonny Corinthos, destroyed my son!

Michael was the only person, the only reason, that A.J. had any reason to live. What did I do wrong?

Tracy: You act like you failed A.J. He made his own decisions. You did all you could do as a mother. A.J. just got involved with the wrong people.

Monica: I hate the fact that Carly is sitting in my living room talking to Jason after all the crap she’s pulled.

Monica flashes back.(EPISODE 1)

...she sighs and pulls up something on her computer.

Monica: There’s just one more thing that will make everything complete.

Monica looks at a DNA test showing that Jason is Michael’s biological father.

Monica flashes back to the present….

Monica: I’m gonna do whatever I need to do to keep Carly away from my family.


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Ohhhh I know where this is going. I love the old fashioned GH caper. Great move! Can't wait to see how Felicia, Maxie and Levi and Nathan all get tangled up in this. Wonderful!

Love the secret of Michael paternity being re-examined. You're gonna do great with that story, so I'm excited to read. Always great seeing Tracy and Monica more. I'd love to see more of Monica and Tracy's humour. That always sold them to me.

Great work!

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